July 2007

Friday 7-6-07! So Friday came about like every other Friday. I had a short work week Becaue of my step dads Heart Attack. The girlfriend had came over Thursday night to cheer me up a bit and she took the ferry with me in the morning and I scored a ride to work. So it’s […]

Does anyone want a Pownce Invite? I have 6. I can’t say I am a huge fan of the service yet. I like the simplicty and ease of use of Twitter at the moment. If you would like an invite feel free to leave a comment and use your e-mail for the address you would […]

Yesterday they moved him out of ICU and to a default type hospital bed. They are also letting him leave today. Thank You for the Hugs and the Best Wishes. I will be around to collect eventually. 😉 On a side note this is post: 893.  And I have 1,349 comments in the lifetime of […]

Writing this on my phone. Sorry of any formatting Issues. Spent 4th of July afternoon in the hospital. My stepdad had a heart attack brought on by artery blockage. I have been trying to keep everyone sane and calm in the matter. He is fine at the moment holding stable in the ICU. They dont […]

Well they released a security update to the application that runs this blog. So I tried it out on my test server and now it’s running on this one. So pages seem to be a bit snappier or maybe that’s because I fixed the caching module. So we are running v2.2.1 at the moment if […]

I have given up on watching the news. It’s all just bullshit now. No real news. It’s all this fake crap to get people to watch to sell ads. Reality TV, American Idol all that stuff it’s pointless. But it’s what sells ads these days. I get all my news online I never watch TV. […]