Sprint Motorola Q Review/Issues: Updated!

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So here is the low down situation and my review of my new phone the Motorola Q with Sprint PCS. My previous phone was the T-Mobile V360. I had a 1000 min plan with 300 text messages and unlimited mobile to mobile. It served it’s purpose but I was never really happy with this phone. I had a 1 year contract and my main gripes were just coverage with the phone. GSM the network T-Mobile and Cingular use. In the Pipo Pad I got 0 bars of service with T-Mobile. My old place I could get between 1 and 2 bars and it was just bad most of the time. T-Mobile wanted to keep me as a customer by sending me a new phone the T-Mobile DASH as a replacement and let me try it out. I was like screw that so I ordered the Motorola Q for Sprint PCS. $100 good deal for me. I have 1250 mins Unlimited Nights and Weekends at 7pm and Unlimited Text and Data for $60 a month.

Enough background here is my problem.

My phone has been working everywhere that I go. Except on the S Curves but I have never known a phone to work on that part of Columbia ever. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and everyone else. That part of road is like Cell Phone Fuck you In the ass zone.

But anyways my Condo I get 5 bars of service with my “Q” up until about a week ago. I have had the phone since March 9th. I stopped being able to place calls with full service at my home. Nothing has changed in the structure. No new building around me. My current roommate at the moment he has a Sprint PCS RAZR He has full service and can make calls just fine. My phone can still connect to the internet and I can check my e-mail from my phone. Not text messages though. I can get on facebook mobile and gMail and send out notes to my hearts delight. But making a phone call out of the question. I downloaded Skype to my phone and I can make a call over that. But it’s generally a bit choppy and delayed so I try to avoid that. I will use my laptop and Skype to call at the moment if necessary.

So I have been calling Sprint contstantly and since this is a new phone they have not seen any issues thus far like this. The Tech people said the biggest problem they have are with people trying to get Vista and their phone to sync. Most people should just Read The Fucking Manual but eh that is to much for most. If you are calling a Tech Support center without reading the manual because you didn’t want to. Well generally they are going to laugh at you. Mock you when you are off the phone and talk about how much of a moron you are over coffee.

So with the tech people I have restarted my phone 87 times. Taken out the battery 42 times. Did a Hard Reset 4 times. Had my entire account reset twice. Out of the entire ordeal I got my first month of service free. With activation and phone porting that was well over a $100 discount.

I just want my phone to work in my Condo. What is really bizarre as well is that I can walk 2 blocks down the street. Phone works great! I come home It drops out of the EVDO and into 1x but I don’t lose the call. But if I hang up no more phone calls.

So I hope Sprint can either fix the situation or just send me a new phone. This is just getting to be way to annoying. Anyways let me climb off the soapbox.

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Feedback is Welcome. Comments Welcome Voicemail is Encouraged 206-973-7886. Hugs to the Beautiful Women and Handshakes for the Guys. Cheers!

Update: Well last Friday I get a phone call from the engineers at lovely sprint. Turns out they were researching the problem at my former address not my new one. So this was like icing on the cake of a pretty shitty day last friday. The lovely tech woman called me back Friday afternoon. She has an Indian accent but easy to understand and most accents are hot and this was working for me. I can’t get mad at you. You sound to good.  So I just asked if I could just get a new phone. She says sure we can do that. Ahh a week of battles simplified with the request of a new phone.  So I have a new phone and I can now make phone calls while at home. World is saved give me a ring and I will bombard you with deep voiced happiness. Cheers.

If you can’t find the G Spot, Create your Own

That title came from Leslie. Chatting on Yahoo trying to come up with a name for my Wireless Network. I was thinking something vulgar using various body parts in sexual acts. But nothing seemed to be as clever as “TheGSpot” so come on over. Probe the Ports of TheGSpot they are wide open to be violated, probed, fingered, capture a few SSL or TCP Dumps. Perhaps come over Inject some packets to cause some traffic to your corner of the Pipo Pad.

Alright enough of that. Last post was in the gutter as well. Perhaps that is a theme recently. But who knows. So Ladies and Gentleman. Go out tonight. Try to find the G Spot and if not well if you have a WiFi Device you know what to do. Make your own and leave your ports wide open for some deep probing. I am sure your neighbors and friends will appreciate it.

