That Dead Guy Just Looked at Me

Thought I would take the time to reveal and review. So lets start with the most recent and work backwards.

Sunday – Me and the guys have been working on Podcast after Podcast and have so many in the works that it’s pretty cool. They are 15-20 min shows and we focus mainly on the bands and it’s really awesome stuff. We are testing a new system so if you could call into (206) 973-7886 and say “You Are Listening to So This Is Rock (dot) com” We will love you for it and send you virtual cookies. We have plenty of males that have called in but need to mix it up. So Ladies Don’t be shy. Hit up the Voicemail!

Saturday– Ummm Well took a lazy day. Got my haircut (wait that was Sunday) So I got a haircut because well I went from Tristan to Hippie and was told I was looking like a Lion in the back. I gave up on shaving for a while and was looking rather pathetic. It was kinda nice. I wasn’t getting carded for anything and people would avoid sitting next to me on the Bus. Shaved and got a haircut I am people friendly again. Curses. =p.

I Picked up the DVD Thank You For Smoking. This was probably one of the golden gems that flew under most people’s radar. I love this film. It’s funny and speaks a great message. I enjoyed laughing and getting a tour through the underworld. The characters are great. I love the Merchants of Death. Maria Bello what a beautiful woman. She was also in World Trade Center didn’t look as attractive in that film. But I don’t know I guess there is something to the older woman. I would recommend.

After having some pizza with the KGB went to Nick’s Band Practice where they were recording a video. It was an experience hearing them redo the covers they do over and over but doing it in front of a camera and doing it 2-3 times. So I wouldn’t get to hear their cover just once. But up to 3 times. After that we went to go sing some tunes at the Sian Palace. Good Times.


Friday was the 13th and I think the world took some crazy pills and I was rather stressed all day long and I came home and went to bed. Or Did I? hmmmmm. Should I reveal the dealings of the afternoon. Nah Move Along. So rewind.

Previous Sunday – This was really interesting went to go check out the Bodies Exhibit. I went with a fairly large group and there was a huge line to get into this event. They were charging $24.99 a head.
So lets take a look at the guest list.

Nick– Nick is one of my good friends. He is a great guy. Plays Guitar in a band and dwells in the Real Estate Realm.
Audrey– Audrey is beautiful and amazing. She is dating the Nick. She works in a flower shop making the world feel better and smell beautiful.
Garrett– Garrett is a drummer from the source of drumming. Great guy. Band Practice is always at his parents house who are kind enough to deal with the noise. Although they play in a barn away from the house they rock. He works in a Music shop and teaches drums for a living.
Gerene– Is the beautiful woman that is always with the other G Man. She is beautiful and works for a company that does something with money.
Justin– Is Nick’s Brother. He does construction and he is funny and always a delight to be around. Though he did try to steal a girl I was interested in. But that is old news.
Abby– Abby is Garrett’s Brother and Justins Girlfriend. She cleans houses for a living and is going to school. She is cool in my book.
So anyways we arrive in Seattle and check out Pike Place Market. I spend 5 days a week in Seattle at work already and take the ferry everyday so it was odd coming over here on my day off. I want to move over to this side of the water but still not live in Seattle. So on this adventure I was feeling a bit like a 7th wheel so I called the only female I thought would be into this kinda thing. The wonder well I believe she goes by the alias of “R” on here. Went to voice mail. I got an e-mail a few days later.
I tend to view e-mail on this sorta thing that goes along the lines. “I don’t really want to hear your end of the conversation. I just want you to read what I have to say” I know I will get some feedback saying how this is not true and I am interested to read it. =) I guess I am just a vocal phone guy. E-mail is something I do all day long anyways rather just speak to a human being. But I like that kind of connection since it’s a lot easier then drafting an e-mail till the end of time.
So onto the bodies. There has been a great deal of banter about how they use only Asians. I am not going to make that an issue. They are dead, They are hear for science, It was very interesting to see and enjoy this museum. Seeing all the parts of the body and learning how they work and what they do. Like I think my favorite part of the whole thing was seeing the veins of the body. This was a mind fuck of how did they get those out of the body. But the reading on the wall shows that they used. Some sort of hardening substance and filled the veins with. Then they used Acid to melt away the rest of the body for an amazing result. I was totally overwhelmed by the entire experience and walked out feeling like that we are all human beings. We are all the same in some way. Personality and character makes us different.
The only part that seemed to bother people was the fetus exhibit. It was interesting to see human growth. Now being a person who is pro choice. Abortion is a subject that I feel well it’s a good thing. If someone wants to do that awesome. If they don’t for religious reasons well don’t get me started on religion. Being your resident atheist I personally think it’s all bullshit. But if that’s your thing not me to tell you otherwise. Just don’t force your thoughts on me and I will respect you and do the same.
So afterwards we had to run for the ferry and we missed it by maybe 3 minutes so we went to Ivars and had some Clam Chowder which is like the best in the world from Ivars. So go check out the Bodies Exhibit. When it gets to your town.

