100 Cups of Coffee

Here in Seattle we are known for being the most caffeinated city. I must say I drink 3-4 cups a day while at work. 1 at starbucks to see cute Starbucks Crazy Cathy and get my Hi-Five. Then I have one at work from the Starbucks Office Experience. We have the Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer. Which is a cool little device. Fresh coffee whenever you want it.  So I saw this great clip from the best show that got kicked off TV Futurama.

Futurama Shot

I feel like that most days and the people on IM tend to think I am a bit nuts at times. Going off on them. What?! How you doing! Great!

They tend to tell me to calm down and then most get freaked out I would guess and just ignore me. =)

I saw this comic that made me really laugh.

Foxtrot Cheap Way To Get out of Sentences

I love foxtrot. To bad it’s only a Sunday Comic strip these days. Jason was awesome probably most like myself at his age. =) Man not much content this week. Sorry everyone. Working on it.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Welcome to the Tristan Pipo Experience brought to you in high fidelity Web 2.0 for all your downloading pleasure and satisfaction. I don’t sell the stuff I give it away for free! I do appreciate you taking the time to read/download/click what is posted. I must say it was an interesting weekend but I will get to that later. For this post I was cruising around del.icio.us and I found this gem of an audio file.

You are Doing it Wrong


I thought this was classic. It had me laughing when I made this discovery early Saturday Morning. Thought I would share it with the readers of my world as well. If you came to my site via the Nintendo Wii Web Browser you get a nice little super ultra secret special edition exclusive Wii Version. Weekend followup later today.

Update: Well I added an image and it reminded me of a quote I stole from some person’s AIM away message. “I wish my grass was emo. Then it would cut itself”

What Day is it today? IT’S FRIDAY!

So it’s Friday and I have had a few cups of coffee. A little wired and a little tired and this morning on my walk to work I was listening to the ever beautiful Amber Macarthur and the famous Leo Laporte on the wonderful net@nite podcast. They were talking about a link that I thought I would share with the world. The top 10 Fashion Tips for Nerds.

  • Always Wear a Belt

    • Well this is a given. There haven’t been many days that I have not worn a belt. I tend to avoid them at the gym. But hey so far I am 1 out of 10 on being slightly more lovely for the ladies.

  • White socks are only to be worn during athletic activities

    • What? Okay I will admit I am pretty much a totally white sock guy. Normally I am wearing my boots since well finding shoes in size 15 or 16 tends to limit my options to boots or some velcro horrid looking thing. But I have the boot cut jeans to cover the leg and part of the boots so my sock color goes without being noticed. So are there clauses to this?

  • Make sure nails are trimmed and clean.

    • I should probably quit biting my nails then. When I had a girlfriend anytime I had the urge she would casually put my hand down and the issue was resolved. That is one to ponder. I see why women like men that have women. They keep us in check.

  • No Facial Hair.

    • Sounds good to me I am not digging it myself. I only need to shave maybe once every other week so I got off lucky. Speaking of which one of the razor companies sent me a razor to review. They also sent me a small little check as well. I am saving that for the next time I need to shave.

  • Pants – no pleats or tapered legs

    • No pleats or tapered legs? I had to go google what the hell those were. So a tapered leg I found out shrinks when it gets toward the ankle and well that isn’t cool. So we are good in that realm. Also the pleated pants I can safely say I do not own a single pair of either of these pants. We are good.

  • If it has a hole, discoloration or tear throw it out! The Exception is jeans.

    • Well I know some people that should take some advice from this. The only thing I have that has such issues are either dirty clothes at the moment or in the trash can. I do have a pair of Levi’s that somehow developed little tears on the back pockets and on my right knee. Some reason I still love them.

  • Running shoes are for the gym only!

    • Cool with me. Only place I wear them anyways.

  • Do NOT wear free or company T-Shirts!

    • Hmmmm. So my Linux Shirts and Company Shirts will not fly eh? The article says “Do no wear these if you are expecting to talk to girls” hmmm. I would have never thought this to be the issue. I always thought company shirt said you were employed. But I guess I am mistaken.

  • Do NOT tuck in your shirt! (unless you are at a formal event or when layering)

    • Hmm, Well I am not much one for the formal events. But I always enjoy dressing up. I am a fan of the layers though. I always tuck in my shirt with that. I don’t do it otherwise but I am always in layers so eh.

  • Do NOT wear Socks with Sandals!

    • Well I sometimes wonder if this is just a Pacific Northwest thing. I am not a fan of sandal. I like my feet covered unless I am going swimming or sleeping. But I can understand how this would be horrid to most

So that lovely link is from http://www.fashion4nerds.com/art_top10suggestions.htm I think I will check out that site a bit more. But it’s Friday. The move happens next weekend. Chaos is coming. This weekend I think I am going to keep it chill and sane. Perhaps untuck my shirt and wear some gloves to keep my fingernails away.

Thanks for the support. Also testing out a new Web2.0 Widget page. Basically various ways to stalk me. Via Twitter or iLike. Also Bang on your Drum all Day! Also I ordered the Beatles 1 Album. Good Stuff. Was on a real Frank Sinatra kick now it’s Queen and Beatles and old school stuff. Good Times.

