Hacking the Code

Well they released a security update to the application that runs this blog. So I tried it out on my test server and now it’s running on this one. So pages seem to be a bit snappier or maybe that’s because I fixed the caching module.

So we are running v2.2.1 at the moment if you come across any issues. Especially Internet Explorer 6 or 7 let me know. I spend more time fixing those problems then anything else. Usually it goes like this.

I use some newer or different tag that does the same thing. Internet Explorer doesn’t like it and messes up the entire page and then I need to go figure out how I can use a workaround to get that issue solved and make sure it works with everything else. You pick your battles I trying to go with Firefox but I forget the rest of the world isn’t so enlightened.

They did release a Beta of Safari on Windows. Which is nice for testing stuff while I am at work. If you want to try a different browsing experience.


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