What Day is it today? IT’S FRIDAY!

So it’s Friday and I have had a few cups of coffee. A little wired and a little tired and this morning on my walk to work I was listening to the ever beautiful Amber Macarthur and the famous Leo Laporte on the wonderful net@nite podcast. They were talking about a link that I thought I would share with the world. The top 10 Fashion Tips for Nerds.

  • Always Wear a Belt

    • Well this is a given. There haven’t been many days that I have not worn a belt. I tend to avoid them at the gym. But hey so far I am 1 out of 10 on being slightly more lovely for the ladies.

  • White socks are only to be worn during athletic activities

    • What? Okay I will admit I am pretty much a totally white sock guy. Normally I am wearing my boots since well finding shoes in size 15 or 16 tends to limit my options to boots or some velcro horrid looking thing. But I have the boot cut jeans to cover the leg and part of the boots so my sock color goes without being noticed. So are there clauses to this?

  • Make sure nails are trimmed and clean.

    • I should probably quit biting my nails then. When I had a girlfriend anytime I had the urge she would casually put my hand down and the issue was resolved. That is one to ponder. I see why women like men that have women. They keep us in check.

  • No Facial Hair.

    • Sounds good to me I am not digging it myself. I only need to shave maybe once every other week so I got off lucky. Speaking of which one of the razor companies sent me a razor to review. They also sent me a small little check as well. I am saving that for the next time I need to shave.

  • Pants – no pleats or tapered legs

    • No pleats or tapered legs? I had to go google what the hell those were. So a tapered leg I found out shrinks when it gets toward the ankle and well that isn’t cool. So we are good in that realm. Also the pleated pants I can safely say I do not own a single pair of either of these pants. We are good.

  • If it has a hole, discoloration or tear throw it out! The Exception is jeans.

    • Well I know some people that should take some advice from this. The only thing I have that has such issues are either dirty clothes at the moment or in the trash can. I do have a pair of Levi’s that somehow developed little tears on the back pockets and on my right knee. Some reason I still love them.

  • Running shoes are for the gym only!

    • Cool with me. Only place I wear them anyways.

  • Do NOT wear free or company T-Shirts!

    • Hmmmm. So my Linux Shirts and Company Shirts will not fly eh? The article says “Do no wear these if you are expecting to talk to girls” hmmm. I would have never thought this to be the issue. I always thought company shirt said you were employed. But I guess I am mistaken.

  • Do NOT tuck in your shirt! (unless you are at a formal event or when layering)

    • Hmm, Well I am not much one for the formal events. But I always enjoy dressing up. I am a fan of the layers though. I always tuck in my shirt with that. I don’t do it otherwise but I am always in layers so eh.

  • Do NOT wear Socks with Sandals!

    • Well I sometimes wonder if this is just a Pacific Northwest thing. I am not a fan of sandal. I like my feet covered unless I am going swimming or sleeping. But I can understand how this would be horrid to most

So that lovely link is from http://www.fashion4nerds.com/art_top10suggestions.htm I think I will check out that site a bit more. But it’s Friday. The move happens next weekend. Chaos is coming. This weekend I think I am going to keep it chill and sane. Perhaps untuck my shirt and wear some gloves to keep my fingernails away.

Thanks for the support. Also testing out a new Web2.0 Widget page. Basically various ways to stalk me. Via Twitter or iLike. Also Bang on your Drum all Day! Also I ordered the Beatles 1 Album. Good Stuff. Was on a real Frank Sinatra kick now it’s Queen and Beatles and old school stuff. Good Times.