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Well it’s not really a blog but Flickr is a great site for just looking at the world and getting a preview of people’s lives. One of my favorite flickr sites to check out is Seattle Daily Photo.

I see pictures from the places I walk through everyday on this site and every time I see someone snapping photos I wonder “Oh Crap! Am I going to be on this site eventually?”  But I thought I would share. For your daily dose of Seattle The Emerald City

My Flickr Page though not frequently updated because of ease of use has changed a bit. I found this great program for my Windows Mobile phone called ShoZu. That when you snap a photo on your phone it can go right to flickr. Videos go straight to YouTube though the uploads have not been so successful.

Blogs In The Queue

I know everyone is wanting an update on life. Trust me it’s coming I have a few blogs in the works at the moment.

Here are the currently running titles.

  • The Story of a Beginning

    • This seems to be the one that everyone is wanting to read and waiting for. I am working on putting a lot of though into this which then spawned a side project for something I wanted to try and I am finding it to be a rather detailed story to tell. I will be trimming and working on this one.

  • Tales from the Crypt err Best Buy!

    • Well this started last week on Friday and then the weekend came and I got distracted with other matters and then some big news happened which spawned another blog post so this is on the back burner at the moment.

  • Other Blogs

    • I started some other ones I think I am just going to shelve for the moment. (Swearing, Coffee and a Burger, Swear to God). I may get back to these at a later date but will probably just can them.

My blogging practice seems to be start one and then finish it later I build up a nice little queue of ideas to come back to. Everything really starts on Google Docs which used to be Writely. I had a girl that was an editor for a while but she seemed to vanish off the face of the earth. So I just put everything on there anyways so I can access it from anywhere. I then import it into this blog and get it published. So usually at any given time I have 3-5 blogs in the pipeline I am working on and then various other writing projects like a few short film scripts.

Ideas for Blogs are always kept in Google Notepad so I can just access a digital notepad anytime I need to mind scribble. I really use it for a digital clipboard I can access anywhere.

I pretty much focus most of my daily dealings on Twitter now.

Easier to just throw out 140 characters or less of what I am doing on the go. I need to get better at doing e-mail on the go. But I found that after spending time with Raleigh it’s like screw the phone there are more important things. I like it as a communication device. It’s handy though if I need directions or a sports score on the go to seem like I care about Sports.

But I just thought I would write a blog saying I didn’t forget about the readers. Things are coming I just don’t want to rush one of these like I normally do with such things. =) Some stories of life deserve to be told like they are meant to be told.

I really want to get back to speak. Remember when I had a voice?

Tristan Podcasts Image

Auto Insurance

I have big feet. I’m a great driver. I must say I have been getting a great deal of messages and e-mail regarding some recent changes of status on the various social networking sites. Perhaps I should provide an update about that as well.

Guess what!? It’s coming.

There goes the phone ringing again. Gotta go.

Flash Player Has Failed for the Last Time Emperor

So I have had this problem that has been bugging the crap out of me. For some reason I went to a website that wanted a newer version of flash player so I installed it and ever since then anything flash has not worked on the powerbook. So I have tried the Uninstaller and the Installer from Adobe’s website to solve this issue since that is all that their help had to offer. But the plugin would never show up in the list of plugins in Safari or Firefox. It didn’t work in Opera either but my experience with that software is rather limited.

So I searched Google and Forums and nobody was really offering any feedback that was anything that I hadn’t already tried. So last night I thought I would power through this problem because I had some free time and there were some e-mails with youtube video links. For a temporary fix I was taking the youtube links and pasting them into and creating a quicktime file to download. Which was rather time consuming but hey sometimes you just need a laugh.

So I wanted to see where the plugins were installed on the Mac. So I found out they had a filename that went like this.


So I used spotlight to run a search for that plugin file name and found they were located under the following directory tree

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

And I found a few flash player files so I deleted those. Since it is in a rather scary directory I had to type in the admin password for the device. That is one thing I love about Mac’s it won’t let you fuck it up unless you are really trying to on purpose.

So I deleted those and then tried to install flash player again. It was throwing me an error that I don’t have enough permission to do so. So I tried to run the installer from the command line using sudo which wasn’t really getting me anywhere.

So I figured that I needed some more permission so I loaded up Quicksilver and used it to launch NetInfo Utility. Went looking for users and found my username. I was assigned a UID and GID (User and Group ID) of 501. So I changed it with this utility to 0 which is the root user UID.

