The WebServer Move

Good Day Everybody!

It’s Friday! If you didn’t get the Text Message I sent out “Friday Thought- I had a dream last night I was a muffler. I woke up exhausted.” Get It? Anyways.

I am taking the site down tomorrow and putting up a lovely blue page I created to basically be a placeholder until the new site is up. I should get that done all during the weekend. So will be down. will be working.

Process has been working like this.

  1. Copy all the Files Over from Current Site To the New One. (1.96 GB for the new sub Domain System and misc)
  2. Move the Databases Over to the New Site
  3. Intergrate new Database Structure with new Website
  4. Redirect all Traffic to the new domain structure
  5. Migrate the NameServers
  6. Test Test Test
  7. Launch
  8. Work on Wiki
  9. Work on Gallery
  10. Migrate Sergey Over
  11. Beer Beer Beer!

As with anything technical I say I get a lot of What. Or You are so cute. But again if you see blue page your Nameservers have not updated. If you see this page with errors You are pointing in the right direction but I am not done. And if everything works. Well um celebrate!

Send a Naked Picture.

Happy Friday! Cheers and Pitchers of Ice Cold Beer!

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