Post #801 – Some Updates

So everybody, How you been? Have you been good? Sit down have a cup of coffee with me as I tell you about some updates of life. I have my new OXO vacuum sealing cup that is just amazing for tossing in the laptop bag and not having to worry about leaks. Got a nice medium roast with a little cream today. What are you having? But anyways good to hear you have been well. Did you have a good weekend? Excellent! Mine was pretty good let me tell you about it.

Last Friday as you recall I went on a cruise around Puget sound with a jamming concert. I had heard about this event about 2 days prior and had some questions was it formal or anything and would they take a credit card. My buddy said no it’s not formal and they will take a credit card. So Friday I was wearing my geek enabled cargo jean pants because well they old all the gadgets that I require. My Boots because they are really the only shoes you can get in a retail store in the mall in size 15 or 16. Black Shirt and this amazing shirt that is made out of the same stuff as a “Shammi”. So I was looking like your typical Northwest type. But I get down to the dock where the boat is and everyone is in formal wear. Now a woman in a black dress is truly an amazing thing but I look over at Craig and think “Fuck You Craig” but the guy selling the tickets told me not to worry about it. For some reason any excuse to clean up get out the suit or tux is always cool with me but seems out of place most of the time.

But before all this had happened I wrote a blog about stopping in at Starbucks in the AM and getting a clappy excited girl for ordering a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Which I must admit are still great and I still order them everytime I stop in. In the 5am hour the Barista is this cute girl named “Crazy Cathy” who has this inner joy as it would seem about life. I usually have that as well after I have a caffeine boost. But it’s on my walk along the Seattle waterfront every morning and I always feel strange about knowing somebody else’s name and them not knowing mine. I should find a way to introduce myself. Rather be known as Tristan then 5:50am Cinnamon Dolce Guy. So anyways Craig wanted to meet me in Seattle so I went back to Starbucks and walked in and saw this amazing cute girl. Now I am sure cute all depends on what you like. I like a slightly tall girl and not skinny. A girl I can hug and like actually hug but not fat like bad fat. But cute. Anyways I will get into that topic at a future time. But I came in and started a conversation and it lasted a few minutes and I sat down at a table and pulled out the book I was reading and kept casually looking up and she was glancing constantly at me. Now I was half reading at this point pondering if I should go hand her one of my Skype Cards with my Contact Info on it. Because it seemed we had a slight instant connection but then my buddy craig showed up and made a bit of a scene and seems like oh yeah he has a noisy friend kinda killed the vibe. I stopped back once in the afternoon since then and she wasn’t there. I need to build up some courage go get to know this girl a little better.

The band was a group I had done an interview with for a Podcast I have been working on that has yet to be released for a site and company that has yet to be released. But it was cool to see that crew again and this boat was rather cool. It was an argosy boat with two floors bottom floor was dancing and salsa lessons and the top floor was alternative rock and then they had some jazz band come up that was pretty sweet. So I checked out the bands first set and it was a few covers and mostly there own stuff. Then downstairs it was salsa lessons. Now being under dressed made the confidence factor of going up to a nicely dressed girl a little difficult but I saw two girls dancing together and I said Craig we should split them up. So I walked up and asked and I got a Yes Craig got an uhhh umm fine. lol

So I took my first salsa dancing lesson and it was good and fairly simple for the basic moves and that was fun and got to meet a new friend that well who knows. I still think afternoon Starbucks girl has something. Sometimes I am amazing with names but it seems if I associate an object or a time before I get a name I have trouble. I find one good way to remember a name is to get the name. Then ask them a question using the name and then say Really, [name] 3 times using the name does the trick and makes people think you are interested in hearing what they have to say. Which you should be totally interested. Which bring me back to another topic about the first AudioBook I purchased from iTunes. How to get People to Like you in 90 seconds. Comes in at just over 3 hours. It is read by the Author who is British and I must say great book. Would totally recommend. All the techniques that is has offered I have used on everyone I have encountered over the past few weeks and it has improved many relationships and started a few new ones.

