Sunday Sunday Sunday!

So as you can tell by this wonderful picture you can see what happened to be Sunday Morning. So I was going to go have brunch with a new friend of mine on Sunday. So I pull out of the parking garage and go through one stop light and then come up to the next and I hear rumble rumble. I start to drive and hear POP! Rumble Rumble. Pull over to the side of the road and I have a lovely flat tire.

So I am like damnit. So I call up my friend and she is all worried and I am like I got it taken care of. But I am going to be incredibly incredibly late. She seemed to understand and life was good. So I hit the emergency blinkers and go open up the trunk.

The trunk of my car is like a rather large mix of everything. I have a 12pack of Fat Tire in there. A Tent, Sleeping Bag, 4U Network Server. Towels, Blanket,Umbrella, Oil, Antifreeze and some lovely Cisco Books and a few CD’s. I move all of that crap to my backseat and bust out the spare tire, Tire Iron and the Jack.

You ever notice how you can use Jack for anything. I am going to jack you up fool. I am captain jack sparrow. (Me and Junniper have a secret war about how great or poor Pirates of the Caribbean is. I found this version of the film and felt satisfied that the plot was moved along quickly. She says she needs more Johnny Depp. Judge for yourselves. 5 Second Pirates ) Or What’s up Jack. Or you don’t know Jack! Sucka Fool!

But back to reality of blogging (Is there reality in the blog-0-sphere?) So I try to get the jack twisted out. But no matter how hard I try the jack will not bust it out to lift up the car. Luckily we exist in the age of cell phones so I called my stepdad since he only lives about 15 mins away and has a killer jack. So he came out and we got the car jacked up and tossed on the spare.

The problem with a spare tire as we all know is that you can’t drive fast so we had to get off the highway and take the back roads of Bainbridge. Bainbridge Island, WA is this island where to live there you need at least a 800,000 to get a shanty lean to anywhere. So people are very yuppy like and driving down the road I was constantly getting told to slow down. Listen you walking people get on the sidewalk. I am driving the predetermined speed limit of 40mph so I really hope you do get run over.

That reminds of something that happened last Friday. The ferry was running 40 minutes late so I was standing outside and these two women come out and stand next to me and start smoking. Washington State law has this awesome law that says you cannot smoke within 25 feet of an entrance or anything that will ventilate. I can’t stand smoking I don’t smoke. My parents smoke pretty much everyone in my family smokes except for my grandpa and my sister. So I was feeling rather irritable and look over at these women who were on their 3rd smoke in a row and said “Will you hurry up and die already or go find somewhere else to smoke” probably not the best thing to say. But they decided to sit down and they were wearing low cut tops. So being tall got a nice cleavage view. To bad such a beautiful item is wasted on smokers.

So we get to my parents house and we take the flat tire out of my car and load it into the trunk of my step dads Miata. Beautiful little machine Red and Fast and Convertible. The issue with this is that I am 6’4” and that type of car isn’t really designed for such a person of my stature. But it was the only option available.

So the other issue is that it was Sunday. The great tire center of Les Schwab was not open. So the first thought we had was Wal-Mart. They are open all the time so I call them up and they are not busy so we show up. It was awesome going fast in this small car with the top down. Though my head was above the glass windshield and I probably looked like a fool but fun regardless.

So we bust up to the store and they do not have my size tire. I guess since I bought my car used it had some performance wheel package on it so I have these expensive custom wheels on the car. So Wal-Mart, Costco the only major places open said it would take 7-12 days to order my tire. Well this is not exactly cool when I need to drive somewhere. So I tried calling Sears. This is the response I get.

“Hello Sears Auto”
“Hi I had a tire go flat and I need “Model# etc”.”
“Hi Sir are you on a cell phone?”
“Yes I am”
“We can’t talk to people on cell phones. Call Back when you get a land line”

This promptly created a great amount of curse words and me waving my middle finger at my phone in the Wal-Mart parking lot. So Sears you just made the shit list.

So I am standing there in a parking lot in the heat trying to ponder where to get a tire. The Live Search and Google Searches I was doing on my cell phone were not working as desired. So I thought lets just go down the hill to my Mom’s work and borrow a phone book.¬† My mom was like “Tristan you got a hair cut!” I was like “That’s right don’t make me Jack you up” then she punched me in the face and I died.

I am totally kidding my mom rocks. A little odd at times but I think we all view our parents as odd. Especially yours. You reader of the blog.

So what is cool about the yellow pages that I forgot about are the pretty little picturs that have hours of operation. The only place that was open was Firestone and they had my tire! So we bust out to Silverdale and meanwhile the brunch friend is texting me with concern. Which was appreciated I felt incredibly bad about having to ditch because my tire decided to get revenge upon me. So we get to Firestone and they say $112.86 for a tire. Crazy times. We get that changed out and back to the parents house. Jack up the car swap out the tire.

This point I head to the beach get a killer sunburn while playing frisbee and chasing dogs around. There was this black lab that was trying to fetch this plank that weighed 3 times as much as he did and was about 4x the size. We had a good laugh at how awesome that dog was.

Brunch later turned into evening Starbucks and we had about a 3hr chat. That was cool but man have a busy month. Wedding this weekend, Camping the weekend after that and then Beerfest.

Jen yes I am going to beer fest. Got a bunch of people going pass your friends that are flying out my number I am sure in a drunken stupor  me and my friends can show them a good Seattle time.

My weekend was good otherwise filled with BBQ’s and a Coming Home Party for Abbey and a trip to the drive in on Friday. Good times.

Lets hope I survive this 3 day work week and the wedding this weekend. Party in Seattle Saturday Night. Going to put some good use to that Tux. Me and Darin are hitting up Seattle in style.