A Little E-Mail Data – A Note to Noted

I am a huge fan of gMail. I use it for everything. I even have gMail for my domain with several of the domain names that I host. It’s so much easier that way. Well for me anyways. I haven’t switched TristanPipo.com to the pro account because I don’t just see a use for it as of yet. But here are some current stats of my Inboxes.

You are currently using 478 MB (16%) of your 2843 MB. (gMail)
You are currently using 281 MB (13%) of your 2048 MB. (tristanpipo.com)

Seems like tristanpipo.com needs some more hot girls to send naked pictures to it. (I say that constantly and I have maybe received 5. Hey how about just some leg shots. Oh yeah!)

But it’s almost dinner time. Having dinner with the family thought I would try my first mobile blog.¬† I am very exhausted this evening. Had some laser tag adventures today. When you are running non stop for an hour it’s like holy crap I am tired.

I tried some Advil PM last night. Slept like a baby. I can see why people get addicted to that stuff. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do and I don’t get nearly enough of it.

Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend. I am finishing up by having dinner with the parents and then going home to veg out and watch James Bond: Casino Royale. Since I have had the DVD for a while and no real chance to watch it. Then check out Soprano’s and Entourage.

Add me on twitter. http://www.twitter.com/tristanpipo 

On a side note the more I play with Facebook the more I like it. I setup facebook to grab Notes from my Jaiku feed at http://tristanpipo.jaiku.com  which is where everything I put on del.icio.us, twitter, flickr, myspace, virb, digg and my other sites blogs and podcasts can be seen what I have been doing all on one page. So makes it super easy to stalk me. =)

Love you Internet friends. If you are ever in Seattle I got free hugs waiting for you.

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