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Hello Everyone.

Time for a new beginning. Currently I am in the process of moving everything over to a new web host. So here is the Why.


I currently have 1GB of web space that is near capacity at 962MB and with my podcasting habit I would run out of space after my next podcast so I found a webhost that has the space and the bandwidth and bandheight I require to continue with this hobby. I am also interested in adding some features and features require space and I am currently lacking both. The new webserver I have 300GB of space to play with which should be more then enough that I can see using that up anytime soon.


Well since this site is a little different with database and all that fun jazz I have to reconfigure the site to work with the new webserver. That has been a major issue I have been having recently. PhP v5 and getting the external database server setup and all that fun jazz. No more pointing to localhost and being done with it. So that has been causing some issues.

What’s New:

Well I am hosting some new websites on my new server. I have the KGB Mafia Man’s Blog FromSeattleWithLove.comĀ  that is up and running for your pleasure. I will be moving to the new webserver as we get prepared for the next version.

I will be hosting a personal wiki about myself with basically a private archive of my life. It will be a long project of getting everything written down but that will be cool.

Picture Hosting. I am going to implement galleryv2 on the new site so anyone can upload their photos and I will host them for free to pass out and download. Keep this for friends and for personal use. But if you would like to avoid Flickr or imageshack feel free to take advantage of that.

Dedicated Podcast Section. I am moving to a dedicated Podcast/Netcast Section when that will go live. Also moving to a subdomain structure. Links will be like, ,

When the change goes live you may see this site for a few days until the DNS servers all over the world get the update and point to the new server or it may be totally seemless.

But I love fixing some bugs so we shall see how it goes.

So sorry about the lack of updates on life. It has been interesting recently. But I will be talking about that soon.


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