Final Thought Of the Week – January 19th 2007

Well it’s friday and you know what that means! Well doesn’t mean anything really. It’s Friday tomorrow is Saturday means I can sleep in. Well I am not going to be able to sleep in because me and Jason are going to go get pancakes at 9am. But anyways as I do everyday on my walk to work I think a lot. Sometimes this is a blessing other times I wonder what is up with my brain that causes it to come up with the things that it does.

So here is my thought of the week.

Have you ever took a minute to think about sayings?  If we look at sayings like “Watching the grass grow” we tend to think that is boring. But it can’t be as boring as other things. I was pondering what could be more boring then watching the grass grow and I came up with the following alternatives. Well I can only recall one of the things I thought of. “Watching Wood be Wood” wood doesn’t do anything but be wood. Grass actually grows up and around and changes colors. You have to stain wood to get it to change colors. Wood is only doing something interesting when it’s being karate chopped or termites are destroying it. Which is actually a pretty cool use for wood.

But that is a thought if you think you are really bored. Think about watching wood be wood. Then your life will get a better outlook. But if you don’t try to picture this. You are walking down the street and 3 helicopters come flying over your head and out come flying all these Ninja’s killing everything in sight. Then they hand you some swords and say destroy something and you start chopping up walls and fences and blades of grass. Then it’s like you are cutting the grass just to get bored again to watch it grow. It’s a crazy cycle of watching grass grow then ninja’s asking you to chop it.

Okay this entire post has lost any attempt at comedy and making sense. Happy Weekend Everyone! If you are interested in joining the crew going to Gameworks on Saturday hit up the e-mail or cell phone. Downtown Seattle. Hug an Owl this weekend.

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