May 2007

That post I grabbed has way to many errors in the code when it copied over for some reason. It literally added 2,631 lines of useless code that Firefox just ignored but IE decided to shit itself and die. Like most Microsoft products I guess that proves it doesn’t pay to be known as the […]

“Programming is a lot like sex. One mistake and you could have to support it for the rest of your life” I was also bothered there is no “National Monocle Day” I should try and start a movement. I just want to get out of work. Go home play some XBOX for a short while. […]

If you noticed I would be amazed. Since they were only security patches. Well I fixed an RSS2.0 issue as well. Mostly Minor Stuff. Here is a funny picture to get a chuckle.

So I was walking to work this morning and captured this shot on my phone. So May is the month where so many things happen I get to tack on another year onto my age clock and hit 24 on the 20th. It also turns out that May National Sexual Solitaire month or National Masturbation […]