Saturday –

Saturday well nothing really happened. Well nothing that I can recall sitting here at 5pm Monday at the Ferry Terminal. Err Wait! So I went to go see The Departed. Starring Mr Jack and Leonardo DiCaprio. Overall the movie was amazing. It was a remake of the 2002 film Hong Kong Crime drama infernal affairs. I think overall it was a great remake of the original film. But brilliant movie I totally recommend. So far it has my vote for best movie of 2006. May not win any awards but go check it out. Pay the full price. So if you only see one film this year. Go see The Departed. Other then That I would suggest that is all for this post.

The Update

Well the update happened 3 times over the weekend resulting in errors everytime. From missing files to. Database issues so currently we are back on the regular webserver as before. Funny how I mentioned this and they gave me 5GB of Space and 50GB of Traffic. Which is nice and all but this downtime and error messages are not working for me. So we are back dealing with the errors on the admin end.

But I did over 8GB of traffic just moving everything over. On this current webserver when I do a subdomain I just make a folder in the dir tree. But on the new one it actually creates a truly seperate page for a subdomain. So I had to move things around and redo everything and good times. Also the database structure is different. Instead of everything just being localhost I setup database domains off the domain and getting everything converted over and doing some research on how WordPress Database works I had no much progress on that front. So I wanted to avoid this but thought I would mention it.

The WebServer Move

Good Day Everybody!

It’s Friday! If you didn’t get the Text Message I sent out “Friday Thought- I had a dream last night I was a muffler. I woke up exhausted.” Get It? Anyways.

I am taking the site down tomorrow and putting up a lovely blue page I created to basically be a placeholder until the new site is up. I should get that done all during the weekend. So will be down. will be working.

Process has been working like this.

  1. Copy all the Files Over from Current Site To the New One. (1.96 GB for the new sub Domain System and misc)
  2. Move the Databases Over to the New Site
  3. Intergrate new Database Structure with new Website
  4. Redirect all Traffic to the new domain structure
  5. Migrate the NameServers
  6. Test Test Test
  7. Launch
  8. Work on Wiki
  9. Work on Gallery
  10. Migrate Sergey Over
  11. Beer Beer Beer!

As with anything technical I say I get a lot of What. Or You are so cute. But again if you see blue page your Nameservers have not updated. If you see this page with errors You are pointing in the right direction but I am not done. And if everything works. Well um celebrate!

Send a Naked Picture.

Happy Friday! Cheers and Pitchers of Ice Cold Beer!

Site Moving

Hello Everyone.

Time for a new beginning. Currently I am in the process of moving everything over to a new web host. So here is the Why.


I currently have 1GB of web space that is near capacity at 962MB and with my podcasting habit I would run out of space after my next podcast so I found a webhost that has the space and the bandwidth and bandheight I require to continue with this hobby. I am also interested in adding some features and features require space and I am currently lacking both. The new webserver I have 300GB of space to play with which should be more then enough that I can see using that up anytime soon.


Well since this site is a little different with database and all that fun jazz I have to reconfigure the site to work with the new webserver. That has been a major issue I have been having recently. PhP v5 and getting the external database server setup and all that fun jazz. No more pointing to localhost and being done with it. So that has been causing some issues.

What’s New:

Well I am hosting some new websites on my new server. I have the KGB Mafia Man’s Blog FromSeattleWithLove.comĀ  that is up and running for your pleasure. I will be moving to the new webserver as we get prepared for the next version.

I will be hosting a personal wiki about myself with basically a private archive of my life. It will be a long project of getting everything written down but that will be cool.