Doing a little research I found out a simple command in terminal could have fixed my issue for changing UID as well

sudo niutil -createprop . /users/userName uid XXX

This does create one issue with changing file owners but I didn’t think about that at the time. So after the change was made I logged out and then logged back in. Installed flash. Launching the NetInfo Utility and changed my UID and GID to 501 again and then logged out and back in again.

After I log back in I find that all of my desktop settings have changed so that took a little brain time to figure out how to change how everything was displayed but that was quickly resolved and youtube is working again. Which prompted a twitter update.

I know this is rather technical and most people will just blow this off but I thought I would share my experience in case a future google search user runs into the same problem I had where flash player just stops working.

So nice being able to see that Kitty Kat Finally Dance

Post Wedding Follow Up – Part Saturday (Wedding)

It seems like I have told this story at least 30 times now. So for the record this is the last time I will speak about the wedding day. Because frankly after a week of hearing “How was the wedding” I am done. So for the record and the last time. The Wedding.

So Saturday we woke up to a rainy day. Friday night was a bit of a late night in the Cloud room. To much Gin for this Tristan. We were supposed to be at the wedding hall by 10am. 11am suited us better to shower and get ourselves there. So we arrive and we get all this crap about being late. Which was made a bigger deal by everyone there then it really was.

So basically I get stuck walking around for an hour while the Bride and the females do there thing. So pretty much trying to help in any way I can. I delivered the Sushi trays that I picked up at Costco to the fridge at the hall. Then moved some chairs and tables and it would appear that everything was in order that needed to be. So 12:30 rolls around and all the groomsmen and the best man go back to the Hotel down the street to change clothes in the room that they rented out for some post wedding loving. It’s a billion degrees in this Hotel Room that is just a step above Motel 6. So we crank up the AC because there are 5 dudes and the ring carrying human. So we are all getting ready and we all shove our pants down and then the groom’s cell phone started to ring. I don’t really understand the appeal of ringtones. My ringtone is either Vibrate or iPhone Ringtone. But apparently he is a hustler, baby.

I didn’t hear the conversation but I know the end result so I am going to make up what happened.

Groom: “But I am just about to get in the shower and we have to be changed and ready for pictures in an hour.”

So we all have to put our pants and regular clothes back on. Drive over to the wedding hall. Walk down the aisle again and we repeat this twice. Leaving us 25 minutes instead of the 90 mins we had originally planned for.

So Preston has shower and we all get into the Tuxes. This wasn’t without error a rental tux isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the entire world. Itchy pants and the shoes are horrid. I was lucky to get a pair of the lovely size 17 wides. Normally I wear a 15 or a 16 wide but the 17 had a looser feel and it was nice. But there was no padding. I can’t imagine what heels feel like to a woman. But they just look painful. I like my Nike Running shoes. I do a lot of walking and they fit the bill for that wonderfully.

The biggest issue with the tux is when I go to put the cufflings one of them just breaks it snaps clear in half. Some super glue could have fixed this but none was to be found. So we are all dressed in our tuxes and we all get to dance to. “I’m a hustler baby”


So we all get in vehicles so we don’t have to run in the rain. When we arrive come to find out that the photographer is some cousin of someone and is running late. So we are all freaked out for no reason other then the Bride is stressed. So the rest of the day I just quit caring and figured you know what it’s time for a beer. So I go grab the lovely New Belguim ale known as Fat Tire.

So then photos time calls up and says we need to get our picture taken. So we have some amateur taking our picture. Now I am not sure the quality of said pictures because I have not had a chance to look at them. But apparently some people have and said I look decent. So that is good the only person not at the wedding that got to see me in the Tux was Raleigh. Though I was sans voice that evening and felt like a total dumbass we shall press on.

So photos are taken and then the rest of the day was pretty much walking around greeting people and explaining to the parents of people that I haven’t seen in a while what I do for a living now. That is always fun.

So the wedding we all line up in the back and the music starts playing. Pirates of the Caribbean mind you and we all take our turns walking down the aisle. I get stuck with the Bride’s mom because a few of the bridesmaid’s ditched on the bride. I always find this comical to be walking down the aisle being 6’4” and the person I was walking with probably was just a shade over 5’2”. But hey it was a good time.

