Podcast Show #12 – Getting Back in the Swing of Things

I haven’t done a spoken podcast in a while for myself. I have done a few for other people. But last Friday I was feeling a bit inspired to record something to give it a go see if I still had a knack for it.

So I thought I would publish the raw uncut results for you to get a bit of feedback from the listeners and readers of the blog. I truly miss podcasting and wish I could do it more. But I think the dynamic is much better with another person.

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This runs 18 mins and has some music and some other things. Thoughts are appreciated. I tried to bang this out in about an hour.

Weekend Update: 7-6-07 / 7-8-07

Friday 7-6-07!

So Friday came about like every other Friday. I had a short work week Becaue of my step dads Heart Attack. The girlfriend had came over Thursday night to cheer me up a bit and she took the ferry with me in the morning and I scored a ride to work. So it’s rather odd getting to work at 7:05 when I don’t need to be there until 8am. The work day progressed as natural.

I sent off an e-mail to junniper. Most of the stuff I send her is news I come across making fun of Oregon. Today’s e-mail was

So Friday comes to an end and I call up Nick and I am like “Cause I’m Delta” which is a new saying. Girlfriend doesn’t seem to dig it so working on phasing it out again. So me and Nick make plans to go see Transformers. Now I must say I am not a big fan of the new theme song. But the Black Lab group did a version that is pretty awesome.

You can check their options for downloading the song or an HD version of the music video at:

I must say the movie is a great action romp through the Transformers World. I was never allowed to watch the cartoon when I was a child my Mother said it was a little violent for me.  She wouldn’t let me see the Ghostbusters movie until I was 9. That movie is awesome it was one of the first DVD’s I purchased.

So get out of the movie around midnight. I recommend seeing it if you want some awesome robot action.  We were sitting in the front row it was so crowded. I always find it interesting to need to tilt my head to see the entire picture at once.

Saturday 7-7-07

So Saturday I slept until about 11am and kinda loafed around until about 1pm. I think we all need a Saturday morning like that. My step sister was in town from Canada to visit my stepdad. So I was looking forward to playing Uncle Tristan. Odd to think about that. I have 2 Nieces and 1 Nephew. Kysia, Keenan and Kathryn. I think my step sister had a theme going on there. 14, 11 and 9 respectfully. Being the guy that I am I am usually human jungle gym for the little ones and piggy back rides and throwing them around is usually what is involved.

So had dinner over there and then I went to Wal-Mart I needed a few more shirts for working out in and grabbed a new fitted sheet. 300 Thread Count is okay but not as nice as the 400 thread counts. I didn’t realize how nice sheets were until I upgraded.

So I pretty much hung around for a bit and waited for girlfriend to show up. I don’t recall exactly what I was doing in this time. The plan was to meet the friends for some drinks and then go bowling. But we all met up at the bar after I picked her up and we ended up just hanging out there listening to this pretty cool live acoustic cover band. They had some pretty good tunes. I liked this one they wrote about their ex girlfriends. The lyric the song focused around was.

“Why don’t you blow me……………….. a kiss”

Well timed hilarity is always perfect.  I was trying to recall the band name give them some props but for some reason it is escaping me and the bar was closed I will assume since they did not answer their phone. So since bowling didn’t work out we just went back to my place and watched an episode of the Simpsons and went to bed.

Sunday 7-8-07

Well woke up around 9am it was nice just to lounge in bed. Got up took a shower when I got out of the shower I came back to my room and I noticed a shirt hanging in my closet. It was not my shirt and I looked over at Raleigh and for some reason I like the idea that one of her shirts. Excuse me Tops was hanging in my closet. It was like she was comfortable and by this I was comfortable.

So I called the boys to see about Brunch. We were going to the Bayside Broiler but changed location to the Casino. It was a really good breakfast. So it was Me, Raleigh, Nick, Nick’s Dad (Mike), Justin and Garrett. So me and Raleigh finished eating and we left to go get me domesticated a bit. I was told I needed more absorbent towels.

So we make a voyage out to Ross. Now Ross isn’t a store I normally visit but hey I open to anything. I didn’t even know that had towels. So I hadn’t been shopping with a women in a long while. The whole trying things out was interesting I didn’t really know you could try out a towel. But I found the experience to be rather fun.  So after some towels and a coffee mug purchase we ran up to Target. The towels we purchased were these green Tommy Hilfiger Towels. I didn’t know they made towels. I thought they made clothing that I really didn’t know much about. But hey Towels are Towels until now.

