March 2007

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Click on that image check out the new photo javascript we got going. So here is the low down situation and my review of my new phone the Motorola Q with Sprint PCS. My previous phone was the T-Mobile V360. I had a 1000 min plan with 300 text messages and unlimited mobile to mobile. […]

That title came from Leslie. Chatting on Yahoo trying to come up with a name for my Wireless Network. I was thinking something vulgar using various body parts in sexual acts. But nothing seemed to be as clever as “TheGSpot” so come on over. Probe the Ports of TheGSpot they are wide open to be […]

I have been doing a great deal of writing recently. I have been working on the Bus Trip I took from Seattle to Indianapolis and Back again just to meet a girl. Which turned into a 3 year relationship. Also examining the idea of Long Distance relationships and all that fun jazz. I have been […]

For some unknown reason to me the Internet Explorer users of the world have been sending me a great deal of e-mail about this. I never use Internet Explorer since you can no longer get it for Mac since Microsoft admitted defeat in that realm with Firefox, Safari, Camino and Opera being the key players […]

I saw this on BoingBoing. Now I thought this was great. So I ordered one for myself. They are $18 + $4 shipping. Don’t forget today is Bum Rush the Charts. Mind is in a bit of a blah mood today. Probably not a good post to ask How’s my Blogging. The weekend and Beer […]

I was trying to come up with something clever to describe this picture but for some reason it’s just not coming to me. What are your thoughts? What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Saturday was an interesting day. I made a voyage to Lynnwood, WA to the Men’s Warehouse. That is […]

So we have had a moron in charge for way too (edit_) long. We have gotten attacked and 40% of americans cannot remember what year 9/11 happened. Which I think of that stat I saw and I can see why the idiots that actually voted for Bush won. I am reminded of a despair poster. […]

I had a real comedy peace I was working on that was inspired by a web comic. I thought I would dive into the online meat market of craigslist since it was well free. I wanted to see what I could get away with to get a reply from some of the seattle area girls […] I thought this was rather interesting. On Mercury I would be 99 years old but would have only lived for 148 days. But I probably would have one hell of a sun tan and skin cancer. I could finally call people hippies. So this gets me wondering someone on a TV show that says […]

For some reason my webserver has been acting rather slow. So I implemented some speed up technology. I reduced the requests the HTML makes to render the page. I increased the default caching amount for mySQL and PHP to allow for faster execution of the web application that drives this page. I also enabled caching […]