I don’t know why I never thought of that for a WiFi name before until tonight. Sorry small little thought. I was going to post an image but a google image search for gSpot didn’t really reveal anything work safe. WiFi and 802.11g didn’t do much for me either. No Image. Love You All.

Man I am still laughing about this. Ahh such a geek I Be. Yoda Rules as Well.


I have been doing a great deal of writing recently. I have been working on the Bus Trip I took from Seattle to Indianapolis and Back again just to meet a girl. Which turned into a 3 year relationship. Also examining the idea of Long Distance relationships and all that fun jazz.

I have been trying to get away from all text and add some media to the page and get all that going. I should really get a digital camera. Everyone seems to want a picture. Though most people that seem to know me already know what I look like. Well the others would be happy to get you a picture but eh.

Most of the time when people hear this I can picture them performing the act in the picture seen below.


If you really want to see an up to date recent picture I highly suggest you go pickup a copy of AlaskaMen http://www.alaskamen-online.com/ I am in the 2006 edition.

But anways some stuff in the pipe. I just bought an amazing couch. Black Leather. Dual Recliners. Comfy as Amazing. If you could somehow harness the pleasure of an orgasm. Make a couch out of it. It would be this couch. Now I just need the speakers to blow women’s clothes off and life will be all good in the Pipo Pad.

Twitter Badge is now on the page. Stalk Me if you Please. 😉

Now Here Is My Dream Woman

For some unknown reason to me the Internet Explorer users of the world have been sending me a great deal of e-mail about this. I never use Internet Explorer since you can no longer get it for Mac since Microsoft admitted defeat in that realm with Firefox, Safari, Camino and Opera being the key players on the Mac. But if you desire here is the link. My Dream Woman – Mac in the meantime I suggest you uninstall IE and grab Firefox.

Has a 12” Powerbook and falls in Love with a Mac Pro. Makes my 15” 1.5ghz G4 feel sad as well. But I keep holding off until Leopard comes out to buy a new Mac Book Pro.

I was in love for about 2:45 seconds there. Back to Reality.

A Vague Description

Some Really Big Hands

I was trying to come up with something clever to describe this picture but for some reason it’s just not coming to me. What are your thoughts? What is the first thing that comes into your mind?

Saturday was an interesting day. I made a voyage to Lynnwood, WA to the Men’s Warehouse. That is the greatest shopping experience for any man. I usually go to the Silverdale, WA and go see Stephanie or Andrew. So nice to walk in they know my size I say I need “A Black Shirt with a White Tie” Hand me what I need pay and I am on my way. For some reason I just love the instant service the friendly service and getting some man pampering. I look pretty fucking sweet in a tux. Must acquire date for June 9th.

P.S. Still Need a Couch

Preston the Groom and Ally the Bride

After Tuxedo Rental and all that fun jazz we went to the spaghetti factory. I snapped this picture of the bride and the groom with new phone. The Sprint Motorola Q. The joy of having cell phone service again. My T-Mobile was just blah. But Going to a brick style phone from the flip phone is odd. I miss just flipping the phone open all cool and be like “What up home slice! Dude you are so talking to me right now! Did you just say some words because that is freaking awesome that I am hearing them!” Well maybe it doesn’t go like that but you get the point.

So that is a Vague description of my weekend. Sunday had dinner with the parents. It was some Chicken Cordon Blue of delicious.

Time for some totally true requests for some friends. Add me On

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Bill Clinton vs George W. Bush

So we have had a moron in charge for way too (edit_) long. We have gotten attacked and 40% of americans cannot remember what year 9/11 happened. Which I think of that stat I saw and I can see why the idiots that actually voted for Bush won. I am reminded of a despair poster. Idiots – Don’t under estimate stupid people in large groups.

So I thought for today I would leave you with a song that always makes me laugh. Probably not safe for work. But totally safe if you are liberal and have headphones or are at home. That track is Clinton Got a Blowjob by Eric Schwartz.

Inspiration from Single Ladies and Online Comics

I had a real comedy peace I was working on that was inspired by a web comic. I thought I would dive into the online meat market of craigslist since it was well free. I wanted to see what I could get away with to get a reply from some of the seattle area girls and women. But I didn’t get any response from any of my comedy subjects.

