It’s about damn time

I have given up on watching the news. It’s all just bullshit now. No real news. It’s all this fake crap to get people to watch to sell ads. Reality TV, American Idol all that stuff it’s pointless. But it’s what sells ads these days. I get all my news online I never watch TV. If there is something to watch I spend the $2 to download it from iTunes. If I can’t well I acquire it via other means. But I was surfing along and I found this video. A news anchor refuses to lead with Paris Hilton again.

Here is the clip. Now these two douche bags are trying to talk about it. She went to jail. Who gives a fuck. She gets out of jail. Who Gives a Fuck. I am honestly happy that someone on the news decided to stop reporting this crap. I have no interest in Tom Cruise getting into a circle jerk with Brad Pitt. I check out to see what boobs are hanging out today. But that is about all of my tabloid caring.Does anyone really give a shit about these celebrities? I know if I went to jail very few people would care. I wouldn’t be on Larry King having an interview. It’s like when Anna Nicole died that feces of a woman was smeared all over the television.

Then I come across this video of people who don’t even know what year 9/11 happeend.

It really bothers me that we lift these people up and the real news gets sent off to nowhere.

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