Blog Post #820 – “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”

Props go out to the our first president George Washington. The only president who cannot blame his issues on the previous one. Being the Deist that he was he gets my props for being somewhat awesome. One quote that I picked out of a movie I saw by my homeboy Richard Dawkins titled The Root of All Evil? Had me thinking the world should check it out. “We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”

But I got to thinking I am not a man of excuses. So anyways. Hey how have you been? I tested an experiment on the myspace collective yesterday. I posted a Bulletin. The Subject was “Good Morning” and the body said “That was it. Thanks for Reading” I recieved 49 responses from my friends list of 140 or so. Now I got to thinking that is a great deal more then I get on my personal site. So now I need to come up with a system that will automatically take my personal blog. Extract the Post. Send it to MySpace put the add a comment link at the bottom of the MySpace Bulletin. So I sent the myspace team a few e-mails asking if they had an API I could look at to see how I can push data to myspace. But knowing that realm they will probably not be very open to this. I also joined the Dev community on the WordPress sites to see  if anyone has anything like this. Then I could probably get this easily converted to blogger and all that fun stuff.

If myspace was like all the other Web2.0 things I could just add an RSS feed to my profile and have that go with whatever. But myspace doesn’t have a functional RSS parser and the RSS feeds from the blogs they have are not exactly easy to use. 30Boxes.com seems to manipulate myspace RSS feeds in a good way. I just like to manage all my feeds and sites through Bloglines.com and taking the time to scroll around myspace just is a bit more effort then I want to put forth to see that Girl#12 has a survey up that she is more like an orange cat then a blue cat.

I was told I need to post some graphics in my posts. Graphics lead to load time and well I have no issue doing it. So some graphics.

Nuke the Whales!

This was spawned from a quote from Nelson from the Simpons. When Lisa was dating him so to speak. She walked into his room and he had a poster that said “Nuke the Whales” Lisa was like umm. Nelson said “Gotta Nuke Something” Now as pointless as this is. I always chuckle about this. The concept of Nuking all the Whales. Maybe I am just retarded but ever since I have seen that I always get a chuckle every time.

I don’t think I mentioned this before but last Saturday I went and got a haircut at a Super Cuts. I must say they have a system that confused me. Most hair places you pay with a credit card and there is a line for a tip on the recipt but this time the lady asked me “Do you want to add anything extra?” all I could think about was hmm hair products I am good thank you. I didn’t know that was for the tip and I didn’t tip the woman that cut my hair. So I feel bad and that I shouldn’t ever use their services ever again. So to the blonde woman that seemed mad at the world I am sorry I didn’t tip you.

I bought a new bed. I must say they are rather expensive and I feeling rather broke. I forgot to move some cash from savings to checking and I got hit with an overdraft fee. Curses I used to have that account protection that would automatically do that. So I got hit with 2 overdraft fees that total $50. Curse the Banks for that.

So the Soda Issue. I have quit drinking soda. I am sticking to clear fluids at work. We get all the free soda we desire. But I have switched from Diet Coke to Dasani, Apple Juice and Coffee. I must say I feel a lot better. I did have a Coke when I was hanging out with Chris and I was nervous about it. But been doing fairly well. Feel refreshed hopefully drop a few lbs.

Been a bit of a slow blogging week. I must admit I have had a pretty rough week. Just been a little overwhelmed with the move and work being crazy. I do apologize Hope all has been well and wish everyone the best.

Some Props from the Wired Folks

I was crusing around the interwebs last night and for some reason I went to Microsoft.com/mac and was checking out the Office for Mac Blog and saw an article about how Office on Mac is 10 years old today and they did up their office building with sticky notes. So I went to one of my favorite mac blogs to see if they had the article up there. They didn’t so I submitted it and I got some props this morning.


I got a Thanks Tristan!

Some reason that made my day. Ahh the simple life of a Mac Geek.

Eyeball Inspection with Other Things

Hey Everyone! Comments are down was wondering how everyone has been. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lets see what did I do. Oh I recall Friday had a few beers on Friday and then went home and went to my friend Nick’s house. It was also Jason’s Birthday since my comment didn’t post to your myspace here is my thoughts on the matter.

Jason's Happy Birthday Cake

But watched the Departed again. I really love that film. I had to go see it in the theater in the solo fashion. But Nick’s mom was watching it with us. I must say that she doesn’t handle swearing or violence in films that well. I don’t really understand that fact it’s never really been a bother to me. Then we kicked back and watched some Red Dwarf and hung out.

I called Ollie on Friday night and I figured the best way to settle the issue was to be the bigger person and here is the summary of my voicemail. “A lot of bullshit seemed to happen. I don’t see us ever in agreement about this issue. I am going to let the past be the past and be an adult and move forward. Let Bigons be Bigons we have a long history and I hope we both can accept that and move along.” Didn’t get a call back but he went to Jason’s Dinner on Saturday night and all was good again.