If you want to have your go at them.

http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/w4m/293051699.html (I wanted to use this one. But it totally seems like a girl I have dated before. So I didn’t even try this one)

So these were the 4 listings that I was going to start off with. But one kinda turned me away because it seemed like someone I knew and had dated before. But I wrote a customized e-mail to tailor the ads but I tried to make them as crazy as possible. I only picked ads that had pictures.

I started off each response “Your Epidermis Type armor for your meat shell is pleasing” I was pondering what the thought would be had I been a woman and got that response. But the total guess was that I would be a cyborg like human. But sadly my attempt at providing some humor has failed since no woman would even take the time to respond.

Has humor failed again in society? Am I jerk off for trying such a thing? Who knows! Anyways happy Friday Everyone! So to the ladies without a name if you took the time to read the e-mail thanks. If you didn’t well hmm.

Finding a Mate is hard. I shouldn’t make a mockery of the process since I haven’t found one yet either. But still life is way to short to be serious and I admire the ladies for getting out there to show themseleves online. Cheers to you all. Best of luck.

Update: Got an e-mail for the person I knew. Clarification for all. 

Tristan- Please forgive me but I have to say something snarky since you put my craigslist ad on your website… doesnt dating a person usually entail more than one date and platonic emails?  Happy Beer Friday!! Have a diet coke for me!!

Two Very Cool Geeky Links

Obey Gravity It's the Law!


I thought this was rather interesting. On Mercury I would be 99 years old but would have only lived for 148 days. But I probably would have one hell of a sun tan and skin cancer. I could finally call people hippies. So this gets me wondering someone on a TV show that says they are an alien and are 200+ years old like my home boy ALF is that in his years or earth years? Caused us at the office to wrap our brains around 80’s tv for a while.

I got 8700 days going on Earth at the moment. But on Uranus I am only .28 Years Old but have been kicking it for 12,084 days. Ahh to be young again. This was a lot of fun to play with and see how old my parents were. How old are you on Uranus. Or Neptune or Pluto. Feel incredibly young old or dead.

So the other link comes from the same page. How much do you weigh on another planet.


So lets take a base weight of 100lbs. That would translate to 2702lbs on the Sun. But if you are walking on the surface of the sun well that would suggest some very bizarre issues. But what has had me pondering is that I read a book as a child where we had colonized Mars and the Moon. What it was saying was that unless you could grow in the womb in the 1G we have on earth you could travel to other planets. But say you were concieved on Mars you could go to the moon but you could never go to earth beacuse the .37G on Mars is what your muscle development would be set at. Going to earth would crush you nearly instantly. The moon you could handle at 1/6th the gravity.

Interesting to Ponder. Now go on! Waste some time. You know you want to.

P.S. I still need a couch.

Some Web Hacking

For some reason my webserver has been acting rather slow. So I implemented some speed up technology. I reduced the requests the HTML makes to render the page. I increased the default caching amount for mySQL and PHP to allow for faster execution of the web application that drives this page. I also enabled caching for pages so for example. Before you would come to this page. This would call 4 pages to call some more pages to bring up this page. While calling the mySQL database to render the page. Well now it still makes all those calls unless something has changed since the last time it called the page. So you will get a faster response time. The things that will cause a bit of delay are processing logins and all that jazz. For some reason the mySQL server I am sharing is just getting hit way to much. That will involve further research on my end but I figured I would handle the php and HTML caching aspects now to reduce some delay.

Earlier today pages were taking between 8-23 seconds to load. Now they are down to about 5. In a perfect world this would be 1-2 seconds. Since most users will only wait about 4 seconds for a page to load. Except in the case of myspace. Users accept a default amount of errors that they wouldn’t tolerate with eBay or Amazon or any other site. You myspace junkies confuse me constantly.

Thanks for the comments on Facebook Sally. Michelle always dig the comments thanks for the IM’s when I am at work. To those that e-mail you can use a fake name you know to comment. 😉

As with other things I don’t have a good way to end this so I will close with. You were lucky enough to wake up today. How did you make today valuable to existence?