If you would like to pickup this great audio-book here is the iTunes Link. iTunes Badge

So for $20 we got 4hrs on a boat of dancing, music and good times. No booze was allowed since this was an 18+ cruise and not a 21+ cruise. Later in the evening I find out this is a religious event for something called the Christian Wellness Center and when they have a prayer and all that fun crap. Do you know how awkward it is being an atheist and having all these happy Christians who think you need to be saved? I stepped out and found my way to the roof and kicked it with the captain during that lovely 20 Min’s I am sure they had below. The rest of the evening was kinda spent observing and trying to keep that on the down low. So get back into port and we walk back down to the ferry and it is the 12:10am ferry Saturday morning. I hop on and just pass out. Get home and need to Hike back to Craig’s car and I was just way to tired but I made the hike lol. I get home and crash.

It was a pretty fun evening and I totally would go again. Just be dressed nicer. Let me take a coffee break from this story. I will catch up the past few days when I get some free time today.

More Coffee! =)

“Know Thyself – and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe.”

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I must say Twitter is a huge cause of addiction. I was informed of another service called Groover that I checked out and wasn’t my bag of tea. The only cool thing that it had was pictures. But eh. So today I was surfing along the internet and came across a link for everything you wanted to know about your birthday and about your name. There is a lot of info so I am not going to post it here on the main blog but it will be after the jump. So check it out see what your name and your birthday say about you.

Birthday Calculator:

Name Calculator:

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It’s Friday January 26th 2007!

It’s Friday and it’s a good day just for that fact. But this morning I was in a bit of a slouch and got off the ferry and walked down to Starbucks since well coffee in Seattle is the cool thing to do. Though I never see those emo depressing wanna be gay idiots at 5:50am. Everytime I think emo I am reminded of a quote I saw on somebodies AIM away message. “I wish my grass was emo then it would cut itself” But I walk in and there is always this homeless guy sitting there with like 5 bags of something and talking to himself.

Coffee Shops always seem to have a few things. Laptop Guy which is usually me since it’s nice to get out of my house and off my wireless and out in public on the wireless Internet. Man that made me sound really really geeky. But most people who know me well will not debate my geek factor. There is always the couple on a date. Those are always fun to pop in headphones and pretend your rocking out to your own tune and listen to them.

First Date Guy: “WOW! You have a cat? What’s it’s name”
Girl: “Oh his name is Puffy McClean Adams”
First Date Guy: “WOW! You are hot I love cats”
Girl: “He is so cute let me get my pink RAZR and show you all the pictures I have taken of him”
First Date Guy: “Mr. Adams is so cute. How about you take me back to your place and let me see him”
Girl: “That sounds like a good idea. But no funny business”

Hmmm I just made that whole thing up trying to make to imaginary people sound pathetic. But maybe something like that could actually work. I am sure that the female readers will tell me to hush up or be like lol, you idiot or perhaps maybe that is all a clever ploy to cover up their actions for having done this scenario I just made up.

So I went into Starbucks and someone at work recommended the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. They said it was like french toast in a cup. Now as gross as that sounds I figured what the hell. So I walk in and there is usually some amazingly beautiful woman at the cash register. I sometimes ponder how many times these girls get hit on a day. Then I ponder how every-time they are hit on it bothers them a little bit more and more and then makes them immune to just casual chat up lines. But I walk up and today I was like. Pardon my ignorance for not wanting to attempt to say the word but I would like to try one of those new Cinnamon and she was like. Dolce Latte? She clapped and was like Yay! So hopefully I did something to improve her day. But holy freaking moses! That is one amazing tasting cups of coffee. $4.17 worth of coffee though. Not really worth that much. But it was more like a Cinnamon Roll Coffee. It was very satisfying I give this cup of coffee a 19 out of whatever scale you want to make up. But I highly recommend!

Hot Girl in a Bikini: “Hey Tristan what are you doing tonight?”

