If you can’t find the G Spot, Create your Own

That title came from Leslie. Chatting on Yahoo trying to come up with a name for my Wireless Network. I was thinking something vulgar using various body parts in sexual acts. But nothing seemed to be as clever as “TheGSpot” so come on over. Probe the Ports of TheGSpot they are wide open to be violated, probed, fingered, capture a few SSL or TCP Dumps. Perhaps come over Inject some packets to cause some traffic to your corner of the Pipo Pad.

Alright enough of that. Last post was in the gutter as well. Perhaps that is a theme recently. But who knows. So Ladies and Gentleman. Go out tonight. Try to find the G Spot and if not well if you have a WiFi Device you know what to do. Make your own and leave your ports wide open for some deep probing. I am sure your neighbors and friends will appreciate it.

I don’t know why I never thought of that for a WiFi name before until tonight. Sorry small little thought. I was going to post an image but a google image search for gSpot didn’t really reveal anything work safe. WiFi and 802.11g didn’t do much for me either. No Image. Love You All.

Man I am still laughing about this. Ahh such a geek I Be. Yoda Rules as Well.

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