December 2006

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Thought I would post some quotes I have collected over the years. Not much of a pickup line guy unless it’s just to make a girl laugh. In no particular order. I wish i was your problem set because then I’d be really hard and you would be doing me on the desk Has anyone […]

She never stopped by. She has a nice voice. This dave sounds like a lucky guy. No it’s not for you mr. grady. Hope everyone had a great holiday. What are your plans for New Years?

Well it’s 2006. I am on my 23rd Holiday Season. Now that I have a career and a life I can actually afford to get everyone a decent holiday gift. But 4 people I had no idea what to get so when I was picking up my Uncle’s Gift I went for some gift cards. […] Today in other news a woman in Japan was stung by a scorpion in a pair of pants she was trying on that were imported from China. The store said they will make sure it never happens again. Scorpion unavailable for comment but his publicist said “Get Over Here!” Though the rumor is that […]

So I was pondering a title for this post and thought I would write the blog first and then title it later. So things I want to write about. So let me hit on a few things. Last Thursday I was talking to my buddy Zac and he sits in a different part of the […]

So the other night I saw there was a new episode of FrenchMaidTV Where they were talking about this service called iLike. Now I thought this was a very cool idea. It works on Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000 and it installs a plugin for iTunes where it scans your playlist for items you […] Not much content on this post but I saw this news article on Dvorak and I just got a crack out of it. I shared it with Travis and Mike and I consider this a WTF moment. There was that exploding Whale in Oregon. But I never thought I would hear about it happening […]

Well I took the test at And I turned out to be an ESTJ not knowing what this exactly meant I went to the wikipedia the source of unreliable but useful information. Here is a quote from the Wikipedia Page. ESTJ’s are practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business or mechanics. […]