So bride makes her entrance. Everyone looks at her and life is grand. Can’t hear the bride or groom on the microphone or the dude marrying them. He forgets to tell everyone to sit down so everyone is standing for way to long and life is ha ha memorable wedding. We walk all out and life is grand so we get to go take more pictures with the bride.

I would like to point out I haven’t eaten all day and I am starving. Burger King is right up the road and that was about it for the area and I would have settled for that at this point. So we take some more photos and keep life crazy. I go downstairs and get a plate of food and come up and find out we need to take more pictures. I don’t care this meatloaf is damn good. I wish I could cook for more then one person. Cooking meatloaf for one person seems over kill.

So being in this wedding hall in the Tuxedo is crazy warm. So we go through all the motions of photos and then we all go sit on stage and eat food and then they cut the cake and then the dancing begins. First dance. Hooray this I can see is where a date would come in handy. But instead I get dragged onto the floor by various bridesmaids and mom’s of people. I haven’t had my ass grabbed that much well ever. So dancing and getting my ass grabbed by old ladies good times.

So after a few more hours of this I want to get headed home so me and Darin grab our stuff and head back to the Hotel. We throw on our swim trunks and go relax in the hot tub.

Tonights Hot Tub guests. Some women that wanted to get away from her kids so she came to talk to us. Then some older women in a Bikini. She was working it pretty good. She didn’t say much. So after that we went back up to our room and changed back into the tuxedo and such and Raleigh came over. She brought a 6 pack and me and Darin had Gin and Juice’s. I felt bad because I had no voice and was coughing constantly. So we decide to go find somewhere to remedy the coughing. We walk through Seattle at night.

So we find this Quik-E-Mart store and I find Robitussin and a Vitamin Water. I get in line behind a women that has a broken arm and she is buying a great deal of Coors. Her bill is $11.63 and she is freaking out because it is so much and then starts yelling.


I must say Seattle people are wack a loons so she takes off her shoe and pulls out some money. I pay for my $10 medicine and $2 fruit juice and get out of there. We were walking back to the condo and there was a plastic bag with some nuts in it hanging from a tree. The comedy from a Nut Sack was hilarious. Probably only to me and Darin at the time. Gotta love Gin.

When walking back we saw this guy that had Darin and Raleigh laughing from a Berries and Cream bit from a Starburst commercial. I hadn’t seen this commercial since I really don’t watch TV other then HBO and Bullshit on Showtime.

I must say I thought this was an outlook on society. But I must say it has become a bit of a hit around here people laughing. I guess I wasn’t the only one to see this commercial. Time for me to do a little lad dance of my own.

So we just kinda chilled in the Cloud Room. One hilarious bit was Darin brought up Tub Girl which is a picture that you really don’t want to see. I wouldn’t suggest going to google image search and typing in Tub Girl. But if you must well I am not sure they make a burned into mind brain image cleaner. Raleigh asked what it was and I was a little off my wits and started to explain it as some couple walked in. They heard me and rapidly left. Raleigh was laughing and so was Darin. Good times boy is my face red.

We went back to our room played some Wii for a Bit and I walked Raleigh back to her car. I must say I really enjoy a good hug.

This is all a very short summary since I am trying to push this blog out before I leave for the day to head to boys night tonight. So that in short was the wedding day. I will find pictures and put them on flickr. Probably not the best of blogs but it was a wedding. I was in the wedding. Being a groomsmen is rather simple job. Next time I will opt for my own cufflings and shoes.

Now I need to get back to everything talk to you soon. Send me an e-mail or a text message. I got unlimited to use. Currently for the month I am at 1900+ so lets get that up to 2500 =) keep updating your twitters people. =)

I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream. Well I should try them before I go endorsing the product.

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AIM/Yahoo: TJThephantom
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Voicemail: 206-973-7886
Mobile: Psh. Like I need more stalkers. =p

Post Wedding Follow Up – Part Friday

Welcome to the virtual Friday on this amazing Wednesday. Wednesday this week is Laundry night. I must say yesterday was intense. So when I got home I crashed on the couch. Watched Hitch on DVD and went to bed at 10. It was simple and great.

So lets get started with last Friday.

So me and Darin woke up at 9:30am to the loudest bang in history. The construction out in front of the joint dropped something big and heavy from the crane that woke me and Darin up. So Darin hopped in the shower I just chilled out on the bed because it came out of the wall and it was mega comfy. Earlier in the week I had made plans with a friend of mine. That I can’t mention on this blog to go grab lunch on Friday. I don’t drive to work. Dave will make a great deal of comments about this but here are the reasons for not driving to work.

