Happy Holidays!

Well it’s 2006. I am on my 23rd Holiday Season. Now that I have a career and a life I can actually afford to get everyone a decent holiday gift. But 4 people I had no idea what to get so when I was picking up my Uncle’s Gift I went for some gift cards. Such a cop out.

But last year I did a Christmas Podcast and I need to get back to that. But it’s been so crazy with my commute and working. My free time I spend seeing friends and catching up. But as we approach the end of year and the end of season. I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!

It’s been an interesting year. Lots of changes. Some Good, Some Bad. But everything happens for a reason and I just wish everyone the best in this year and next year lets hope these democrats do something that makes some sense next year.

Normally not the hugging type but many hugs to you.

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