Junniper Was Bored And Wanted a Story

A Story Eh?

Okay a story here we lets go back into the past a bit. I was 17 I got my first job. I was working at McDonalds. Since they found me to be a useful asset to the company I was pretty much doing every job in the store. I was best at working in the grill or helping the drive through. I was taking orders in the back one day. I would work my deep voice a bit for all the ladies that would grace the intercom connected to my ear.

So one morning a lady ordered a Sausage Biscuit and she came up to the drive through window and my manager walked up behind me and the woman in the car smiled at me and said “I love your voice. You made my day” My manager Sadie said “Tristan look at you picking up ladies in the drive up Window”

I always like thinking of that story makes me smile. The deep voice pays off. I had another issue like that when I was a cashier. A woman would always come up to me and ask me to check a price or page someone just so she could hear my voice boom through the store. But voice is a powerful thing it speaks to people. My voice hasn’t been so hot recently. Been a little under the weather.

So this was a post for Junniper. Haven’t really talked to you much. I hope all is well. Hope you had a Happy Birthday! We should meet up for a drink sometime.