I have a few options if I were to drive to work.

  1. Driving across the ferry. Well here presents an interesting idea. $15 each way = $30 + Parking in the Garage is $4 an hour * 9 hours = $66 a day * 5 days a week doesn’t sound so appealing to me. I could park in the lot for free but usually you cannot get your car out when you want to go home.
  2. Driving around. So I drive across the island down to Tacoma and back up to Seattle. Lets figure 90 miles and driving at 5am gets you slammed in rush hour traffic and usually late + gas costs not exactly my cup of tea. Then I still need to pay for parking or park in the lot.

But walking 2 miles to work every morning is not only good exercise. Plus I get a nice stipend for walking to work. Ferry costs for a monthly walking pass runs me $83 and some change a month and no wear and tear on the car. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I used to need to take a bus that pass ran $114 a month for unlimited ferry and bus rides. Considering a ferry ride is $6-$7 taking it 5-6 days a week. It’s a good deal.

So anyways my friend was going to pick me up at work but since we were staying at a place in downtown Seattle she opted to come meet us. So she came to the timeshare and we showed her around. It was a semi cool place and so we began a quest for lunch. Pacific Place is just down the road from the timeshare and we went to Gordon Biersch

TristanPipo visits Gordon Biersch

We get one of those high tables at the bar. So me and Darin have never been to this fine place so we opt to have a beer at noon. Now Darin had taken 3 vodka shots this morning and some gin. He was a drinking fool. I think I had a Vodka and OJ and had been way out of my drinking zone so far.

So we get water and we order the meals. Darin had some BBQ chicken sandwich thing. I had some Southwest Chicken dealy-o and mystery company had a Turkey Sandwich. We have some good conversation. There was a pig in Pacific Place that was decorated with computer chips. I believe she took a picture of us with the creature. I would post it if I posted pictures of myself. Though Darin did snap a picture of me with the mystery guest I might be willing to post that sometime. But mystery guest might not like that.

After we get done with this wonderfully delicious meal. We go to this card store called Papyrus. I needed to pickup a card for the wedding couple for my gift. I opted for a Macy’s Gift Card over the donations to their honeymoon trip. I didn’t like the idea of paying money to a site that would take a chunk to pay for a honeymoon they are taking I would rather give them cash. But who doesn’t need something from Macy’s. I mean you can get 4 Fiestaware plates for like $50 there. Hell of a deal. *cough* not.

So after the card purchase we go to the Bose Store. Now this is the type of Store me and Darin are really into and pretty much any geeky guy that likes surround sound and audio quality but our mystery guest was interested. We went to go watch a bose presentation to try and suck $4,000+ out of our wallets. It sounded good but not really interested in surround sound. Don’t want to annoy my neighbors.

After we get out of there we all look at the cell phones. It’s 1:58pm mystery guests parking meter expires at 2pm. So we rush the 4 blocks back to the timeshare. Have a hug and we part ways. So it’s 2pm me and Darin have nowhere to be until 5:30-6pm or so. So we hit up Seattle tourist style.

So we walk back down to Westlake mall. Look around and we see the monorail. Seattle having a monorail from Westlake center to the Seattle Center is about a 2 min ride for $2 each way. It’s rather nice if you don’t want to walk. Reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons. I love when people break out into song in large groups.

So we hop on the monorail and head out to Seattle center to check it out. It’s a rather quite time at Seattle Center. Kids are still in school so the rugrats are not crowding up the kiddy land. We go check out the Seattle center fountain. We watch all the people out in the nice weather running around trying not to get sprayed with a jet directly. Here is a picture from MSN Live. Tried to get the space needle in there as well. You always think Seattle. Space Needle and Rain. Good always think of rain. We don’t need you people thinking it rains all the time moving here. Seattle Center
You can click on the image to have it darken the page and bright it bigger to the front. Then just click the background to bring the page back up. Thank you Lightbox Javascript.We were going to go up to the top of the space needle to take some pictures. But $16 a head was a bit more then we wanted to pay to ride an elevator. So you can also see the Seattle Center House in there. It was kinda odd since I had been there in over a decade seeing the children’s museum like I used to run around in there and play store and learn what lumberjacks do. Ahh to be young again.

