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Well I have been working hard trying to get the site up to code to migrate the site over to the new code that runs the site. I have had to update 417 files and get some new features installed. I had to do a rewrite of the Skype Button you see on the side but there was some cool new features that I found out how to do thanks to the lovely developers over on the Skype Forums.

Yesterday I updated the site from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7 for security reasons and some Spam got in so I had to redo all the Spam rules and get that up to code so hopefully the site should be a bit more spam free. We went from an average of 1,200 spam comments a day down to about 400 spam comments a day. Google was having issues processing my Sitemap and analyzing my site and I got that up and working again with running a beta version of that software. I am still having trouble getting Yahoo to ping. But it breaks down 95% of my searches come from google and the rest are from everyone else.

So as I prepare for the migration from 2.0.7 to 2.1 well you might see some odd errors appear on the screen. If for some reason I miss them please e-mail me or AIM TJThePhantom.

Hack the Planet. Hug and Owl. I am reminded of a cartoon where the character was saying how evil he was by flipping off a box of kittens. For some reason that seemed funny to me at this moment of posting.

EDIT: We are updated to v2.1 and it’s a little different so kinks are being worked out. But anyways we shall hope all is well. 😉

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