Picture Hosting. I am going to implement galleryv2 on the new site so anyone can upload their photos and I will host them for free to pass out and download. Keep this for friends and for personal use. But if you would like to avoid Flickr or imageshack feel free to take advantage of that.

Dedicated Podcast Section. I am moving to a dedicated Podcast/Netcast Section when that will go live. Also moving to a subdomain structure. Links will be like, ,

When the change goes live you may see this site for a few days until the DNS servers all over the world get the update and point to the new server or it may be totally seemless.

But I love fixing some bugs so we shall see how it goes.

So sorry about the lack of updates on life. It has been interesting recently. But I will be talking about that soon.


iPod Video and TV Shows

Apple iTunesThought I would try to pay some bills. But I recently just got a Video iPod and wanted to get some TV shows for my viewing pleasure on the plane and I got a new episode of CSI and then my friend told me about Heroes.

I started to watch the first episode and got totally addicted. This is a really cool show and plus it’s on my iPod and laptop what could be better. But it’s $1.99 an episode and so far I have been up on the first two weeks and all I can say I finally found a TV show that I actually enjoy. No commercials and just that one click joy is amazing.

But if you want to check it out feel free. If you have iTunes and click on that I make 5% of whatever you purchase so 5cents a song and 10cents for a movie. But so far it’s the only show I found worth watching. Well other then The Daily Show, Entourage, Soprano’s and the Simpsons on DVD. CSI is tolerable at times.

Also for the Sci Fi People in the world. Thought I would throw this out there for Nick and Jon. Enjoy.

Apple iTunes

Podcast vs Netcast

So thought I would just float this idea before we record the Podcast Media Expo Roundup Podcast.

People tend to ask what is a Podcast and basically it’s a way to distrubute content over the internet using a syndication feed like RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication. That you can play back on computers, personal media players, laptops or you can burn them on a CD and listen to them wherever. But the stigma that this term tends to have is that you need an iPod to listen to a Podcast.

But that iPod thing seems to be the stopping point of most people with iPod’s selling like hot cakes most people never even subscribe or even know that iTunes has built in Podcast functionality. Hell most don’t even know what an RSS feed is or how to subscribe or even what the purpose of that even is.

But this whole idea of an RSS feed. It’s basically getting content from blogs, news sites, podcasts, newspapers into a file. So this blog has an RSS, ATOM and RSS2 feeds. I also have a feedburner feed for those that are into it. I have a Podcast Feed in RSS2 that I create and one that I send to Feedburner for iTunes. There is also a Fireant Feed.

But I put all of those out there so people can access the content on my site as they see fit. Like I only visit peoples blogs to get the RSS feed throw it into Bloglines and get a nice page to read the blogs as I see fit. But I digress.

So the term Podcast seems to = iPod to most people. Leo Laporte of TwiT suggest the term Netcast but I think since this whole Podcast term got sprung up by the Big Haired Fag Adam Curry the former MTV VJ. I wanted to say Late MTV VJ but he is still alive and kicking it. I love Adam listen to his Podcast every morning on my walk to work. Usually a day behind. And I listen to it on my iPod but I also listen on my desktop at work and through my laptop or I burn the podcasts on a CD to listen in my car.

So NetCast is supposed to remove that stigma between Podcast and iPod even though iTunes and iPod are great and 1 click is heavenly. I like being able to drag an RSS feed into iTunes and then it puts the shows on my Ipod when they update a show.

But what is your flavor of getting content. Would you rather get a Podcast or a Netcast? There are different flavors Flash Animations, Video, Audio. But anyways I welcome your thoughts if you would like to be heard on how you think of Podcasts or would like to think of Podcasts Hit up The Voicemail Line


Me and Mike will play your Comment.


Future Echoes

Last Night I get an e-mail from my future webhost that I have been working on migrating everything over to. My Current webhost I have been a loyal customer with for 4 years now and been happy with the service and support I have been getting. Since I got into podcasting I have found that just with 11 shows my Podcast Folder is at 400MB and current space limitations of 1Gb and 20GB of transfer have been cramping my style a bit. So I go sign up for an account at Then they upgrade my account because it’s there birthday. I was a bit shocked when I saw how much space I had.
Web Updates Picture