June 2007

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Well it’s not really a blog but Flickr is a great site for just looking at the world and getting a preview of people’s lives. One of my favorite flickr sites to check out is Seattle Daily Photo. I see pictures from the places I walk through everyday on this site and every time I […]

I know everyone is wanting an update on life. Trust me it’s coming I have a few blogs in the works at the moment. Here are the currently running titles. The Story of a Beginning This seems to be the one that everyone is wanting to read and waiting for. I am working on putting […]

I have big feet. I’m a great driver. I must say I have been getting a great deal of messages and e-mail regarding some recent changes of status on the various social networking sites. Perhaps I should provide an update about that as well. Guess what!? It’s coming. There goes the phone ringing again. Gotta […]

Everyone If you desire you can now visit this page at the following mirrors. http://xmdude.comhttp://xmdude.infohttp://xmdude.nethttp://xmdude.biz They all redirect to TristanPipo.com also all e-mails get those cool extensions as well. Not that anyone really cares but a special thank you to the person that sent me a GoDaddy.com gift. =) Weekend Update Coming Later. Happy Tuesday […]

Welcome to the virtual Friday on this amazing Wednesday. Wednesday this week is Laundry night. I must say yesterday was intense. So when I got home I crashed on the couch. Watched Hitch on DVD and went to bed at 10. It was simple and great. So lets get started with last Friday. So me […]

I used to be an alien. I am not anymore. I am now a citizen of earth. I used to live at the second star to the right and straight on till morning. mmmmm Saturday Day 1. Tomorrow is Saturday Day 2..

So usually on Friday I send out a Text Message of something to ponder or a joke. But since I have a wedding to deal with and all that crap that is involved in being a Groomsmen for this event and so forth I will just move Friday’s rambles today.  So here is a list […]