It’s my Friday

So usually on Friday I send out a Text Message of something to ponder or a joke. But since I have a wedding to deal with and all that crap that is involved in being a Groomsmen for this event and so forth I will just move Friday’s rambles today.  So here is a list of things to ponder that I have been wondering.

  • I read an article today that 100 million year old mushroom was found in some amber. There are mushrooms that you can eat that make you high. If dinosaurs were eating mushrooms did we have high dinosaurs walking around?
  •  When I am walking off the ferry you are crowded tightly that you take baby steps. I sometimes try to wait and then take one giant creatively thought out step perhaps add a twirl. I hope I throw off someones universe or piss them off one day that the jump off the ferry and make the front page news so I can know I am secretly responsible of being news worthy.

So I guess that’s it for the moment. Short work week for me. Monday was the what the hell is up guys night. Which we do every Monday night. Usually Tristan Pipo (me), Nick the Killer, Justin the Kewl and Garrett had some beers and watched the great movie Idiocracy. They hadn’t seen this film of a future where the smart people are smart enough not to have kids. But the redneck morons who are to stupid to put on a condom and then pop out kids. This bothers me that this is actually true and that my tax dollars are paying to keep such mistakes full of food. I remember when I did the grocery store job seeing these families with food stamps buying steaks and all kinds of such foods. I was always bothered that me working my ass off couldn’t have steak. People taking advantage of the system in such ways always bothered me. But it was a vision of the future. But anyways this guy “Luke Wilson” is frozen for 500 years and in the future and the world is full of stupid people because that’s what has decide to evolve and the #1 show on TV is called OW’ My Balls!

So we all had a good laugh and were sad at the same time. Then we played some Gears of War and then watched Red Dwarf and had some pizza good times.

Tuesday I had dinner plans with a friend of mine. We went up to Racha Thai. This place has amazing Thai Food.  It’s on the corner of 1st and Mercer up on Queen Anne Hill. I had some Pork Noodle dish that was new to me. But good company and good food can only end on a good note. We then walked around Seattle for a bit and I scored a ride to the ferry and came home.

The rooommate had his girl over she made me a malibu pineapple. It was girly, It was fruity and it was friggin delicious. Then we played probably the worst game of scrabble in my life. Though a 7 letter word was pulled off on the first go. Double Word Score + 50 points was a royal killing of the rest of the game for us.  Then played a little XBOX and crashed out.

Happy Weekend Everyone! This is your resident blogger Tristan J. Pipo. Talk to you soon. See you on Saturday! Hitting up downtown Seattle in Tuxes.


Though I would prefer you add me on Facebook. Me and Darin are hitting downtown in Style.

Cheers! Best Regards!

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