The Last Election

Well during the last election if I saw an area where there was only a Republican Running I would write myself in. So I sent off an e-mail to the Kitsap County Elections Manager asking for the results of all the write ins. Well I get this reply.

Dear Tristan Pipo:

According to Washington State law, write-in names cannot be tallied or recorded unless the candidate files a declaration of write-in candidacy and pays the required filing fee for an office on the ballot or the total number of under votes, over votes and write-in votes are enough to make a difference in the outcome of a race.

Kitsap County had one declaration of write-in candidacy for the 35th Legislative District Position 2.  Valid write-in will be tallied for that race and reported as part of the official certification of the election November 28, 2006.

Dolores Gilmore
Kitsap County Elections Manager
614 Division Street
Port Orchard WA 98366
Phone: 360.337.7128
Fax: 360.337.5769

So the votes that I did for myself and Mickey Mouse are not counted and therefore they are not filed unless I pay money from what I am understanding. Well I guess my idea to take over the internet by voting for myself has failed. Well one can try. My campaign for Commissioner is now over. I guess I won’t be able to use Batman to fight the evil doers of Kitsap County. It is getting close to winter so we are almost dark all the time like Gotham City.

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