A Penny for your Thoughts

So I was pondering a title for this post and thought I would write the blog first and then title it later. So things I want to write about. So let me hit on a few things.

Last Thursday I was talking to my buddy Zac and he sits in a different part of the building and the people he sits next to lets call them ahh lets not worry about that. But Zac told me one of them describes me as a “doobie” which is a reference to pot. But I am sure everyone knew that. But I wasn’t sure on the spelling of that word. The reasoning behind that was “Tristan is very relaxing he can just speak and I feel relaxed and  calm” so that had me thinking and I am recalling my life doing a rewind on the old tapes up in the brain storage. This has been a trend throughout my life.

When I was in Elementary school teachers picked up on this and would always sit me next to the kids that would misbehave or cause a ruckus in class. Because when I was around them I would without knowing how calm them down. They would perform better and every time we would change seats I would never get to sit next to my friends. So I recall this one time in the 4th grade which was a bad year in general for me when my parents divorced. That is a different topic for another day perhaps. My friends were Chuck Mason and Ian Todd and Tyler B. Me and Chuck were close we would go spend the night at each others house and play SNES on weekends. Contra III – The Alien War. But I think I got to sit next to him twice in one year. There was this kid named Matt. A bit of a high strung type always loud and acting out didn’t get homework of any kind and Mrs. Todd sat me next to him. Not knowing how people get this feeling from me the next few weeks he was calm, quite and collected. I helped him with his homework and he went from a D to a B and everything in class functioned.

The KGB Mafia Man refers to this as some unharnessed power that I have.  I don’t really get how or why I have this ability to just relax people. But I do it unaware. Darin refers to me as Gravity people tend to just collect around me and can brighten a room. I did notice that a lot of people were trying to take advantage of this and got a little upset at the world and took a turn to negative outlook for a while. But then I started to ponder that I tend to have a realistic outlook on life. But this person I work with and just talk to in passing finds me relaxing and comforting I think that is a sign that the nice guy roots don’t die and that I can’t get rid of who I am in the core.

I can be a bit of an asshole at times and come off as an odd vibe. But I don’t bullshit anyone. I am horrible at sugar coating things to put a spin on them. Metaphors I can spout them off but I am not good at understanding when someone tells one to me. Facts are absolute and I like to know what’s going on.

So I wanted to share this thought I was having. People that know me personally could probably chime in a bit more then me speaking. I kinda feel like I am a Honda salesmen telling you this Honda is the best car you can buy. It’s like when it’s coming from a Honda salesmen you tend to think he is biased. I am sure I am very biased when it comes to topics relating to myself.

So I ask the world. How do you perceive me?

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If you feel so inclined voice your opinions on this and we shall dissect them on an upcoming podcast.

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