But Saturday morning I had to get up and go to the Eye Doctor. I hadn’t been in 3 years and my glasses are in horrible condition. One nose piece is missing. The other doesn’t have the soft padding so it tears up the right side of my nose. They are all bent to hell and don’t fit at all. So I went to the Eye Doctor and my eyes are a little worse. But nothing major but time for new lenses anyways. I picked out a nice pair of the FLEXON frames they are cool as hell you can bend them as you wish and they weigh nothing and I got the scratch coating and the glare coating. Then I had to go back in and the doctor put this yellow goop in my eyes that made me have like lazy eyes. She did some thing looking into them. It would seem that there is something wrong with my right eye that she wasn’t really clear on. She wanted to check it when my glasses arrived to see if it was just some odd thing.

To be honest I have been a little worried about it. Usually I am not one to worry but I have been pondering over the past few days what it would be like not being able to see. But just a thought I had been pondering.

Me and the KGB Mafia Man decided to part ways because of our beliefs. Which I am not really clear on but life takes it’s own paths and might as well enjoy the journey.  Not sure what I am going to do with fromseattlewithlove.com

But Saturday went to get some Pho with Jason and we kinda just putzed around all day. Ran into Hans and Daniel at Chungs and me and Hans talked about Windows Vista and probably made Danile and Jason want to rip their skulls out and beat us to death with them. But that didn’t happen.

I think I have found the phone I am going to be using for the next 2 years. The Motorola Q. Craig has one and they seem interesting. T-Mobile offered me the T-Mobile Dash for $149 instead of $199.

Sunday went and hung out with The Mick and we saw Ghost Rider. That movie was just blah. I really don’t recommend it.  I did find one part slightly amusing Eva Mendes.

Eva Mendes from Ghost Rider

She was wearing the same ever so cleavage revealing top in the movie. That that I was complaining it gave the movie some value. But it was always the same top but either a different color or a different jacket over it.  Other then that Nicholas Cage didn’t really make the film for me. I just couldn’t find one great thing to say other then nice cleavage. So I will give this film a rating of 17 out of 348 total possible score.

But anyways it’s Monday I am not really with it yet.  Need to get my brain back into thinking mode. Talk to you soon.

Nothing of Value – Internet Quizzes!

Wanted to write something but everything I have to say just can’t forumulate into a decent sentence so you get some pointless quizzes that I took.

You Are An Invisible Ex

You're so over your ex, you hardly even remember you have an ex

You prefer leave all of the baggage behind you - far, far behind

As they say, indifference is the opposite of love!

This Internet Addiction Quiz seems off. But some options like do you ditch your friends for the internet? I have never that I can recall. But eh 52% works for me I guess.

You Are 52% Addicted to the Internet

You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't?

You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit.

What type of Flirt am I. I am a natural flirt according to this quiz. I would have never guessed.

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.

And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.

Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.

And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!

What is with the girls in all these stupid icon pictures. Oh well I guess being 74% open is decent.

You Are 73% Open

You're a pretty open person - and you don't mind sharing the good, bad, and sometimes ugly.

And while sometimes you do catch yourself blabbing on, you usually exhibit restraint.

You're openness is quite refreshing, and it encourages other people to be open with you!

Hmmm The Emotional Maturity Quiz. 83% Grown up 17% Kid. I don’t disagree with that one.

You Are 83% Grown Up, 17% Kid

Your emotional maturity is fully developed, and you have an excellent grasp on your emotions.

In fact, you are so emotionally mature - you should consider being a therapist!

And last but not least this is a Duh. No Brainer. Thanks for telling me something I already knew Tristan Quiz.

You Are a Mac

You are creative, stylish, and super trendy.

You demand the best - even if it costs an arm and a leg.

That is all. Hope you enjoyed =)

Smart Guys Date Women in Parallel

Well now I found this article via BoingBoing.


This was pretty cool and explained dating in a simple but engineering type way regarding circuits. I like the idea of dating women after woman you break a connection and that requires repairs. You date in parallel you have a backup in case one connection is causing so much resistence it breaks. It made total sense and got me thinking. Nobody had ever explained this concept in such an easy to understand concept.

But also the comical value in this was also great. Now if somebody had explained it to me in this manor things would have made a lot more sense. Then hearing “Don’t just date one girl at a time” this makes a lot more sense. Anyways thought everyone else might get a kick out of it.

Seattle Does Valentines Day on a Building

Seattle Building Valentines StyleSeattle Building Valentines Style - #4Seattle Building Valentines Style - #3Seattle Building Valentines Style - #2

Ahh I cannot wait to ditch this cell phone and get the Digital Camera. That Olympus that was mentioned in a previous blog comment will be mine soon. Though doubtful in Pink. But here is a building that was catching quite the eye from the people as crazy as me to walk to work every morning. Cute Starbucks Girl had seen it but I thought it was nice nothing to bad about it.

But to those that have a Valentine congrats and have a great day, evening with the person that you choose to be with.

If you are in the boat of the single people well. I totally feel where you are coming from. I think today is a Spicy Thai Food Ride the Fire and Lightning Danger Day.