Post Wedding Follow Up – Part Wednesday and Thursday

So guess what I got a fever and the only prescription was some more cowbell. No just kidding.

So you want to hear about my weekend do ya? Do you want to hear every little detail about this wedding? Do you want to know if some magic pixies kidnapped me and took me to their evil skull cave and tried to shoot me with a musket?

Well sure I will tell you pull up an office chair or a laptop. Because this will be the most fun ever had reading a blog. Lucky I tried to grab pics of this whole shindig. I don’t have the ones from the wedding but times are good. Everything I snapped is up on my flickr page.

So I started an early weekend on Wednesday night. Pretty much called Darin to figure out where he was and then I was lazy and did nothing cooked dinner and got to bed. It was great in so many ways. This whole doing nothing idea is amazing. Now I wish I could queue up damn it feels good to be a gangsta office space style.

Thursday morning came and I was fighting getting up. But I did and I did the amazing thing of laundry. It was laundry, laundry, laundry all morning. Then 10:30am rolls around I drive out to the Men’s Warehouse to pick up the tux. Darin called me at this point and asked for my 20. So he shows up and Darin is probably one of my all time best friends and here I am trying on a Tuxedo and can’t really take the time to give the man a hug because well I got people measuring me and adjusting and getting molested by the amazing Stephanie at Men’s Warehouse. Sometimes I feel guilty going there. I need a shirt and a tie. Get molested by Stephanie hands me a shirt and a tie and I give her money. See what I am getting at service with a smile and I get reamed in the end for spending $95.

Red Robin Thursday Lunch with Tristan Pipo

After we hit up the men’s warehouse we drive over to Red Robin to meet all the Kitsap County folks for a lunch at Red Robin. Banzai Burger forever. If you do not have a Red Robin in your area well I am sorry you are just missing out on overpriced delicious food and very expensive beer.

We meet up with Kacey, Sean and Sean’s Girlfriend who’s name is escaping me at the moment. I didn’t really speak to her much. It was rather interesting having Darin and Kacey in the same room again. Because they were so serious in the dating realm and then he moved to California. Then I got put into the wing as her backup friend guy to hang out with. Then I kinda fell for her and then I fucked up my friendship with her and now it’s just like we tolerate each other and speak on occasion but always very limited and you can just sense the awkwardness in her voice. I was honestly surprised she even showed up. But we had a nice lunch after that we went to Costco and I bought some Sushi.

Personally I am not much of a Sushi guy. I have tried it 20 some odd times and each time I am just not thrilled with it. It’s ok I can stand to eat it but there are so many more options to digest but I know people really dig the stuff so I picked up a few trays for Preston’s wedding. Which was a smart move since considering they mostly had salads and a few other small dishes it was a hit and you could hear people asking who brought the Sushi. Thank you Costco. Darin picked up a 24 pack of Fat Tire. That was sucked up in a matter of a few mins at the wedding.

So me and Darin head back to my place to pack up all my crap. Grab the XBOX 360 and the Wii and Clothes. We also go swing by the liquor store and pick up a nice bottle of Ketel One Vodka and some Tanqueray which is probably one of my favorite Gins. I always think of the Junniper and her lovely blog drinking gin. It was a curse or a blessing that happened when we blogs were crossed in November of 2004 when I ranted about how fucked up america was to not get out there and vote and we get stuck with that prick in office for another 4 years. America you sadden me.

So we drive onto the ferry and we sit in the car because well it’s just easier to chill in the car and fuck around on your laptops then go upstairs and deal with human beings looking over your shoulder. Sometimes I just want to get a porn and play it full screen on the ferry while people are walking by. That will show them for having wondering eyes. Or we could just put tubgirl as the background. Google it if you don’t know. But be warned you will wish you hadn’t.

So we get slightly lost in Seattle. Seattle is probably one of the worst cities to drive in. Because of all the one way streets and the streets that are one way on certain days and during certain hours. I will admit its not as bad as Portland. Portland, OR has like 3 one way streets in a row and will have a sign saying “This way to North I-5” which turns into a dead end because you didn’t see the invisible sign.

So we eventually make it to 9th and Pine here is how google earth shows the place. See the pool there.

Tristan Pipo Time Share Condo

We had a one bedroom joint on the 4th floor and it was perfect for what we needed. Had a fridge and a freezer and it was a nice little joint right in downtown close to everything. So the only thing we really had to pay for was parking. Darin wanted to drive so I was cool with that so we payed for the valet parking. $54 for 3 nights. But hey instead of walking 2 blocks we just called down and said get our car bitches and they did.

So we got cleaned up a bit and got the car and we drove to Marysville. Which is 34mins straight north. So we make the drive and we get totally lost in the city of Marysville, WA. It’s a tiny little area. The main issue we had is that 3rd Street is broken up into 3 parts. We didn’t know what part of 3rd street the place was the address was like 2526 we eventually found the place by some girl yelling at us and giving directions.

Rehearsal at the Opera House. I figured there would be something to this. But basically we practiced walking back and forth and standing on stairs for 90 mins. I have never seen a group of people so stressed out about walking. My only issue was that I am 6’4” and the bridesmaid I was walking down the aisle with was the brides mother who is just a hair over 5’0” so I had to slow way down.

What was interesting about this whole wedding was the music choice. It was the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. That was the music we got to walk down the aisle to and then another track from the film was what the bride walked down the aisle to. Wanted me to bust out a musket and lay siege upon the opera house and say yarrrr. Well not really but the thought did cross my mind though the idea of lobbing off all those old lady arms I got stuck dancing with grabbing my ass would have been a great idea.

So we finished that drama filled time. Then we all got into cars and went one more exit north to the Tulalip Casino. Now I am used to the Casino that is about 6 miles away from my place. It’s rather new and though filled with smoke they keep the air fairly clean. I don’t smoke never will. Everyone in my family smokes except for my sister it’s always odd. But I can’t stand the smell or just not being able to breath.

The Bachelor’s last night we got him a T-Shirt that said “Bachelor – Expiring 6-9-7” that was rather comical and the casino had a Disco Cover band that was pretty interesting. Not much crowd at the casino on a Thursday night but all and all it was a good time. Other then the not being able to breath and wanting to die part.

Tulalip Casino doesn’t take this into consideration. Going in there was horrid on my lungs and throat at the end of the night my throat was in so much pain I could hardly talk. This pretty much set the tone for my voice the rest of the weekend. At this point on Tuesday I am almost back at full deep voice speaking capacity. Robitussin and Halls and Cold Water and Tea have been my lifeline for being able to stay sane. But the bachelor party was full of drinking and wishing I was dead because of all the smoke. I didn’t gamble and tried to have a good time. I was glad when 2am came around and I was free to leave. Me and Darin drive back to town and we go upstairs and just crash.

This will begin Friday. It’s almost 5pm I have stuff to do the rest of my afternoon and Friday was rather interesting and a good time. So I will post the update of Friday tomorrow hopefully.

Below is a Sexual Consent Video for your moment of Zen.