Dumbass of the Day Award – Utah Man Trumps Dave

Well I thought I would write the article about Dave Grady with this title. People want to know about him and so forth but I really don’t want to give him much press since he gets enough in his idiocy on the Internet. I delete about 80% of the comments that come in from him. If you subscribe to the comment RSS Feed you would know what I am talking about. But ladies the man is single you can check out his dating request personal ad on YouTube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkJcWY64hrE  (I made an archive of this video in case he deletes it 😉 Remember ladies he is 30+ still lives with his mother and only wants to date girls under 18. I would love to see him on that Dateline show. )

But the dumbass of the day award has to go one gentleman from the lovely state of Utah. Hi Jermiah if you read this!


So in a 5hr timespan this guy calls 911 12 times and talks for 30min approx at max each time.  Because he has a toothache and that he would like to have illegal drugs off the street. He refuses to have help sent out to him and the dispatcher threatens him with 911 Abuse and he responds with he is going to tell George Bush on them.

The Ironic part is that he had a dentist appointment scheduled for the next day.

Okay I wish they had a Darwin Type Award for  people that are stupid but benefit the gene pool by removing themselves from it. But oh well I get to make fun of the idiot on my blog and hope that he doesn’t reproduce. Happy Thursday! Beer Friday Tomorrow!

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