Hey Hot Girl in a Bikini thanks for asking. I am going to a concert on a boat. A few rock bands which should be interesting. And it’s also beer Friday at work. The music selection below is to bang on a drum all day. I suggest you go out and bang….. a drum. Pauses are done so much better with audio then text. Anyways it’s Friday! The week is over. Stop worrying! Life is short! Carpe Diem as the Latin saying goes or the name of that boat on the downtown Seattle waterfront.

Love You All! Happy Weekend! 

Gaming and Taxes

Well I have been a gamer since I was a child and had the Atari 2600 and played the crap out of that thing had all kinds of games and kept them in blue crates and it was just when gaming was truly fun. But I was pondering this dilemma I was having I have had many consoles over the years.

  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 7800
  • SNES
  • Sega Genisis
  • Sega Cd
  • NES
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2
  • Wii
  • (Future)

Okay so I have either sold or given away everything else. My biggest regret was getting rid of the Playstation 1. My Playstation 2 died of old age because of the DVD Tray. That was a great system as well. But currently I am in the market for the XBOX 360. They run $399 for the Premium one which has all the goodies. I am stuck on the fence if I should wait for the newer XBOX with the smaller processors, HDMI connector, Larger HDD and they are rumored to come out 6 months from now. But I got to play Gears of War and that sold me on the XBOX 360.

So I have been surfing around the internets and everywhere wants shipping or tax on the things. Here in Washington State you are paying 8.6% I believe. Oregon is just 2.5hrs away and they have no sales tax. I am totally considering rounding up some other geeks in my entourage and making a venture down there to save a few dollars. Alas but if anyone knows something other then eBay where I can avoid sales tax and I can cope with shipping let me know. I would just prefer not to do either. A trip with the boys down to road could be fun. Anyways thoughts?

Condom Ad and Future Blog and Who is Michelle?

I am a firm believer in condoms well mainly because I have no desire to have kids. I was surfing around Digg this morning and came across this image and had a rather large chuckle that I decided to share it with the world. On a side note I already have 1 follower on twitter. I have been pondering my next epic story-tale I should be writing and I was thinking on the walk to work this morning I should write perhaps about the only real relationship breakup I have ever had.  We were together for 3 years and I have been single about that long now. So I thought I would focus on the end and talk about the Journey from Kokomo, IN to Seattle, WA and that lovely road trip. I welcome thoughts or suggestions and perhaps maybe there is something you want to know about me.

I want to know more about the Michelle that has been coming by the blog and offering her feedback. Seems like an interesting woman so far. Only thing I can seem to find is that she came here in search of M&M creation and she lives in the great lakes region. But good times. Happy Thursday everyone. Tomorrow is beer friday and that means either a text message or a buzz blog friday.

Fun Times

Well now that we have some upgraded code running the blog it allows me to do more. I can actually embed things into posts. Like a YouTube video or something else that has cool things like that. So I wanted to post a coca cola commercial that caught my fancy in a movie theater. I just thought it was comical and hit home a little bit being an avid Grand Theft Auto fan. =)

The Twitter Test for Tristan

So I was walking to work this morning and was listening to Net@Nite with Amber Macarthur and Leo Laporte and they have been talking about this service called Twitter that is either a stalkers paradise but it lets you update your little micro blog 150 or so characters at a time and you can do it from any IM client or from your mobile phone. They made this pretty interesting point you could update this feed lets say if you were on a bad date and you could have your friends watching and they could swoop in and save you or what not. But then the argument. Why not just text message them? Well ummm that’s not as cool as this. So I am trying it out today. See if it’s worth my time to have another blog. =) Give it a whirl. Be my friend I need to talk to someone. lol

Goal for 1,000 and a Book Review

In November of 2005 I hit the 500 post milestone. It’s now January 2007 and I would like to hit 1,000 posts this year. Now I try to write things that have meaning or have content or a message or so people can sit down and get to know me better. Have you come up to me if we were in a coffee shop enjoying a nice cup of Chai or whatever and I could tell you a story. In many ways the blog has worked out great and not so great in others. A big question that seems to come up “Don’t you worry that someone you know might come here and read something about themselves and then have it backfire on you later?”

