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Man so what is new people? How is life treating you. It was a comic Friday. So have a good weekend? Saturday I went to the Nickapalooza BBQ and Band Fest 2007. Got to see all the friends and have some grub and got to play this game called Bocce Ball this is perhaps the most simple and complex game of all time. I had never played it and the basic setup of the game is that someone takes this little white ball. Throws it some distance away then you have teams and they toss their balls towards the white ball and whoever is the closest wins. I ran a google image search and found this picture.

Bocce Ball People

I can say that we didn’t celebrate that much. But they are probably drunk because people in lame colors like that are always drunk enjoying these very lame games. I like the chick giving thumbs up. Lets take time for a minute to picture what she is saying “Yeah thanks Ball, Thanks for going where I tossed you. I know your an object that isn’t alive but this is me giving some props to you. I wonder what the dudes balls standing next to me look like thinking of balls” Well maybe not but when I look at the picture thats what I saw. The girl with her arms above her head is measuring my awesomeness factor.

The food was great Chicken Burgers and Hamburgers and beer from the coolers. I did come across this Amber beer that was so horrid that I ripped the label off and have forgotten what the beer was. But watch out for a horrid amber ale. So we had good eats and tunes and I went home took a sleeping pill and passed out slept for 11hrs and life was grand.

Sunday morning I get a phone call from the Justin. Hey Abbey (Justin’s Girlfriend) is in a Belly Dance show. Come out. So I am like Belly Dancing eh? Sounds interesting. I had never partaken in the belly dancing experience. I also did not know a great deal about it. So I show up and run into Garrett and the whole Abbey Entourage is also there. So the room dims and noise fills the room and then you have all these women moving their bellies and hips in a rather seductive fashion. They had women of all sizes and ages I was surprised.

I think the group that did the best besides Abbey’s group was this one group that were between ages 14-17 if I had to guess. There was this one group that had a 7-9 year old she was just amazing. I couldn’t stop thinking No! She’s to young to be moving like that.

But great show props to Abbey. Enjoy Italy we will take care of Justin for you. So that was a small little run down of my weekend. Hope everyone is living life and if you are in the Seattle area enjoying this dry and nice weather we have been having.

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