Computer Questions

I seem to get these frequently from a lot of people.

  • How do I move the taskbar?
  • The Network isn’t working properly. How do you fix it?
  • The Link button isn’t working anymore!
  • How do I hookup my DVD Player?
  • Can you design me a website for free?
  • The place where I (work,learn) blocks myspace how can I get around it?
  • How do I lookup someone?
  • I want to spy on my (ex, husband,wife,girlfriend,boyfriend) is there an easy way to do this?

I want to say did you take a few minutes to look at the help file? Perhaps run a google search? Have you read the manual? The answer is always “No, It’s just quicker to ask you”Well I am glad that you find me to be a helpful resource. But I sometimes ponder how does helping you benefit me in any way? Okay I take a few minutes to get you up and running but I ask you for something or to hang out to much of a hassle I see. I have pondered many times. Oh you need me to setup your wireless network. Well how about you show me your breasts and we can call it even. Unless you are willing to pay me the $60hr I normally charge for such work.

“Well I can’t do that. Can you just do it for free”

Oh yes I love taking time away from my day to help you and get nothing in return. I have done my share of free favors for the world and I get a bit fed up at times.

Last night the lovely Sarah sent me an IM on AIM at like 10pm while I was asleep in a bit of a panic because she moved the taskbar. So I shot her an e-mail letting her now how to click and drag and life was good again. Well hopefully I haven’t got the notice back from her at the time of posting.

But I must let the world know. For the geeks in your life we are usually glad to help but give us some time you know. We deal with idiots all day long and before we jump to a conclusion about you test the waters before you just add more crap onto our day. I doubt you want us thinking that you are an idiot.

I do enjoy on occasion That site is nice because I can go answer questions on my own time and usually get some appreciation. Yahoo sent me a fleece sweater for being helpful so that was some nice props. It wasn’t a naked lady but it was soft kinda like some naked ladies. But I think I am way off base here.

Cheers! Thursday for all.

P.S. I was trying out the pickup line from the polar bears. Yeah it caused a lot of laughter. But not much came from it.