So after that we hop on the monorail again and go back to Seattle center and putz around laughing at the homeless people and the tourists with no idea where they are going. So we go back to the timeshare and run upstairs and then call the front desk to have them bring the car around. So we can drive up to Mill Creek to go to a BBQ.

I forgot to mention that I didn’t really have much of a voice from the day before at the Casino. So most speech was hisses and very low. Anything that required me to speak in a slightly higher pitch was just blurred out by my throat because it was painful. Fucking smokers.

So we get the BBQ and everyone that was at the rehearsal was at the BBQ and then some. There was burgers and brats and teriyaki steak chunk then some shrimp and BBQ pork (chinese style) and some other food sorts. Good BBQ by any regard though it’s hard to have a bad BBQ. This was at the Best Man’s house so there were kids running around and a basset hound. I love basset hounds we had two of them growing up. Jake and Ginger. Loved those dogs their long ears and always sad faces. So cute. Sorry dogs beat cats any day. For one reason I am allergic to cats Clartin fixes it but eh. Cats are to much work. Dogs take work as well but they are just cool to chill with you. Cats require to be in the correct mood.

So I get a groomsmen gift. It was a Beer Stein with my initials on it. TJP a nice selection of miniature bottles of liquor. Tequila and Whiskey and Rums. A freezing beer stein and that was it. Nice all and all. Thanks Preston and Ally. Love you guys.

So after this me and Darin hang about a bit and then head back to the Timeshare. We go jump in the hot tub and we meet a couple that is also getting married on Saturday. Some amazingly beautiful woman and her future husband. They were born and raised in the Seattle area. Met in college going to Western and they moved to Boston and came back to get married. Really nice people good to see a happy couple getting married. They said they had a wedding planner that planned the entire wedding and got everything setup. That seems like a brilliant idea although expensive no stress involved. But I can imagine it’s a lot like it is to design a web page for someone. You will go through many many drafts and waste time and the person doesn’t really know what they want but they want to make it as complicated as possible. Have an idea before you jump into such a project.

Anyways she had a great body so thank you person with a great body in the hot tub getting married last Saturday. Me and Darin enjoyed it so much.

So we hung around a bit went back up to our room and got dressed and called a new friend of mine to see if she wanted to come meet us for a drink. So we go walking down to 3rd Avenue to go meet her. Then we start heading back up the road and there are cop cars everywhere. Camera Crews everywhere and I make a comment aloud in my horribly disfigured voice. “I wonder what happened” another couple walking says someone got shot. Our friend said she heard 3 shots when she was walking down. I think me and Darin must have been laughing because we heard nothing. So while we are trying to find a watering hole we find the Cheesecake Factory. They were open and must have drinks so we swing in there.

We all have a round of Mojito’s and slice of cheesecake. It was a good way to end the night so we all go back to the timeshare and go to the room and make ourselves another drink and go up to the cloud room. Here is a picture from the cloud room.

Tristan Pipo visits the Cloud Room

This is also clickable for your pleasure. This is a day shot we were up there at night. Hey you can almost see Gordon Biersch there between the rust colored building and the off white.

After we chilled up there for the night our friend walked home. I felt bad for her walking home alone at night but she insisted she would be cool. I got a text she made it home so I was cool. We then passed out around 3am and the next day was the wedding day. Saturday! Tux Day!

Write up Tomorrow and good times ahead. Thanks for the comments Love them.

Post Wedding Follow Up – Part Wednesday and Thursday

So guess what I got a fever and the only prescription was some more cowbell. No just kidding.

So you want to hear about my weekend do ya? Do you want to hear every little detail about this wedding? Do you want to know if some magic pixies kidnapped me and took me to their evil skull cave and tried to shoot me with a musket?

Well sure I will tell you pull up an office chair or a laptop. Because this will be the most fun ever had reading a blog. Lucky I tried to grab pics of this whole shindig. I don’t have the ones from the wedding but times are good. Everything I snapped is up on my flickr page.

So I started an early weekend on Wednesday night. Pretty much called Darin to figure out where he was and then I was lazy and did nothing cooked dinner and got to bed. It was great in so many ways. This whole doing nothing idea is amazing. Now I wish I could queue up damn it feels good to be a gangsta office space style.

