July 2007

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On an interesting note the Simpsonized post I made has received over 10,000 hits. So last Friday night I picked up the girlfriend at the ferry dock and we went to go see the Simpsons movie. We went to the 9:40 showing. I was expecting a packed theater but there were plenty of seats available. […]

I come home this evening and check the voicemails on the voicemail line and there was this gem that I had no use for but i thought it was interesting. I think some slightly manly sounding woman or a very feminine dude called the wrong number. I was thinking what the hell is going on […]

So today has been crazy insane with a what the fuck and a holy shit what are you thinking and a it’s been 6 months since I heard from you why do I care if you broke up with your boyfiend then we toss in a hey I did this and it’s broken fix it […]

So before I started to dig into the hardcore nitty gritty of producing and getting everything setup I was digging through some of the older voicemails that I had and none of them are really relevant to what is going on right now. So before I start cutting and editing and recording this show I […]

So I have been getting some requests to do another episode of Frank Cummingsworth. So I have been driving around in my car and I get moments of inspiration but nothing really ever seems to stick. So I am turning to the internet to see what can come from everyone’s ideas. There are some rules […]

I saw this today I forget exactly where but thought it made a valid point. “Has anyone ever noticed that The War Against Terrorism is never abbreviated as TWAT“ Has it been a crazy day for anyone else?

Here is a list of things that could easily kill Harry Potter. Darth Vader – A Lightsaber and the Force is no match for a kid. Darth Vader could go around being everyones father. A robot human dad with the force. Sorry Harry Potter you lose. Godzilla – One stomp or chomp that will be […]

The girlfriend took me to the Apple Store. I almost felt the $600 leap out of my wallet. She got to play with one as well. This video I yanked from the Fake Steve Jobs Blog. That guy cracks me up.

Well in case you didn’t already know the Simpsons Movie comes out 7-27-07. I am rather excited to see this movie but cannot really explain why. But the SimpsonsMovie website http://www.simpsonsmovie.com has had some cool games. They also have a section to turn yourself into a Simpsons Character. Here are my results. You can click […]