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Now that Monday is in the Bag and I am heading home. I must say today has been pure hell. But I found this link to share with the world. 10% of teens with acne have tried to kill themselves. What kinda messed up kids do we have today. I was lucky and never had to deal with acne. But I mean come on when has a zit ever made anyone want to kill themselves. Makes my issues not feel so bad today.

I will write something compelling later. I need to just get out of work. Listen to some Penn Radio on my iPod. Get a Taco from the Del Mar. Some Spinach Mondo Burrito just sounds way to good right now.

Hope everyone had a decent Monday. I need to record a Podcast and soon.  I have been working on a few projects donating my voice here and there. I will say that my next podcast I will have to journey to a land of traffic and screwed up roads. Luckily I am not driving down to Portland to interview a band for the site I donate my voice to. Which I can’t really talk about because it’s not really done yet. Aaron and Craig switch to the big guns and get it launched already. =p

Cheers Everyone. Smile! Lots of Hugs to the Blog-o-Sphere.

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