Thursday morning came and I was fighting getting up. But I did and I did the amazing thing of laundry. It was laundry, laundry, laundry all morning. Then 10:30am rolls around I drive out to the Men’s Warehouse to pick up the tux. Darin called me at this point and asked for my 20. So he shows up and Darin is probably one of my all time best friends and here I am trying on a Tuxedo and can’t really take the time to give the man a hug because well I got people measuring me and adjusting and getting molested by the amazing Stephanie at Men’s Warehouse. Sometimes I feel guilty going there. I need a shirt and a tie. Get molested by Stephanie hands me a shirt and a tie and I give her money. See what I am getting at service with a smile and I get reamed in the end for spending $95.

Red Robin Thursday Lunch with Tristan Pipo

After we hit up the men’s warehouse we drive over to Red Robin to meet all the Kitsap County folks for a lunch at Red Robin. Banzai Burger forever. If you do not have a Red Robin in your area well I am sorry you are just missing out on overpriced delicious food and very expensive beer.

We meet up with Kacey, Sean and Sean’s Girlfriend who’s name is escaping me at the moment. I didn’t really speak to her much. It was rather interesting having Darin and Kacey in the same room again. Because they were so serious in the dating realm and then he moved to California. Then I got put into the wing as her backup friend guy to hang out with. Then I kinda fell for her and then I fucked up my friendship with her and now it’s just like we tolerate each other and speak on occasion but always very limited and you can just sense the awkwardness in her voice. I was honestly surprised she even showed up. But we had a nice lunch after that we went to Costco and I bought some Sushi.

Personally I am not much of a Sushi guy. I have tried it 20 some odd times and each time I am just not thrilled with it. It’s ok I can stand to eat it but there are so many more options to digest but I know people really dig the stuff so I picked up a few trays for Preston’s wedding. Which was a smart move since considering they mostly had salads and a few other small dishes it was a hit and you could hear people asking who brought the Sushi. Thank you Costco. Darin picked up a 24 pack of Fat Tire. That was sucked up in a matter of a few mins at the wedding.

So me and Darin head back to my place to pack up all my crap. Grab the XBOX 360 and the Wii and Clothes. We also go swing by the liquor store and pick up a nice bottle of Ketel One Vodka and some Tanqueray which is probably one of my favorite Gins. I always think of the Junniper and her lovely blog drinking gin. It was a curse or a blessing that happened when we blogs were crossed in November of 2004 when I ranted about how fucked up america was to not get out there and vote and we get stuck with that prick in office for another 4 years. America you sadden me.

So we drive onto the ferry and we sit in the car because well it’s just easier to chill in the car and fuck around on your laptops then go upstairs and deal with human beings looking over your shoulder. Sometimes I just want to get a porn and play it full screen on the ferry while people are walking by. That will show them for having wondering eyes. Or we could just put tubgirl as the background. Google it if you don’t know. But be warned you will wish you hadn’t.

So we get slightly lost in Seattle. Seattle is probably one of the worst cities to drive in. Because of all the one way streets and the streets that are one way on certain days and during certain hours. I will admit its not as bad as Portland. Portland, OR has like 3 one way streets in a row and will have a sign saying “This way to North I-5” which turns into a dead end because you didn’t see the invisible sign.

So we eventually make it to 9th and Pine here is how google earth shows the place. See the pool there.

Tristan Pipo Time Share Condo

We had a one bedroom joint on the 4th floor and it was perfect for what we needed. Had a fridge and a freezer and it was a nice little joint right in downtown close to everything. So the only thing we really had to pay for was parking. Darin wanted to drive so I was cool with that so we payed for the valet parking. $54 for 3 nights. But hey instead of walking 2 blocks we just called down and said get our car bitches and they did.

So we got cleaned up a bit and got the car and we drove to Marysville. Which is 34mins straight north. So we make the drive and we get totally lost in the city of Marysville, WA. It’s a tiny little area. The main issue we had is that 3rd Street is broken up into 3 parts. We didn’t know what part of 3rd street the place was the address was like 2526 we eventually found the place by some girl yelling at us and giving directions.

Rehearsal at the Opera House. I figured there would be something to this. But basically we practiced walking back and forth and standing on stairs for 90 mins. I have never seen a group of people so stressed out about walking. My only issue was that I am 6’4” and the bridesmaid I was walking down the aisle with was the brides mother who is just a hair over 5’0” so I had to slow way down.

