April 2007

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In the good old days of the 80’s the Nintendo Entertainment System came out and we all go to be whisked away to the Magic Kingdom where this plumber who got flushed down a toilet gets to rescue a princess that he has never met from an evil dinosaur named King Koopa or Bowser. But […]

So I have a bride telling me I should bring a date to the wedding I am a groomsmen in . So I posted this question on Yahoo Answers. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070425115518AAFWIAx Responses have been coming in like mad. A little more then the blogging world. Google Talk is flipping out like crazy. Responses are mixed on […]

See I love getting a blog started with something sexual. But well there might now be a great deal of that in this blog. So lets get started. I have been looking for a new recliner perhaps to match the couch. I was going to go look at Lay*Z*Boy’s and I saw this at the […]

Do you work in an office? Have you seen the film Office Space. You should check out it’s trailer. It’s the dramatic suspense filled movie for all 90mins. I was on the edge of my seat the entire film. If you haven’t seen it well. I think that the TristanPipo.com Ninja Force will be coming […]

I am a huge fan of gMail. I use it for everything. I even have gMail for my domain with several of the domain names that I host. It’s so much easier that way. Well for me anyways. I haven’t switched TristanPipo.com to the pro account because I don’t just see a use for it […]

Well e-mail has flooded in. (Well not really more like 12 e-mails) about me wanting expensive things and nobody can afford anything. So I decided to make a 2nd round at some cheaper things that I would require. So here we go in no order really. Just getting links out of Firefox tabs. I think […]

This is a new saying I came up with. So you can say when you are leaving a room declare Ninja Vaporize. Use smoke if you got it. But not from cigarettes that will get you all screwed up. If you can move your arms like you are karate chopping it gives it a bigger […]

Welcome to my site. You come at a wonderful time. It is 4-20 today. My birthday is on 5-20 I will be the lovely age of 24. Everyone has been asking me what do I desire for my Birthday so in no particular order here is the list. 15” MacBook Pro – 2.16ghz Model – […]