Proud Owner of the Nintendo Wii

I waited in the cold and rain for 10hrs to be one of the very few in the county to get one of these wonderful new video game consoles. I picked up The Nintendo Wii and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Happy Holidays to me. Wii Sports will be a ton of fun on Thanksgiving. The Video Game System that is not a video game system.

I will post a review and a write of up of the line waiting and the homage to get one of these hard to find items. I really wasn’t into the Playstation 3. There was no killer app for it. I am a total Zelda addict and haven’t bought a Nintendo Console since the Super Nes when I was 10. Worked for the neighbor to chop wood to get one of these things. For this one I just saved for it.

Anyways I totally recommend one even for the non gamers it has something for everyone. Hope everyone had a dry safe weekend. Back to the Zelda action before I need to go to bed.I am excited that it is only a 3-Day work week.

A special shout out to all the cool die hard gamers I met in line. May the Gelda take over the hairforce and continue to fight barbnim in the tower of mouse and stylists. And some hardcore Mario Kart DS action for 5hrs straight. It really made the time on that cold pavement fly by.

Anyways now that I have admitted even further that I am the Seattle Geek Blogger. I must say that there were 3 women in line and most had wives sleeping in the cars. I think it would take a very special woman to understand me. lol I need to find that link about Why Geeks Make Good Boyfriends, Then the other one on why geeks make good friends. And why Geeks make good Fathers. Those were a brilliant writing from a woman who is married to a man who works at Microsoft.

Tangents galore. And on a note to Raleigh. Figured I would admit this in public sorry for being a dick. I was just a bit frustrated at the time. No worries. Still up for Happy Feet?

Cheers to the IMAX people. And Nintendo of America in lovely Redmond, WA. And yeah umm I have really had no sleep been up since 8am Saturday Morning with maybe a little 45 min cat nap in line where I was shivering and listening to the Daily Source Code #499 and all passed out. No bathrooms prevented me from drinking the case of Red Bull I had in the car. I think I have a case of beer in there also. Must find someone to pawn that off onto.

Ugh to many thoughts. Cheers! Sleep Well! Happy Short Week! Turkeys Galore! I am a maniac for turkey day. Eat myself silly. Pass out on the couch with all the cousins watching the Santa Clause (Claus?) with Tim Allen.

Okay that is it. I promise this is the end of this entry. If you want to read more. That’s what the archive is for. =p

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