February 2007

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Here in Seattle we are known for being the most caffeinated city. I must say I drink 3-4 cups a day while at work. 1 at starbucks to see cute Starbucks Crazy Cathy and get my Hi-Five. Then I have one at work from the Starbucks Office Experience. We have the Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer. […]

Welcome to the Tristan Pipo Experience brought to you in high fidelity Web 2.0 for all your downloading pleasure and satisfaction. I don’t sell the stuff I give it away for free! I do appreciate you taking the time to read/download/click what is posted. I must say it was an interesting weekend but I will […]

So it’s Friday and I have had a few cups of coffee. A little wired and a little tired and this morning on my walk to work I was listening to the ever beautiful Amber Macarthur and the famous Leo Laporte on the wonderful net@nite podcast. They were talking about a link that I thought […]

So the media and the various spheres on the internet are talking about how Britney shaved her head. All I can say is that the curtains finally match the drapes.

I was crusing around the interwebs last night and for some reason I went to Microsoft.com/mac and was checking out the Office for Mac Blog and saw an article about how Office on Mac is 10 years old today and they did up their office building with sticky notes. So I went to one of […]

Wanted to write something but everything I have to say just can’t forumulate into a decent sentence so you get some pointless quizzes that I took. You Are An Invisible Ex You’re so over your ex, you hardly even remember you have an ex You prefer leave all of the baggage behind you – far, […]

Well now I found this article via BoingBoing. http://www.bitquabit.com/2007/02/14/smart-guys-date-in-parallel/ This was pretty cool and explained dating in a simple but engineering type way regarding circuits. I like the idea of dating women after woman you break a connection and that requires repairs. You date in parallel you have a backup in case one connection is […]

Ahh I cannot wait to ditch this cell phone and get the Digital Camera. That Olympus that was mentioned in a previous blog comment will be mine soon. Though doubtful in Pink. But here is a building that was catching quite the eye from the people as crazy as me to walk to work every […]