Some Self Pimping

So a while ago I ordered some Mini Cards from $20 you get 100 cards that you design with their templates and all kinds of fun stuff. So I got mine in various colors with a whole bunch of witty sayings. Like I have one to give to the ladies that says “I am giving you this because I like you” With a smiley that is blushing. (Clever Right?)

They are smaller then a standard business card. I had one set printed up with a typo one that I always fubar. I have “Your Lucky to Be Reading This” with a laughing smiley when it should be “You’re Lucky to be Reading This”. But on the back you find my name, mobile #, e-mail and website.

They are small and I placed my order back in early November. They have yet to arrive so I sent them an e-mail they got back to me and said they were lost in the mail so they were going to print off another batch and send them to me. Let’s hope they get here soon. But that brings me to a story.

I was hanging out with my buddy Jason H he is one of the few people in the world that make me feel short. We went and had lunch and then he wanted to go find a Wii. I want a Wii Classic Controller if anyone finds one I will gladly buy it from you so we made a voyage to the mall.

In the mall there is this store called Natarium. Which sells a lot of odd ball things that doesn’t really have any interest of mine. But I was walking in behind my friend Jason and a woman greeted him and he said Fine Thanks. Then she greeted me and I said my normal response ” I am doing pleasant thanks for asking, How are you doing today” She paused as I stopped walking and was fighting to find something to say back. “She said I am good, Most people don’t ask me how I am doing.” I smiled and said “I said well I hope I made your day” and then continued to browse. She came up to me and asked if I needed help with anything and I said “Well I am not really shopping today. But I will come back and see you when I need something” and her response while smiling and looking at me “I really hope that is soon.”

So I think I have a girl that I don’t even know the name of interested in seeing me again. But now I have to go back to the mall. Ugh. She doesn’t have my name so she can’t exactly go type my name in Google to find me. Should have had those damn cards dropped one in her apron or something.

But that is one event from the weekend more to come when I get back from lunch. Ohh the moo cards were inspired by a lovely young woman’s blog named Melanie who is trying to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days. So go give her a read if you have a few moments.

Now I need to figure out what to buy for the people in my life that expect gifts. If you want to know what I want Tristan Pipo’s Wishlist is on the 😉