Goal for 1,000 and a Book Review

In November of 2005 I hit the 500 post milestone. It’s now January 2007 and I would like to hit 1,000 posts this year. Now I try to write things that have meaning or have content or a message or so people can sit down and get to know me better. Have you come up to me if we were in a coffee shop enjoying a nice cup of Chai or whatever and I could tell you a story. In many ways the blog has worked out great and not so great in others. A big question that seems to come up “Don’t you worry that someone you know might come here and read something about themselves and then have it backfire on you later?”

I must honestly say that is an issue and I try to deal with it in the following. If the person does not want to be mentioned or blogged about I try to avoid names at all costs. People like Jenniper are cool to write a blog about well we kinda trade off Hey’s! and Check out the Awesome factor of this! Jenniper is in the blogosphere and is connected. I wrote a post a while ago about a girl that I didn’t really enjoy the idea of her pregnancy. I didn’t mention her name but I also know she is not connected to the web in any sort of way. Also most of my close friends don’t really ever take the time to read the blog and most people stop by for a while enjoy a quick read for some comedy or perhaps a witty joke to tell someone at a dinner party. Which is great I try not to intrude anything upon the reader that would “annoy” them like Adverts or other things of that sort.

But when I write about a personal story I never change the names unless that person has taken the time to read my blog and says “Please don’t write about me” well I will respect that persons wishes. In the entire time I have been blogging I have deleted 3 posts that had value to them. Edited a few but generally I stay in the clear.

So hopefully 2007 will see 1,000 posts and probably should plan a party of some kind. The 1,000 TristanPipo.com Posts in Vegas Party! Well that should be interesting. I got 12 Podcasts under my belt in a year and that isn’t nearly enough with an average of 1 a month. I wanted to do at least 4 a month and currently I am seeking more time and equipment. But mainly the latter.

So I have been reading this great book called the Alchemist. Recommended by this girl I used to date over the Internet. Which is an odd concept to ponder. But anyways she lives in the Bahamas and goes to school in Florida. But it’s a great book by Paulo Coelho and it is about this epic journey of a Shepard Boy from Spain to Europe to seek out life and treasure. What was interesting about the book was the fact that it doesn’t really have chapters of any kind so once you start reading you can’t really stop. I had intended to write up some funny bits from Dear Playboy Advisor but this Alchemist has been high on my charts to finish.

I tend to read it on the ferry in the mornings. Junniper the whole Ferry Boat and Ferry thing gets me as well. Sometimes I say I am going to catch the boat to Seattle. Or I am going to go hop on the ferry. Or hey everyone lets go have a pint at the Irish Pub bring some coin for the ferry boat. Or we can catch the last sailing on the weekend at 2:10am. But it doesn’t have any sails of any kind.  In the afternoons I usually just try to take a nap because well I get up rather early in the AM and have a 5 mile walk commute time. So that gets the iPod attention. Which I have been trying audiobooks from iTunes and I must say this is brilliant. Well I will talk about that in a future blog.

The Alchemist from BN.com 

Now I am not making any coin from this I bought the book and decided to review it. I must say normally I really don’t read a lot of books mostly just for computer knowledge but I want to spend a thank you out to Raleigh for having that great few hours I got to meet you and getting a Barnes and Noble Card. Been a great asset.

Okay  I busted out Dear Playboy Advisor and went to the Kink Section.

“Dear Playboy Advisor, Many women like to have their toes sucked. Does nail polish have anything in it that would be harmful to the sucker? –B.T., Chicago, Illinois”

If you can suck the polish off a toenail, it’s to bad you’re not a woman

That gave me a chuckle. Even while typing that I had a bit of a laugh.

This next little bit comes from the section on Semen.

“Dear Playboy Advisor, Let’s say I collect my Semen and freeze it. If my girlfriend inserts the frozen cube into her vagina, could she get pregnant?” –J.H., Montgomery, Alabama

Are you being deployed? It’s more likely you’ll forget about the thing and get a surprise in your next drink. To preserve sperm, banks freeze it in liquid nitrogen at 196 degrees below zero. They also add a solution to prevent ice crystals from forming inside the spermatozoa.”

Man this is a how stupid can you be. Reading through this book at times I find it very interesting like hmm a section on pumping gas. Or some odd fetish. Or reading about girls that get off while umm sitting on the guys toes. But I suggest you pickup the book as well. Anyways It’s almost 7pm here on the left coast. I must be off. Happy laughing.

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