Hey Mario. Is she really worth it?

In the good old days of the 80’s the Nintendo Entertainment System came out and we all go to be whisked away to the Magic Kingdom where this plumber who got flushed down a toilet gets to rescue a princess that he has never met from an evil dinosaur named King Koopa or Bowser.

But lets take a look at this. We have seen Mario get all kinds of different skills. He isn’t a computer hacker or a nunchuck skill master but he can shoot fire out of his hand whenever he touches a flower after a mushroom. A glowing star can make him kill anything in his path. A leaf turned him into a flying raccoon.¬† He got a pet dinosaur to ride on. A feather gave him a cape in a later game to fly.

Mario is the skill master. But his girlfriend the one he seeks for attention always gets kidnapped and he has to pass through all these obstacles to rescue this women that could clearly give a crap less what he does.  In the earlier games it was just saying Thank You. I am sorry if I evaded death a billion times I would expect a little bit more then a Thank You. In the 3D world mario risked his ass and all he got was a freaking cake. Though as hot as it is to have to have a women cook for you with all her little toad followers. I am sorry but if I was Mario I would have been to hell and back to get a cake. I am sorry no.

Mario Takes on the Evil Bowser

I think Mario and Luigi need to just grow up and realize a bit that as hot as Princess Peach may be. That pixel body oh man drives me wild. But still if you are busting your ass and not getting the appreciation that they deserve. Hey look at Shrek and Princess Fiona. Shrek rescued the princess to get his swamp back. Ended up getting his swamp back and some hot mama to marry him. In the second film he gets to make out with some naked mermaid. Plus Ogre Fiona is damn hot. Woman that can kick ass is just a good.

Mario realize that she just isn’t that into you. Tell her to rescue herself for once. You have been chasing after the Princess for 20+ years. I wonder if Link gets any play from Zelda.

Should Mario just give up the chase?

Weddings… The Beginning or the End

So I have a bride telling me I should bring a date to the wedding I am a groomsmen in . So I posted this question on Yahoo Answers.


Responses have been coming in like mad. A little more then the blogging world. Google Talk is flipping out like crazy.

Responses are mixed on the yes and no side of things. I was planning on going Stag at this moment. The lovely lady Junniper had a situation with this as well. Speaking of Junniper she didn’t send me this e-mail.

“Dear Tristan, Yeah umm. *stab*”

I just made that up. So what are your thoughts. I wanted to Stag since me and my friend Darin we got a 2 bedroom penthouse in downtown Seattle to party for the after wedding party. We were going to use it for a Bachelor Party. But the bride said no Bachelor parties. Which my attempt to look at craigslist to aquire the entertainment for such an event failed. Though I did get a great deal of offers form women offering paid webcam services. $40 for 20 mins seemed to be the going rate. Learn something new everyday. They called me sweetie for free.

Oh well I think Me and Darin will just go party it up in downtown Seattle in Tuxes and do an invasion of partying and getting drunk. If you care to join us we will be touring downtown Seattle the evening of June 9th 2007. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know you are coming.

As I embark on this Thursday I must say. Save me now. =)

Sit On My Face

See I love getting a blog started with something sexual. But well there might now be a great deal of that in this blog. So lets get started. I have been looking for a new recliner perhaps to match the couch. I was going to go look at Lay*Z*Boy’s and I saw this at the very top.


Tristan In Chair Format

So I think that everyone should buy me in chair format. I will promise to support your rear to the best of my ability.  Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. My work day is nearly done. Look forward to chatting with everyone soon.

Office Space

Do you work in an office? Have you seen the film Office Space. You should check out it’s trailer.

It’s the dramatic suspense filled movie for all 90mins. I was on the edge of my seat the entire film. If you haven’t seen it well. I think that the TristanPipo.com Ninja Force will be coming around shortly to vaporize you.

A Little E-Mail Data – A Note to Noted

I am a huge fan of gMail. I use it for everything. I even have gMail for my domain with several of the domain names that I host. It’s so much easier that way. Well for me anyways. I haven’t switched TristanPipo.com to the pro account because I don’t just see a use for it as of yet. But here are some current stats of my Inboxes.

You are currently using 478 MB (16%) of your 2843 MB. (gMail)
You are currently using 281 MB (13%) of your 2048 MB. (tristanpipo.com)

Seems like tristanpipo.com needs some more hot girls to send naked pictures to it. (I say that constantly and I have maybe received 5. Hey how about just some leg shots. Oh yeah!)

