May 18, 2007

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Thought I would release some daily stats for everyone. 1,395 – Visits847  – Absolute Unique Visitors2,348  – Pageviews1.68  – Average Pageviews00:01:08 –  Time on Site67.10%  – Bounce Rate58.21% New Visits So yesterday I had around 1,400 hits 847 people I hadn’t seen before where they looked at 2,348 pages so each users on average looks […]

Looks like I got a quote up for a review of this software I use for Podcasting called Ubercaster  “It’s like a mac podcasters wet dream.”( My contribution to the history of the internet.  It’s cool to be featured on such things. =)

Well I was looking through my account and noticed that , are coming up for renewal. I think I am just going to let those 2 domains disappear into the domain archives forever. If anyone has an attachment to those names make me an offer. In other related news I went to […]