So Target we were running around looking at things being playful in the aisles. Picked up a new trash bin and some 50 cent stuff and a Swiffer Device. My kitchen floor had something spilled on it and I didn’t have a mop. Girlfriend recommended that I get the swiffer because it’s easier to just throw away a wet sheet instead of having to clean a mop.  So we also checked on Towels looks like we scored at Ross. So while at Target the Girlfriend wanted to pick up some things so she didn’t need to take them across the ferry every time. That was cool in my book. So after Target for some reason I decided I needed some hand soap.

So we went to the Mall to scope out Bath and Body Works. Speak of the Devil they just sent me an e-mail saying I could save 10% off lip products. So probably the best scent I can recall from Bath and Body works is Country Apple. They don’t make it anymore other then in Soap. But that scent is like yeah. I remember when I was in Trigonometry in the 10th grade. My friend Brad was dating this girl name Alley or Ally. She was rubbing some on her hands. We were both like what is that scent? She handed us the bottle and we were sitting there sniffing it like Oh Baby!

So anyways I needed some soap and I picked up a bottle of Cucumber Melon. We got the default soap. The foaming kind and some moisture thing.  Which all seemed cool to me 3 for $10. Then also grabbed some new bottle that was $1.

So we had all kinds of goodies went back to my place and we hung out and then I walked her down to the ferry. For some reason I feel accomplished carrying her heavy bag for her. Maybe that is some guy thing coded into me to lift stuff.

So all and all good weekend. Life is good and enjoying what I can. Lets hope for a smooth week. Have a Picnic/BBQ this weekend. Hopefully the week flows smoothly and life is good.

Pownce and Updates

Does anyone want a Pownce Invite? I have 6. I can’t say I am a huge fan of the service yet. I like the simplicty and ease of use of Twitter at the moment. If you would like an invite feel free to leave a comment and use your e-mail for the address you would like me to send an invite to. If you would not like to leave a comment please use the Contact Me Form on the right hand side.

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Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did That update is coming. But in a quick summary.

Friday – Transformers,

Saturday – Stepsister in Town, Tristan = Uncle, Girlfriend Came Over, Bar with friends

Sunday – Brunch with Girlfriend, Shopping with Girlfriend, Chill Evening

So if you want Pownce let me know. And I will be talking to everyone soon enough.

4th of July Update

Yesterday they moved him out of ICU and to a default type hospital bed. They are also letting him leave today.

Thank You for the Hugs and the Best Wishes. I will be around to collect eventually. 😉

On a side note this is post: 893.  And I have 1,349 comments in the lifetime of my blog. Good Times.

4th of July

Writing this on my phone. Sorry of any formatting Issues.

Spent 4th of July afternoon in the hospital. My stepdad had a heart attack brought on by artery blockage. I have been trying to keep everyone sane and calm in the matter. He is fine at the moment holding stable in the ICU.

They dont allow phones in there so they kicked us out for 2hrs so I thought I would send out an update. So I had very little sleep going to grab some breakfast and heading back to the hospital. They should be moving him out of ICU today.

I could really use a hug. I need an outlet for this stress and don’t know what to do.

What a day huh?

Hacking the Code

Well they released a security update to the application that runs this blog. So I tried it out on my test server and now it’s running on this one. So pages seem to be a bit snappier or maybe that’s because I fixed the caching module.

So we are running v2.2.1 at the moment if you come across any issues. Especially Internet Explorer 6 or 7 let me know. I spend more time fixing those problems then anything else. Usually it goes like this.

I use some newer or different tag that does the same thing. Internet Explorer doesn’t like it and messes up the entire page and then I need to go figure out how I can use a workaround to get that issue solved and make sure it works with everything else. You pick your battles I trying to go with Firefox but I forget the rest of the world isn’t so enlightened.

They did release a Beta of Safari on Windows. Which is nice for testing stuff while I am at work. If you want to try a different browsing experience.

It’s about damn time

I have given up on watching the news. It’s all just bullshit now. No real news. It’s all this fake crap to get people to watch to sell ads. Reality TV, American Idol all that stuff it’s pointless. But it’s what sells ads these days. I get all my news online I never watch TV. If there is something to watch I spend the $2 to download it from iTunes. If I can’t well I acquire it via other means. But I was surfing along and I found this video. A news anchor refuses to lead with Paris Hilton again.

