January 2007

You ever get excited when you get some new feature or some little recommendation from someone and you go through the instructions step by step and then test it out and it works. Even though everything should have worked and you followed all the steps and you were careful about everything and the initial trying […]

I seem to get these frequently from a lot of people. How do I move the taskbar? The Network isn’t working properly. How do you fix it? The Link button isn’t working anymore! How do I hookup my DVD Player? Can you design me a website for free? The place where I (work,learn) blocks myspace […]

Well I borrowed this idea from The Colbert Report. The list is now live with 10 items that are worth a note that they bug the crap out of me. So it is the first list. Expect updates often. You wheeled luggage people lookout. You need to quit slowing down my walking my ability. Link […]

Well most people know I did some time in Indiana from August 19th 2001 to December 21st 2003 and spending time out there with the bible thumpers and the flat landers raised my despise for the midwest states. I was that liberal Seattle kid who needed to be watched since I didn’t go to church […]

Well it’s back to work after much rejoicing among the peasants. My new years was great we went out to the Lake House of Jeff. What did we call it. The Misty Evil Pine Lodge or something like that. I have made the decision to avoid drinking in general. Except on a rare occasion for […]