Wizards of Winterland

Hey that is also a badass tune that was used in that Christmas Lights video of Last Year.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve - Wizards In Winter (Instrumental) You may also pick up the song from iTunes! Easier then Stealing, Almost as Cheap.

So the Wizards of the Winterland decided to make it snow and freeze and we get what the news is over hyping as “The Blizzard of 2006!” or what I will call. The Media’s way of installing fear and causing people to freak out. Now having had some real snow and ice driving experience in the midwest and being a bit hardened to the fact that these Seattle people do not know how to drive in such weather I have a story from the bus experience this morning.

I catch the 4:57am bus to be on the 5:20am ferry so I walk out to my car. I deiced my car last night and I go out this morning no frost on the windows. So I try to open the door and it was frozen shut. A little midwest trick I had under my sleeve was to ram the door slightly and it opened with ease. I back out of the driveway and find myself not sliding thinking “cake” then the further thought had me pondering.


So I begin down the road the snow is like ice. Not really fun snow but pain in the ass ice. So after 3 blocks of this I get onto a “main road”

Are there main roads on this side of the water? Who knows. You know I’ve been at work for an hour so far and my head is still freezing. Perhaps I should put my hat back on. Why are you writing your inner monologue on a blog post? Oh who knows. Just a little break from casual thought process. I wonder what I should have for lunch today. I could walk up the hill to Tully’s Coffee. Andrea works there. Odd I should probably call her I haven’t stopped in there in months. Okay back to the blog.

So no worries just driving between 5-10mph under the speed limit. I get to the park and ride and get out of my car usually I take a swig of mouthwash to finish up the tooth brushing procedure I do every morning but my back doors on my car were not opening as expected so I had to skip that process. Though I have yet to find a woman that comes up to me and say “Hey lets make out” so maybe the listerine isn’t my problem.

There was a point to this story but I had a phone call that just skewed my day. So ending this post now.