November 2006

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Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. This snow crisis as they say in the Pacific Northwest has caused my work life to become incredibly stressful and crazy. Picking up the slack for those that cannot come into work. So I will be taking a little breather until Saturday and finish some thoughts while I […]

Hey that is also a badass tune that was used in that Christmas Lights video of Last Year. You may also pick up the song from iTunes! Easier then Stealing, Almost as Cheap. So the Wizards of the Winterland decided to make it snow and freeze and we get what the news is over […]

Well I am here testing out this new blogging software to blog anywhere with anything. Seeing how it works with my blog and all that fun jazz. Anyways if you are reading this well then it worked properly.

Okay this was the product of a lunch break forever ago. I found it and it was like I meant to post this but didn’t get around to it until today.

Well during the last election if I saw an area where there was only a Republican Running I would write myself in. So I sent off an e-mail to the Kitsap County Elections Manager asking for the results of all the write ins. Well I get this reply. Dear Tristan Pipo: According to Washington State […]

Well there will only be one Wii Campout so let me tell you about this night of cold and rain and idiots. So I had been enjoying all the hype of the Nintendo Wii for a year or so now interested that it can play all kinds of games from the past via download. The […] I waited in the cold and rain for 10hrs to be one of the very few in the county to get one of these wonderful new video game consoles. I picked up The Nintendo Wii and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Happy Holidays to me. Wii Sports will be a ton of fun on […] Okay I saw this link on Wired. I thought I had to write a blog about this idea. The basic concept is that if everyone takes the time to have an orgasm on December 22nd it will release enough positive energy that it could have some global impact on the people of the earth. […]

Well I have had this album on preorder for a while now. The new Tenacious D. The Pick of Destiny. I must say it’s a rather catchy tune. I just want to go around screaming “It’s a Pick of Destiny” I should record myself saying that. You get the CD Covers and a video with […],23599,20748812-29277,00.html Now that Monday is in the Bag and I am heading home. I must say today has been pure hell. But I found this link to share with the world. 10% of teens with acne have tried to kill themselves. What kinda messed up kids do we have today. I was lucky and never […]