January 24, 2007

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Well now that we have some upgraded code running the blog it allows me to do more. I can actually embed things into posts. Like a YouTube video or something else that has cool things like that. So I wanted to post a coca cola commercial that caught my fancy in a movie theater. I […]

So I was walking to work this morning and was listening to Net@Nite with Amber Macarthur and Leo Laporte and they have been talking about this service called Twitter that is either a stalkers paradise but it lets you update your little micro blog 150 or so characters at a time and you can do […]

I must say this is interesting. Find people that could be my friend based on musical choices. Hmmm well I wonder why David Bowie is a popular artist. I have Peter and the Wolf read by David Bowie does iTunes really spin him that often. Oh well this could be embarrassing at times.

In November of 2005 I hit the 500 post milestone. It’s now January 2007 and I would like to hit 1,000 posts this year. Now I try to write things that have meaning or have content or a message or so people can sit down and get to know me better. Have you come up […]