Just Think. By the Time you Finish This Headline.

You will be reading this line. And for a brief second I was in full control of what you were doing. Now I imagine you are thinking. “Tristan you are so full of it, I could have stopped at any time.” But you didn’t and that is awesome thank you for staying with me.

So I was thinking I haven’t updated anyone on anything about anybody. So lets talk about the other people in my reality. A Big shout out to the Man behind the Treo Flake Blog and my friend Jon W. He turned turned 24 a short while ago. So last Sunday the Nick and Justin guys cooked him some amazing pancakes and we kidnapped him to Funtasia. Now I had my doubts about this place. It’s described as a Family Fun Park. Basically it’s a slightly more interactive arcade with GoKarts, Batting Cages, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag and Mini Golf.

Funtasia Family Fun Park in Edmonds,WA

I passed this place off as just a kiddie park. I remember being young and loving these places. But you walk in there now and unless you have a kid with you. Everyone seems to look at you funny like what are you doing here. Get a while from my child tall one! But for $15 scored a GoKart run. 2 Games of Laser Tag because it broke on the first round. Some Bumper Car action and a round of mini golf. Everyone had a good time and I was totally suprisd.

So this week has been rather dull. Had Heroes viewing on Monday Night. See the cheerleader all charred was interesting. I love that show Monday night sorry at 9pm I am just way to busy to do anything but watch Heroes at 9pm PST.

Tuesday went over to the Nick Household and we played some Wii and watched some Red Dwarf. Which is a great show from the BBC that is no longer on the air. But I have all 8 seasons on DVD love it to death.

So lets talk about music. I have noticed a change in music. I used to just hop on iTunes download my song syncs to my iPod and I go on my way. But I had been craving some Beatles after I heard Help on a podcast a couple weeks ago. So I ordered their 1 CD.

The Beatles #1 Album

Which took way to long to come in the mail. But it arrived and that inspired me at Best Buy to pick up Queen’s Greatest Hits. Then I also bought some Frank Sinatra. Frank is the man. Ultimate Chill Out relax music with Mr. Sinatra.

This week has been crazy though. I took a little time to hop around on Yahoo answers last week and I must say I got some very amazing results. I have never asked a question but I do enjoy answering questions. Usually I just go hop on the computers and internet section and poke fun at the lesser geeks.

But to the person I helped with a Mac question. Thank You for all the smiles.

I have no real ending for this so I say Thank you for reading.

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