I must honestly say that is an issue and I try to deal with it in the following. If the person does not want to be mentioned or blogged about I try to avoid names at all costs. People like Jenniper are cool to write a blog about well we kinda trade off Hey’s! and Check out the Awesome factor of this! Jenniper is in the blogosphere and is connected. I wrote a post a while ago about a girl that I didn’t really enjoy the idea of her pregnancy. I didn’t mention her name but I also know she is not connected to the web in any sort of way. Also most of my close friends don’t really ever take the time to read the blog and most people stop by for a while enjoy a quick read for some comedy or perhaps a witty joke to tell someone at a dinner party. Which is great I try not to intrude anything upon the reader that would “annoy” them like Adverts or other things of that sort.

But when I write about a personal story I never change the names unless that person has taken the time to read my blog and says “Please don’t write about me” well I will respect that persons wishes. In the entire time I have been blogging I have deleted 3 posts that had value to them. Edited a few but generally I stay in the clear.

So hopefully 2007 will see 1,000 posts and probably should plan a party of some kind. The 1,000 Posts in Vegas Party! Well that should be interesting. I got 12 Podcasts under my belt in a year and that isn’t nearly enough with an average of 1 a month. I wanted to do at least 4 a month and currently I am seeking more time and equipment. But mainly the latter.

So I have been reading this great book called the Alchemist. Recommended by this girl I used to date over the Internet. Which is an odd concept to ponder. But anyways she lives in the Bahamas and goes to school in Florida. But it’s a great book by Paulo Coelho and it is about this epic journey of a Shepard Boy from Spain to Europe to seek out life and treasure. What was interesting about the book was the fact that it doesn’t really have chapters of any kind so once you start reading you can’t really stop. I had intended to write up some funny bits from Dear Playboy Advisor but this Alchemist has been high on my charts to finish.

I tend to read it on the ferry in the mornings. Junniper the whole Ferry Boat and Ferry thing gets me as well. Sometimes I say I am going to catch the boat to Seattle. Or I am going to go hop on the ferry. Or hey everyone lets go have a pint at the Irish Pub bring some coin for the ferry boat. Or we can catch the last sailing on the weekend at 2:10am. But it doesn’t have any sails of any kind.  In the afternoons I usually just try to take a nap because well I get up rather early in the AM and have a 5 mile walk commute time. So that gets the iPod attention. Which I have been trying audiobooks from iTunes and I must say this is brilliant. Well I will talk about that in a future blog.

The Alchemist from 

Now I am not making any coin from this I bought the book and decided to review it. I must say normally I really don’t read a lot of books mostly just for computer knowledge but I want to spend a thank you out to Raleigh for having that great few hours I got to meet you and getting a Barnes and Noble Card. Been a great asset.

Okay  I busted out Dear Playboy Advisor and went to the Kink Section.

“Dear Playboy Advisor, Many women like to have their toes sucked. Does nail polish have anything in it that would be harmful to the sucker? –B.T., Chicago, Illinois”

If you can suck the polish off a toenail, it’s to bad you’re not a woman

That gave me a chuckle. Even while typing that I had a bit of a laugh.

This next little bit comes from the section on Semen.

“Dear Playboy Advisor, Let’s say I collect my Semen and freeze it. If my girlfriend inserts the frozen cube into her vagina, could she get pregnant?” –J.H., Montgomery, Alabama

Are you being deployed? It’s more likely you’ll forget about the thing and get a surprise in your next drink. To preserve sperm, banks freeze it in liquid nitrogen at 196 degrees below zero. They also add a solution to prevent ice crystals from forming inside the spermatozoa.”

Man this is a how stupid can you be. Reading through this book at times I find it very interesting like hmm a section on pumping gas. Or some odd fetish. Or reading about girls that get off while umm sitting on the guys toes. But I suggest you pickup the book as well. Anyways It’s almost 7pm here on the left coast. I must be off. Happy laughing.