November 8, 2006

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Well since 608 area code got the most nods we are going to test it out. Voicemail number is 608-554-0778 right now there is the standard non personal greeting. I will change that later. But If you have an idea of what you would like me and my mix and match cohosts to hit on […]

Well with all the election buzz two women reported in that Britney Filed for Divorce from Kevin (What’s his last name?) So I began to ponder why did only women tell me about this and no men. So we have a pop star that is no longer popular that turned into a flesh producing baby […]

Well getting home and checking out some news action looks like the Dems are about to take the Senate and House and then we can tell The Dick who shoots people in the face and then they apologize to him for getting in the way. But on a happier note here is probably my favorite […]