Seattle Does Valentines Day on a Building

Seattle Building Valentines StyleSeattle Building Valentines Style - #4Seattle Building Valentines Style - #3Seattle Building Valentines Style - #2

Ahh I cannot wait to ditch this cell phone and get the Digital Camera. That Olympus that was mentioned in a previous blog comment will be mine soon. Though doubtful in Pink. But here is a building that was catching quite the eye from the people as crazy as me to walk to work every morning. Cute Starbucks Girl had seen it but I thought it was nice nothing to bad about it.

But to those that have a Valentine congrats and have a great day, evening with the person that you choose to be with.

If you are in the boat of the single people well. I totally feel where you are coming from. I think today is a Spicy Thai Food Ride the Fire and Lightning Danger Day.

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