Post Birthday Write Up – Friday May 18th

Hey everyone been working my ass off lately and just been to busy to update the world on my life. So lets hit this up a day at a time seems like a much easier goal at the moment.

So Friday this was probably the most stressful work day of all time. Which I can’t really get into the details of but yeah lets just say I wanted to strangle myself with my phone at the end of the day. So I finally get out of work and go down to the game room to have a brew. But I just really haven’t been into drinking much but I needed one to just relax a bit. Always good to have a beer take the edge off and then walk down to the ferry.

My walk to the ferry is 2.47 miles if I walk at my tired at the end of the day stroll it takes about 35-40 mins depending on how long I get to wait at the traffic lights. I used to jaywalk until my arm got clipped and it just isn’t worth the risk anymore. Unless there are no cars around at all. I usually get asked by the same 4-6 bums for money daily. I have found the best way to avoid these people is having the iPod going and not looking at them. I sometimes ponder what the result of carrying a laptop bag while listening to my iPod and have the smartphone device on my side inspires in the minds of people. It seems like Geek jewelry at times though not so much. I think the most common question I get about anything is my phone “What kind of blackberry is that?”

So anyways I get to the ferry and I get to the ferry around 5:40-5:55 and the next ferry doesn’t arrive until 6:13 usually and they unload everyone and we hop on. It’s a friggin sweet routine that I deal with 5 days a week. I see the same people every single day and it’s cool to be a stranger to everyone.

So I get home and I usually just lay down for a few mins to relax after my nap. (Man that sounds like I am really lazy)

So I get home and Nick gives me a call and is like

Nick: “Hey Buddy! Come over lets play some Gears of War!”
Me:  “Sure Man, I will shower and be right over”

So I take a shower and pack up my crap and go down to my car. My car hasn’t been washed in about a year because I hardly ever drive unless I need to. The car has gone from black to brown.  So start driving and it’s a good 15 minute drive if I don’t get stuck in the ferry traffic. So I am driving down this road called Port Gamble road. I see a car parked on the side of the road and I slow down but not enough as I pass this car. The car gets out behind me and starts following. So I just continue at my slower speed and make the left turn onto my friend Nick’s road. Then the lights start flashing behind me.

Right then is where you get that feeling like Holy Shit, Fuck Me, Damit, OH FUCK!

So I am sitting there and I roll down my Window.  He walks up and asks for license and registration.

I hand him my license and the first words out of his mouth were.

“Hello Sir, Do you know why I pulled you over this evening?”
“Because I was speeding and slowed down as I saw you on the side of the road”
“How fast do you think you were going?”
“I would approximate that I was going 45 miles per hour or 72 kilometers per hour”
“Have you been drinking tonight?”
“No, Sir”
“Good Thing, You are not old enough anyways”
“Sir I am going to be 24 on Sunday”
“Oh, These Sideways licenses always confuse me” (In Washington State if you get your license before you are 21 they stand on the Vertical. Otherwise they are on the horizontal. I got mine when I moved back to Washington in January of 2004 which was just about 5 months before I hit 21)

I dig through my glove box looking for registration and I find it. Pass it along to the officer and I get this lovely reply.

“Sir this is for a Pontiac Grand AM”
“Yes Officer I understand that. This is a Pontiac Grand AM”
“Oh It’s Nighttime I just wanted to verify…. Do you have any Pot that I should know about?”
“Sir I have never smoked pot in my life or taken a drug”
“Yeah, Whatever… Do you have your Insurance Card?”

So I start to dig through another pile. I have every insurance card for the past 3 months and start handing him cards. It turns out that I don’t have the March until June Card in the car. I felt like I had just been removed from reality and could imagine a camera flying up into the sky. Back down into my Condo Window and zooming in onto my computer desk onto the left hand side where my “To Do” Box sits and it sitting right there. Suddenly I felt like I should bend over and wait for the reaming I am about to receive.

“Sir, Do you realize that not having valid Insurance in the state of Washington is a $538 fine?”
“I have insurance my card is at home right on my computer desk. I could call my insurance company right now and prove it to you that I have valid insurance”
“You didn’t realize I was the biggest stickler about Car Insurance in the state of Washginton. I believe you have insurance but since you don’t have the card I get to write up the fine. If you can prove you have it to the court they can reduce the fine to $20 processing fee”

So he goes back to his car and you are sitting there on the side of a long long drive way. With the lights flashing through your car. I am never sure what to think or what to do. Like I wanted to unbuckle my seatbelt and dig around for perhaps a shred of hope that somehow I got sent a second card and wouldn’t get reamed any further. But no such luck. I did find my Inside Man DVD which is a great film starring Clive Owen and Denzel Washington which made me happy because I had been looking for it.  The officer steps back up to my Window.

“Sir here is your ticket. I  didn’t ticket you for not having the correct address on your registration that is normally a $215 fine. Also if you take your insurance card down to the courthouse you can get that fine reduced from $538 to $20. Have a good night, I am going to go turn off my lights now”

So I get stuck with a $148 + $20 Insurance Fee on my ticket. I get to take a day off work to go deal with this bullshit. I feel like the cop was a moron. I was right at the bottom of my friends hill. I have people calling wonder where I am.

So I drive up the hill and it’s a rather steep hill and I see the speed limit is 25 mph and I am cruising up the hill at 30. The cop is at the bottom of the hill so I slow to a crawl going up the hill. I turn the corner and drive 50mph just to vent off some crap. Pull into the driveway grab the ticket and my bag and go knock on the door.

Nick is like “What the Fuck Man where have you been?” I said Dealing with “Cops and Tickets. Look at this!” then everyone busts out Happy Birthday and I am thinking crap here I am swearing and pissed and now comes cake. Finally something positive out of the day. So we rant about how the cop was a douche bag of the worst sort.  Have some cake and ice cream. Watch some very crappy computer animated movie with Madonna and some other loser people about Arthur and Incredible or something. It was all lame I give the movie a .25 out of 10.

After that we hooked up my new XBOX 360 Elite and played Gears of War until we get to the last level at 3am and I pass out in their spare room. That was my Friday of the Birthday weekend. Saturday coming when I have some Sanity and Free Time.