But it’s almost dinner time. Having dinner with the family thought I would try my first mobile blog.¬† I am very exhausted this evening. Had some laser tag adventures today. When you are running non stop for an hour it’s like holy crap I am tired.

I tried some Advil PM last night. Slept like a baby. I can see why people get addicted to that stuff. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do and I don’t get nearly enough of it.

Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend. I am finishing up by having dinner with the parents and then going home to veg out and watch James Bond: Casino Royale. Since I have had the DVD for a while and no real chance to watch it. Then check out Soprano’s and Entourage.

Add me on twitter. http://www.twitter.com/tristanpipo 

On a side note the more I play with Facebook the more I like it. I setup facebook to grab Notes from my Jaiku feed at http://tristanpipo.jaiku.com  which is where everything I put on del.icio.us, twitter, flickr, myspace, virb, digg and my other sites blogs and podcasts can be seen what I have been doing all on one page. So makes it super easy to stalk me. =)

Love you Internet friends. If you are ever in Seattle I got free hugs waiting for you.

Cheaper Birthday Presents

Well e-mail has flooded in. (Well not really more like 12 e-mails) about me wanting expensive things and nobody can afford anything. So I decided to make a 2nd round at some cheaper things that I would require. So here we go in no order really. Just getting links out of Firefox tabs. I think tabs freak out Internet Explorer users. Fill up your start bar with all those windows. While us with the Firefox enjoy the single window with things only clicks away instead of mouse drags.

  1. Idiocracy – $20 – Mike Judge film. Totally Hilarious Nobody saw it because Fox Studios don’t know how to market films.
  2. LED Sink Faucet – $20 red/blue – I want to turn on the faucet and always think I am getting fruit punch
  3. Domain Names – $8-$30 – Something creative and have it redirect to tristanpipo.com let me know and I will give you a virtual cookie for your virtual birthday cake. I think horriblegrammar.com is probably still available.
  4. Flickr Pro -$24.95 – Remove my limitations. e-mail is tristan@tristanpipo.com
  5. Griffin Elevator – $40 – Raises up my laptop at my desk. Dual monitor heaven time.
  6. Griffin PowerMate – $45 – A thingy that lets me control all my widgets and dongles and volumes.

I tried to keep the list under $50 though I did find some nice iPod speaker systems for $150. =)

Wargasm the latest album from Darin has been completed. Working on getting it out for download for you folks. This is the 3rd release. Sublemon (2004) and Phat Loot(2005) will also be made available for your stealing pleasure soon.


Ninja Vaporize!

This is a new saying I came up with. So you can say when you are leaving a room declare Ninja Vaporize. Use smoke if you got it. But not from cigarettes that will get you all screwed up. If you can move your arms like you are karate chopping it gives it a bigger ninja feel.

Plus if you are a dude and you say this in front of a women the chance of them getting naked with you will either increase or decrease depending on the type of woman you are with.

Here is to another wise blog post brought to you by Beer Friday!

Ninja Attack!

The Birthday Wishlist

Welcome to my site. You come at a wonderful time. It is 4-20 today. My birthday is on 5-20 I will be the lovely age of 24. Everyone has been asking me what do I desire for my Birthday so in no particular order here is the list.

  1. 15” MacBook Pro – 2.16ghz Model – $1999 or $1799 if you can swing the student discount
  2. Nokia N800 Internet Table – $399
  3. The Sopranos: Seasons 1-6 DVD Set – $479.91 – I am sure DeepDiscountDVD.com has them for cheaper. Hell even Wal-Mart Maybe.
  4. XBOX 360 Elite – $479.99 – I could use an XBOX 360 for when Grand Theft Auto IV comes out. Because that will not be out on the Wii.
  5. Super Paper Mario – $50 – Nintendo Wii Version
  6. Cold Hard Cash – Pay off that credit card. Stupid College Textbooks
  7. IKEA Gift Card’s
  8. Entourage Season 3 Part 1 DVD – $40
  9. Olympus Stylus 760 Digital Camera – $250 – The black one =) (No Pink not my thing as Junniper suggests that it is) I will upgrade to a flickr pro account and then the world can see me and stalk me. =)
  10. USB Microphone – $129 – Would prefer a Better Podcast Setup with Mixer and so forth. But Currently I am mic-less

10 things tried to keep it somewhat on the reasonable side. So I haven’t really shared anything funny in the way of links. I came across this on boingboing.net I added it to my del.icio.us feed

Super Mario Brothers Frustration Video

Super Mario Brothers: Frustration Video

Happy Friday. Have a laugh at some Mario. Well I found it funny he swears a good deal. So might be headphone worthy.