Some Thought For Your Brain

I have been keeping up on James Kim. He was one of the great editors from C|Net one of those sites I have been browsing for a great while. I enjoyed all his iPod Reviews. I was kinda in shock I have been watching him on TechTV and C|Net and was like I knew him but never met him. May he Rest in Peace and the best wishes to his family.

I was checking out bloglines which is how I keep up with everyones blog and news and all that jazz I saw an article from KOMO TV which is the ABC station up here in Seattle channel 4. I must say I have grown up here in Seattle with

ABC Channel 4
NBC Channel 5
CBS Channel 7
PBS Channel 9
FOX Channel 13
UPN Channel 11 (Or Whatever Network it is Now)
WB Channel 22 (I think it’s called MyQ or TheQ Now)

If you ever go to another area and getting used to the channel scheme was always difficult for me. Indiana CBS was channel 2 and 9 that always messed with my head. Kinda like switching to the metric system perhaps. Though I understand the metric system and can perform all the conversions in my head. Well I guess that is a bad example.  But I am way off topic as of now.

So back to what I wanted to talk about. I saw this article. 

I saw the picture and I remember he came to speak  to my Senior Class in basically my senior exit course for High School. I remember him taking out all the pills he had to take and showing us how much water he had to drink. It got me thinking. It was more of the Shock Factor. The Scared Straight effect. But it was good to see he was still alive and getting the message out there.

So another thought of the day. I was walking to work listening to the Penn Radio Podcast on my iPod and they were talking about Hometown stories and they also discussed the most trouble you got into at school. I have written about when I did a small computer hack and had the cops take me down to the principals office and doing other various things and basically every rule in the North Kitsap High School handbook regarding computers was because of me and Darin. But he made one point I thought was rather great that I apply to everything on this blog.

“No one wants to read what you write. No One. So make it easy for them”

So I tend to assume that nobody reads this blog at all. I know otherwise but that’s how I approach it when I write something. If a comment comes in an e-mail an IM it’s all a bonus. I am glad that I triggered some feedback. I write because I want to. I have something to say. I did something. Something caused me to think. It’s all here and the various links I have on the side bar.

This is also a gripe against other blogs. If I can’t access them in the format that I desire I tend to not read them. I prefer to read by subscribing to the RSS or the ATOM feed. So I make those available because that’s how I like to read. If this isn’t in a format you prefer let me know and I will open that up for you.

I do think that is an issue with many bloggers. “I don’t have any readers how do I get popular” Well the easiest way is to be a woman that posts a lot of hot pictures. The next is have something to say that people want to read. The other is just be yourself, Be open to feedback. If a reader posts something you don’t agree with they are open to that thought but being in the comment moderation with with all the forums I have moderated over the years. If you have a troll and delete his or her comments they will come back and make your life more of a hell. Be respectful but the power of a blog is that it’s yours and it is however you want it. Except for myspace which doesn’t follow any standards. If I don’t have my 1 click direct access to the posts and no way to subscribe it’s to much work for me and I don’t read it.

Make it Easy! Take it Easy, If it is Easy take it twice.

Cheers Happy Holidays to everyone.