What was interesting about this whole wedding was the music choice. It was the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. That was the music we got to walk down the aisle to and then another track from the film was what the bride walked down the aisle to. Wanted me to bust out a musket and lay siege upon the opera house and say yarrrr. Well not really but the thought did cross my mind though the idea of lobbing off all those old lady arms I got stuck dancing with grabbing my ass would have been a great idea.

So we finished that drama filled time. Then we all got into cars and went one more exit north to the Tulalip Casino. Now I am used to the Casino that is about 6 miles away from my place. It’s rather new and though filled with smoke they keep the air fairly clean. I don’t smoke never will. Everyone in my family smokes except for my sister it’s always odd. But I can’t stand the smell or just not being able to breath.

The Bachelor’s last night we got him a T-Shirt that said “Bachelor – Expiring 6-9-7” that was rather comical and the casino had a Disco Cover band that was pretty interesting. Not much crowd at the casino on a Thursday night but all and all it was a good time. Other then the not being able to breath and wanting to die part.

Tulalip Casino doesn’t take this into consideration. Going in there was horrid on my lungs and throat at the end of the night my throat was in so much pain I could hardly talk. This pretty much set the tone for my voice the rest of the weekend. At this point on Tuesday I am almost back at full deep voice speaking capacity. Robitussin and Halls and Cold Water and Tea have been my lifeline for being able to stay sane. But the bachelor party was full of drinking and wishing I was dead because of all the smoke. I didn’t gamble and tried to have a good time. I was glad when 2am came around and I was free to leave. Me and Darin drive back to town and we go upstairs and just crash.

This will begin Friday. It’s almost 5pm I have stuff to do the rest of my afternoon and Friday was rather interesting and a good time. So I will post the update of Friday tomorrow hopefully.

Below is a Sexual Consent Video for your moment of Zen.

It’s my Friday

So usually on Friday I send out a Text Message of something to ponder or a joke. But since I have a wedding to deal with and all that crap that is involved in being a Groomsmen for this event and so forth I will just move Friday’s rambles today.  So here is a list of things to ponder that I have been wondering.

  • I read an article today that 100 million year old mushroom was found in some amber. There are mushrooms that you can eat that make you high. If dinosaurs were eating mushrooms did we have high dinosaurs walking around?
  •  When I am walking off the ferry you are crowded tightly that you take baby steps. I sometimes try to wait and then take one giant creatively thought out step perhaps add a twirl. I hope I throw off someones universe or piss them off one day that the jump off the ferry and make the front page news so I can know I am secretly responsible of being news worthy.

So I guess that’s it for the moment. Short work week for me. Monday was the what the hell is up guys night. Which we do every Monday night. Usually Tristan Pipo (me), Nick the Killer, Justin the Kewl and Garrett had some beers and watched the great movie Idiocracy. They hadn’t seen this film of a future where the smart people are smart enough not to have kids. But the redneck morons who are to stupid to put on a condom and then pop out kids. This bothers me that this is actually true and that my tax dollars are paying to keep such mistakes full of food. I remember when I did the grocery store job seeing these families with food stamps buying steaks and all kinds of such foods. I was always bothered that me working my ass off couldn’t have steak. People taking advantage of the system in such ways always bothered me. But it was a vision of the future. But anyways this guy “Luke Wilson” is frozen for 500 years and in the future and the world is full of stupid people because that’s what has decide to evolve and the #1 show on TV is called OW’ My Balls!

So we all had a good laugh and were sad at the same time. Then we played some Gears of War and then watched Red Dwarf and had some pizza good times.

Tuesday I had dinner plans with a friend of mine. We went up to Racha Thai. This place has amazing Thai Food.  It’s on the corner of 1st and Mercer up on Queen Anne Hill. I had some Pork Noodle dish that was new to me. But good company and good food can only end on a good note. We then walked around Seattle for a bit and I scored a ride to the ferry and came home.

The rooommate had his girl over she made me a malibu pineapple. It was girly, It was fruity and it was friggin delicious. Then we played probably the worst game of scrabble in my life. Though a 7 letter word was pulled off on the first go. Double Word Score + 50 points was a royal killing of the rest of the game for us.  Then played a little XBOX and crashed out.

Happy Weekend Everyone! This is your resident blogger Tristan J. Pipo. Talk to you soon. See you on Saturday! Hitting up downtown Seattle in Tuxes.


Though I would prefer you add me on Facebook. Me and Darin are hitting downtown in Style.

Cheers! Best Regards!