It’s Friday January 26th 2007!

It’s Friday and it’s a good day just for that fact. But this morning I was in a bit of a slouch and got off the ferry and walked down to Starbucks since well coffee in Seattle is the cool thing to do. Though I never see those emo depressing wanna be gay idiots at 5:50am. Everytime I think emo I am reminded of a quote I saw on somebodies AIM away message. “I wish my grass was emo then it would cut itself” But I walk in and there is always this homeless guy sitting there with like 5 bags of something and talking to himself.

Coffee Shops always seem to have a few things. Laptop Guy which is usually me since it’s nice to get out of my house and off my wireless and out in public on the wireless Internet. Man that made me sound really really geeky. But most people who know me well will not debate my geek factor. There is always the couple on a date. Those are always fun to pop in headphones and pretend your rocking out to your own tune and listen to them.

First Date Guy: “WOW! You have a cat? What’s it’s name”
Girl: “Oh his name is Puffy McClean Adams”
First Date Guy: “WOW! You are hot I love cats”
Girl: “He is so cute let me get my pink RAZR and show you all the pictures I have taken of him”
First Date Guy: “Mr. Adams is so cute. How about you take me back to your place and let me see him”
Girl: “That sounds like a good idea. But no funny business”

Hmmm I just made that whole thing up trying to make to imaginary people sound pathetic. But maybe something like that could actually work. I am sure that the female readers will tell me to hush up or be like lol, you idiot or perhaps maybe that is all a clever ploy to cover up their actions for having done this scenario I just made up.

So I went into Starbucks and someone at work recommended the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. They said it was like french toast in a cup. Now as gross as that sounds I figured what the hell. So I walk in and there is usually some amazingly beautiful woman at the cash register. I sometimes ponder how many times these girls get hit on a day. Then I ponder how every-time they are hit on it bothers them a little bit more and more and then makes them immune to just casual chat up lines. But I walk up and today I was like. Pardon my ignorance for not wanting to attempt to say the word but I would like to try one of those new Cinnamon and she was like. Dolce Latte? She clapped and was like Yay! So hopefully I did something to improve her day. But holy freaking moses! That is one amazing tasting cups of coffee. $4.17 worth of coffee though. Not really worth that much. But it was more like a Cinnamon Roll Coffee. It was very satisfying I give this cup of coffee a 19 out of whatever scale you want to make up. But I highly recommend!

Hot Girl in a Bikini: “Hey Tristan what are you doing tonight?”

Hey Hot Girl in a Bikini thanks for asking. I am going to a concert on a boat. A few rock bands which should be interesting. And it’s also beer Friday at work. The music selection below is to bang on a drum all day. I suggest you go out and bang….. a drum. Pauses are done so much better with audio then text. Anyways it’s Friday! The week is over. Stop worrying! Life is short! Carpe Diem as the Latin saying goes or the name of that boat on the downtown Seattle waterfront.

Love You All! Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Mmm, I do love me a cinnamon dolce latte!

    Although I don’t think I understand why the girl clapped…does she just really like selling those?

    Have fun on your boat!

  2. Mmm, I do love me a cinnamon dolce latte!

    Although I don’t think I understand why the girl clapped…does she just really like selling those?

    Have fun on your boat!

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