Here is the clip. Now these two douche bags are trying to talk about it. She went to jail. Who gives a fuck. She gets out of jail. Who Gives a Fuck. I am honestly happy that someone on the news decided to stop reporting this crap. I have no interest in Tom Cruise getting into a circle jerk with Brad Pitt. I check out to see what boobs are hanging out today. But that is about all of my tabloid caring.Does anyone really give a shit about these celebrities? I know if I went to jail very few people would care. I wouldn’t be on Larry King having an interview. It’s like when Anna Nicole died that feces of a woman was smeared all over the television.

Then I come across this video of people who don’t even know what year 9/11 happeend.

It really bothers me that we lift these people up and the real news gets sent off to nowhere.

The Weekend – Movies, Beer, Introducing the Girlfriend to the Friends.

As I sit down at the keyboard and link my fingers crack a few of them and lets see what comes out.

Live Free or Die Hard Movie Review

Friday I went to go see Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard.  This movie lived up to all the Die Hard fame. One thing that was a bit of a bummer since they had the PG-13 rating you couldn’t really get in a Yipee Ky Yay Mother Fucker. With get Yippe Ky Yay Mother *Gunshot*. So the premise of the movie is hackers take out the world by crippling transportation. Then taking out money and so forth. So it was Die Hard in every aspect of Die Hard. I give the movie a very positive rating with a few dings for no “Welcome to the Party Pal!” But if you go your entire life only see Die Hard 1 and Die Hard 4. 2 and 3 are not really worth your time.


Seattle International Beer Fest 2007!

So I went to the Seattle International Beerfest at Seattle Center. I made a few drunk dials. So this place is pretty sweet for $20 you get a 5oz Beer Glass and 10 beer tickets and you have music and all kinds of beer to try. I tried so many kinds of beer I can’t even recall. Some were amazing others not so much. After my first 10 beer tickets ran out I was rather golly and sloshly. The guest list was Jered, Nick, Justin, Greg and the reason you are reading this to begin with. The place was packed and it was a rather nice day. I was shocked there were a great deal of females at this  thing. Most girls you talk about beer and they hit you back with Coors Light or Bud Light. But when I saw a girl drink a 20% ABV Stout I was like there is a girl who has it together. They had $3 pints as well. While waiting in line for the pints I met this guy named Steve and I was rather drunk and friendly and he busted out the iPhone.

The Apple Geek in me was like holy shit. Steve being a cool dude lets me play with the thing. I want one of these things rather badly. $600 seems totally worth it.

So we hit Beerfest around 2pm and we left around 6pm after I was rather drunk and we then went to Red Mill Burger.  I am sorry to say you can’t get a better burger in Seattle then Red Mill. Then we went to the ferry and passed out. Got home and then went out for the night. I was feeling rather tired and Sunday was going to be a big day so I retired the evening early.


Sunday the Girlfriend came over.  This was also the day that Me, Nick and Justin have Brunch. So she came over and we hung out for a bit chatted. Then I said we must get going so we hit up the grocery store since I was told to pickup some fruit and juice. I get stuck carrying the heavy things. So cliche but I enjoyed having a purpose. 😉

When you are taking your girlfriend to meet your friends there are one of three outcomes. Meh, Eh or Sweet or translated Ok, Bad , Good. (Speaking of translations. The new saying that evolved from Beerfest is Delta!  Such forms would be “Because I’m so Delta! or Say what! You better recognize the Delta! or That translation from Meh to Ok was Delta! Dude I know)

So I figured well I like to be prepared in such situations so I gave her the names and a slight background of everyone she would be meeting. Her and Audrey seemed to hit it off amazingly. Audrey told me I needed to bring her back.  So I think that would classify everything as “Sweet” or “Schweet” the one thing I forgot to mention about this bunch is they take forever to get anything to go anywhere. We arrived around 12:30 to go play MiniGolf but all things said after Brunch and so forth we didn’t leave until 3:45 or so.

But we had a fun day hanging out and I feel like I have met a real keeper. Junniper seems to approve of her just by knowing her name. =)

The parents found out about the girlfriend they want to meet her. They invited me out to have a BBQ at my mom’s work want me to bring her along down at the 3rd of July Fireworks. I am still on the fence about that one. Parents are a totally different realm. They say I should be a bit more concerned about the stories my sister could tell. I was thinking going up on the grassy hill and just having a picnic. Who knows at this point.

Tonight is Guys Night. I have a day to make a decision. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.