The Simpsons Movie – Review

The Simpsons Movie Logo - Review by Tristan Pipo

On an interesting note the Simpsonized post I made has received over 10,000 hits.

So last Friday night I picked up the girlfriend at the ferry dock and we went to go see the Simpsons movie. We went to the 9:40 showing. I was expecting a packed theater but there were plenty of seats available. Even with Stadium seating I always feel like I am blocking the persons view behind me. I prefer later showings of movies because there is usually less people and no kids to ruin the experience. If you bring your little child to movies and they start crying. Get the hell out of the theater. They invented Beta and VCR to babysit your kids at home. I paid $9+ to get away from such noise.

So onto the movie. The movie opens up with an Itchy and Scratchy Cartoon with this playing we get an eventual pan out and we have homer saying “This is such crap, Why are we paying to watch a movie of something we get to watch on TV for free” this pretty much setup the whole movie as a complete riot.

So the first few trailers of the Simpsons offered nothing at all about what the movie was about or what to expect other then casual Simpsons jokes. But the final trailer which I have provided for you in low quality YouTube style.

This trailer was rather interesting and gave a few little hints at plot lines. So the premise of the movie begins in Church and has Grandpa simpson going crazy. Which is normal for old people in the Simpsons and this pretty much setup the entire movie.The movie is exactly what you would expect from a Simpsons movie. Classic Simpsons action on a huge screen with the jokes that make a movie funny. I enjoyed way more then the potential of Rush Hour 3. I get rather tired of all those pointless jokes black people have about race. But I can see where that movie would be funny to 16 year olds or people that have that same IQ score.So the movie is just one laugh after another in classic Simpsons fashion. When the credits were scrolling they every writer from the series scrolling past. I had never seen so many writers on a movie. But they came up with something. The hint at a sequel or the joke about sequel was interesting. They are on what Season 18 of the Simpsons and a movie finally comes out. Will we see season 36 of the Simpsons before we get another movie? I doubt it. But I highly recommend Simpsons The Movie to anyone who has grown up with the Simpsons.

The animation is done well. It’s Funny. It flows along nicely. I give it 9 out of 10. Just a flat nine.

Today is Tuesday I am going to go pick up 300 on HD DVD and have a good night.

Obama vs Hillary War with Girls

So today has been crazy insane with a what the fuck and a holy shit what are you thinking and a it’s been 6 months since I heard from you why do I care if you broke up with your boyfiend then we toss in a hey I did this and it’s broken fix it now or else then we people don’t want to see the Simpsons movie tomorrow and I have all this stress and then girlfriend was coming over tonight but she is tired and it’s just like blah.

So anyways what was I going to talk about today. So a few months ago this video came out with some girl singing about how she has a crush on Obama. All good in my book some hot girl singing about her crush.

Then a few weeks ago I hear about this girl singing about how she wants Hillary Clinton to be a bisexual and how she is glad that Hillary has ovaries.
Morons on the news are attacking both of them with some political agenda. I think it was just some persons scheme to say look we hired hot chicks to get attention on youtube so you pay attention to our future videos. Now what I ponder is why not put them up on a site where you can get some ad revenue for people watching them?Now neither of them are really inspiring me to vote either way. If I had to pick right now I would go for Obama. I saw this video a few days after the last episode of the Soprano’s.

Now I was enjoying the fact they had Journey Don’t Stop Believing going in the background like they did in the Soprano’s but Johnny Sac in the video. He died of cancer why bring him back to life. IF you are going to parody at least follow the story somewhat.

As far as republicans go my thoughts on them I really hope most of their testicals get cancer rot and fall off. You closed minded money spending morons. I know having a libertarian atheist president will probably never happen in my lifetime. But people who argue for creationism instead of evolution to be taught as science in schools should really be forced to eat their own feces or a bodily organ that they would otherwise used to devolve the species.

Man today has been a piss poor day. Why do they always happen on Thursday? It’s a great mystery of the universe. Though if you are a religious nutball there is always the eternal damnation of GodTube

PreProduction – Podcast #13

So before I started to dig into the hardcore nitty gritty of producing and getting everything setup I was digging through some of the older voicemails that I had and none of them are really relevant to what is going on right now.

So before I start cutting and editing and recording this show I was going to put the voicemail line out there one more time if you want to be part of the joy of having your voice heard. Voicemail Line - 206 973 7886

Leave any questions or comments you desire. If you are viewing this site from something isn’t capable of viewing images the number is 206 973 7886. Or e-mail me a question if you want something answered. =) If you would like to be a guest host I can open that up as well.¬† You will need either a Skype Account or a have a phone number for me to call.

Have a wonderful evening everyone. When you call you will get a default british women saying the person you are trying to reach is unavailable. =)

Frank Cummingsworth Part 2 Ideas

So I have been getting some requests to do another episode of Frank Cummingsworth. So I have been driving around in my car and I get moments of inspiration but nothing really ever seems to stick.

So I am turning to the internet to see what can come from everyone’s ideas. There are some rules though. There are some states I can call and record without telling them but otherwise I have to disclose that I am recording the phone call.

So if you have any ideas I am open to try them. 800 #’s a good to deal with people that have to put up with the jerk I will get to be on the phone. Wal-Mart cakes are not grown on tree’s you know.

Sorry been busy with some other things to get the blogging back in order.

And Now to Waste your Time…Harry Potter

Here is a list of things that could easily kill Harry Potter.

  • Darth Vader – A Lightsaber and the Force is no match for a kid. Darth Vader could go around being everyones father. A robot human dad with the force. Sorry Harry Potter you lose.
  • Godzilla – One stomp or chomp that will be the end of Harry.
  • Dennis the Menace – Slingshot of a rock to the face would pretty much kill anyone.
  • Batman – A bat grenade and the bat mobile could easily take Harry Potter. Plus Batman always gets hotter chicks. Batman has to deal with villainy far more frequently. Harry gets it once a year.
  • ¬†Superman – Only one thing can kill superman. Harry doesn’t have any of that. Superman could take him out so fast Hermoine would be crying. Ron would be like oh Harry I am so sad your dead. Now I can get some attention you bastard.
  • Eric Cartman – Do I need to explain why Harry Potter would lose?
  • Junniper – Even though she has a crush on him I am sure she could kill a fictional character if she desired. It’s rather simple. In an epic battle Junniper slashed Harry Potter in the liver and she became the richest blogger in the world and bought Tristan a Yacht and gave him $12 million dollars to make odd references to her frequently in his blog.

So people are wanting an update of the weekend because somehow they like to live through me. So I am working on that. One aspect of the weekend was that I was told I should write Sitcoms or become a movie critic. I am super anal about movies and put most of them down and frequently. Maybe I should start a movie review¬† site. Then get famous and movie companies could try and buy me off and then I wouldn’t need to mooch of Junniper to get a Yacht. Not that I really need a Yacht but it’s a fun word to type and say.

Hopefully everyones week got off to a smooth start. Mine has been as rough as my face after I haven’t shaved for a week.


Simpsonized Myself

Well in case you didn’t already know the Simpsons Movie comes out 7-27-07. I am rather excited to see this movie but cannot really explain why. But the SimpsonsMovie website has had some cool games. They also have a section to turn yourself into a Simpsons Character.

Here are my results.

Tristan Pipo as a Simpsons Character

You can click on it for a happy effect to make it bigger without navigating away from this page. Happy Friday Everyone. Should be a good weekend as far as I can tell.