3rd Geek Post

Thought I would release some daily stats for everyone.

1,395 – Visits
847  – Absolute Unique Visitors
2,348  – Pageviews
1.68  – Average Pageviews
00:01:08 –  Time on Site
67.10%  – Bounce Rate
58.21% New Visits

So yesterday I had around 1,400 hits 847 people I hadn’t seen before where they looked at 2,348 pages so each users on average looks at over a page and a half in just over a min. Fast readers. 67% hits are bounce hits. Which basically means you only look at the front page and don’t go read an archive. So that tells me something that nobody reads the history unless I tell them to =p.

Good stuff.

New Stuff – Domain Land

Well I was looking through my GoDaddy.com account and noticed that TFactorPodcast.com , T4Arch.net are coming up for renewal. I think I am just going to let those 2 domains disappear into the domain archives forever. If anyone has an attachment to those names make me an offer.

In other related news I went to renew TristanPipo.com since it was going to expire in November so I picked that up for another 2 years and for being a loyal GoDaddy.com. They sent me an e-mail saying my account was in error of 15 cents. So I had a credit on my account for 15 cents! Also I picked up TristanPipo.net and TristanPipo.info for all the masses to come find my ass a little easier.

Also with the new domains if you send an e-mail to tristan@tristanpipo.com .net or .info it all gets routed to the same place for those that want to feel tricky. Though I find most people prefer to e-mail my gMail Account. But some to think about it all my e-mail is managed by Google. TristanPipo.com is setup with Google for your Domain. Brilliant service I love it my only major complaint is that they don’t have an IMAP service just POP3. But that is a geek complaint and I am thinking that women are surfing reading this.

Here are some sample thoughts I am going to try and guess what people are thinking.

Tristan – New digital goodies and stuff to configure and setup and test and try and break and fix and get all excited for something that can’t be touched and more domains that point to me. Makes me want to pull a Monty Burns with the fingers and say excellent.

Junniper – Ahh there is Tristan on a tangent again. Lets see hmmm nothing to funny here. Let’s point out an error. He needs a women to straighten him out a bit I think he has gone a bit looney. Well he is consistent.

Jon – Yeah ummm okay. Don’t care

Jenni – Tristan you should seriously make out with me

Michelle – You are such a dork

Jen – Jerry Fallwell is dead that is so fucking sweet. I hate that prick and hope he gets stabbed after he is dead.

Dave – Wow more things I can’t spell. How come your e-mail isn’t tristanpipo@peaceout.com? I like to stalk little girls online because I am a pedophile.

Lets hope I can stay sane on this Fubar Friday Birthday Weekend Extravaganza! FFBWE hmmmmm.