iTunes with Music and iLike the iPod

So the other night I saw there was a new episode of FrenchMaidTV Where they were talking about this service called iLike. Now I thought this was a very cool idea. It works on Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000 and it installs a plugin for iTunes where it scans your playlist for items you play and listen to and then populates a personal page about yourself and then shows what you are listening to. What you have listened to. What you listen to most. So it then takes that information and will link people that have some common interest in music to you.

So I signed up and it grabbed all the info. I found out my most listened to artist is the Simpsons. So I have been trying to cheat the system and raise the play count of a bit more respectable band of Blink 182. So I went searching in the common list and I found a girl. Well I feel better writing a woman that I have some common music interest with and saying Hello then a Guy. Most guys on social networking sites don’t want to talk to other guys. But I am sure a woman on any social site or blog will get a lot more e-mail and feedback then any male ever would.

So I have just been letting this thing go while I do anything with iTunes and I must say I like the whole idea and design. What is really cool is when you are playing a song it will recommend other songs that are free to download and DRM free. This feature has been amazing I have found all kinds of interesting music to listen to. The 1812 Overture brought up some wonderful classical pieces I didn’t have yet. Great stuff.

Anything to fill up the iPod that is free. If you want to friend me and we can see what music we have in common details are after the jump.

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