Apple Announced the iPhone

This is one amazing sexy looking device.

The Apple iPhone

Now I love this phone. I love how it works and how Mac like it is. But the prices are $499 and $599 for the 4GB and 8GB in respect. Also the fact that it is on cingular is also a bother. Because looking at the plans for the basic plan with 900 mins it appears to be $60 and $40 for unlimited data. So to get basic use out of the phone is $100 a month plus tax and all that jazz.

Now if this device was coming out on Sprint I would consider the $499 and be happy with the plans that they offer. I look at that phone and think that it’s sexy as hell. It’s thinner then my 30GB Video iPod and has every feature I could want.  Well it doesn’t have games but eh. I have my Nintendo DS Lite with me on the go and I do have Tetris on my T-Mobile phone but I play the DS Lite more then Tetris on the phone.

So right now this device seems like an overpriced luxury. It was $299 I would snatch it up in a heart beat. But the $100 a month is crazy. I pay approx half that currently for mobile phone access. Cingular needs to seriously rethink their data rate structure. If I have a device like this I would use way more then the 10MB connection that I get for the $$$ on unlimited sprint for the same cost.

Maybe I should take Jon out for a steak dinner see if he can get me the hookup on the iPhone come June or at least the plan.