So far, this is the oldest I’ve been

So lets sit down kiddies and have a chat. Since the big 24 is coming up.

Gears of War Box Art

So Friday Night was by far geeky as can be. I took my XBOX 360 over to Nick’s House and we played Gears of War for a few hours. Now this game is addicting as crack and we just got to the 3rd Act. It was a good time geeking out. We had to pause the action when his girlfriend called. I was trying to wrap my mind around the totally amazing conversation they were having about flowers. I was like ugh end this call already. But oh well I can spare a few moments and be happy I wasn’t on the phone. 2am rolls around and I am tired so I pack up everything and head home. Had about 6hrs of sleep and then we begin Sat-urrrr-day! Now try to picture that being said while I am playing air guitar with a sound file playing.

So anyways get up on Saturday and I spend time like ugh it’s the weekend I shouldn’t need to do anything. But the lovely David and Janice were getting married. I haven’t seen David in many years probably since I went to a LAN party at Jordan’s house.

I haven’t been to a LAN Party in years 2001 perhaps. Not really such a big deal anymore that everyone has broadband. But the concept of a LAN party is that everyone shows up with their computers. Gets packed into a basement or a garage somewhere. Setup a Network and game and leech files all night long. There is always someone who brings a female type that sits there and complains about how lame this is. I always wondered why the males bring females that really have no interest in such things. There is always some kid that doesn’t have a computer and talks a big game like he knows everything in the world about computers. There is always some guy who brings a broken computer and expects us all to fix it. Then you sit in usually a very cold room playing games for 24hrs and then afterwards you wonder why you subjected your body to such hell that you go consume Denny’s.

But anyways back to my story. The wedding they had a pretty cool system for the RSVP. You went to and you clicked a button. I could setting something like this up if I were to ever get married. I went to their registries and I couldn’t really find anything decent in what I was willing to drop. So I stopped by Hallmark and then went to Macy’s and picked up a $50 Gift Card.

But the wedding was rather traditional in many ways nothing out of the ordinary. But it seemed like a very religious experience and me sitting there trying to figure out why these people are so delusional. But the wedding was rather large 7 or 8 groomsmen and as many bridesmaids. Seemed like it took forever and this was in a huge hall. They all needed to have a microphone. But it was an interesting time.

So after the wedding was over we had to drive to another church. For some reason I really hate going to churches. I was wondering what an atheist wedding ceremony would be like. I tried a few google searches to see what this would bring up. Nothing really like I was looking for. I did find a company that can perform the wedding for you. Which had me thinking I went online last year to become ordained to perform weddings I have the card and a blank marriage license I could fill out. I was going to use this for Preston’s Wedding in June but they decided they didn’t want to go that route.

So moving along the reception you had some egg rolls and a chocolate fondue fountain. While we sat around and waited. We were stuck waiting for the groomsmen and bride and groom to arrive. That process took 2.5hrs. So we were sitting around on our little one egg roll meal and chocolate covered marshmallows. They didn’t have any booze at all. Not a beer or any bottles of Gin. They had some fruit punch but that is about it.

Mmmm BBQ Steak

The entire time I was sitting there I was pondering what my wedding reception would be like. I was thinking nice day. Huge BBQ’s and Burgers and Steaks and every other dead cow meat product charred over flame with lots of beer and having a good time. I went to a wedding last year I got stuck BBQ’ing 400 burgers 500 Hot Dogs and we were manning 4 BBQ’s and managed it all pretty well.

But pretty much the reception was hours of sitting around doing nothing. Followed by some food and a little cake. I then left and went home and chilled out.

Mothers Day came around on Sunday. I really didn’t get a chance to see my mom on Mothers Day. She went to the Opera with my Sister. So I am seeing what my Mom is up to on Wednesday. So I am trying to recall exactly what I did on Sunday. It’s Tuesday I am a little Fubar’d

I thought I would close this out with a classic song that seemed fitting. When I was a kid loved Animaniacs. Pinky and the Brain.

Ahh seemed very fitting for the current administration. Hope everyone is well. Time to turn 24 this weekend. Hooray for life.

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  1. OK, the picture in that video at 1:03 made me spit tea all over my desk!

    I’m baffled as to why you had to wait 2.5 hours for the wedding party to arrive. What the hell? I like the fondue fountain idea, though.

    How goes the world, Tristan? I hope it goes well…. PEACE OUT

  2. OK, the picture in that video at 1:03 made me spit tea all over my desk!

    I’m baffled as to why you had to wait 2.5 hours for the wedding party to arrive. What the hell? I like the fondue fountain idea, though.

    How goes the world, Tristan? I hope it goes well…. PEACE OUT

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