Pownce and Updates

Does anyone want a Pownce Invite? I have 6. I can’t say I am a huge fan of the service yet. I like the simplicty and ease of use of Twitter at the moment. If you would like an invite feel free to leave a comment and use your e-mail for the address you would like me to send an invite to. If you would not like to leave a comment please use the Contact Me Form on the right hand side.

Or you can just shoot me an e-mail tristan@tristanpipo.com.

Or if you are reading this on Facebook Notes just send me a message on Facebook.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did That update is coming. But in a quick summary.

Friday – Transformers,

Saturday – Stepsister in Town, Tristan = Uncle, Girlfriend Came Over, Bar with friends

Sunday – Brunch with Girlfriend, Shopping with Girlfriend, Chill Evening

So if you want Pownce let me know. And I will be talking to everyone soon enough.

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