April 2007

I was trying to think of a good title for this blog post. Since the couch journey also involved a trip to hooters. Having never been to hooters it was an experience. But I will tell this story in order. See the male in me wants to put a nice cleavage picture right here. hmmm […]

Well I finally got the new couch. I will take photos with my phone of what we had to do to get the couch into the condo. But the first attempt to get it through the front door didn’t work out so well. The second attempt was a marvel of engineering and pure idiocy. But […]

I was minding my own business today. Then my Motorola Q starts going off that I have an e-mail. So I go check it out and find this in my Inbox. Dear Tristan, A few months ago, you downloaded the single “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell. Unfortunately, you were charged $1.49 rather than […]

No. For some reason this morning I have that very stupid Sir Mix Alot song in my head where he is listing off every major city and state and is like Jump On It. I would kill to have a neon suit and walking around with a cane pointing at people. Hey You! Jump On […]

Looks like the local newspaper the Kitsap Sun. Discovered my little rant about Jury Duty on their Crime and Justice Blog. http://blogs.kitsapsun.com/kitsap/crime/archive/2007/04/jury_duty_a_lot_like_kindergar.html I got contacted by the editor of this blog a week ago and asked if he could link my blog. Well this has prompted some feedback about my use of language. I understand […]

So here is the layout of my day yesterday since I was rejected as a juror. It was kinda like the feeling where you spend hours hanging out with a girl only to find out the entire time you were hanging out with them they go with someone else. You kinda want to say Fuck […]

I am on Jury Duty notice all this week. Today Tuesday. My number got selected and I get to go in and be run through the process. I will let everyone know how it goes. Updates via Twitter on the sidebar or you can check out. Twitter.com/TristanPipo For the most up to date information. I […]