Taco Del Mar and The Mind of Pipo

I love Taco Del Mar. I was talking to the FromSeattleWithLove.com KGB Mafia Man and I was thinking man Taco Del Mar Sounds Good. Then I said to him on MSN. “I Just want to get into my Car and Drive to Taco Del Mar” Then I thought I had to blog it so if they ever stole it I could go punch some TV commercial guy in the liver and be like take that stealing my saying.

So I have another hour left of work. I am hungry. I want to get on the ferry, get off the ferry, get on the bus, get to my car, drive my car to Taco Del Mar. Then Get

Mondo Burrito – Spinach Tortialla with Guac and Sour Cream, Refried Beans, Chicken, Cheese, Pico De Gallo, and Jabenro Sauce. mmmmmmmm Spicy Death is Good.

Anyways on the up and up. Car is fixed! I can Stop again

I am feeling much better after my fight with being sick.

I was thinking about how there is a Caps Lock day. And how May 20th is my Birthday. So I was thinking of something we don’t normally celebrate. So then I got to thinking what really bothers me.

Road Signs!

So October 23rd is Declare War on Road Signs Day. Or Go to Jail for destroying Federal Property Day. But anyways that 35MPH sign on Columbia you are going down!

Monday Please End Soon!


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